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APTLD New Initiative: APTLD Registry Gateway Jian Zhang June 2012 Moscow.

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1 APTLD New Initiative: APTLD Registry Gateway Jian Zhang June 2012 Moscow

2 Registry Gateway System Operator APTLD Participants (a) Interested APTLD members who are ccTLDs (b) Interested registrars who are accredited by the relevant ccTLDs Mode of Operation Participating ccTLDs connect their registry systems to APTLD gateway. They accredit foreign-based participating registrars and allow them to sell their cc names to foreign-based registrants by registering these names through the APTLD registry gateway.

3 Outcomes ccTLDs can broaden its base of registrars to help promote the growth of their names; Registrars can offer more products and services and can work with a single registry gateway to register participating ccTLD names without having to deal with multiple ccTLDs (e.g. placing deposits); Registrants can have better knowledge of ccTLD and TLD choice with closer support from their local registrars (e.g. convenience of language); APTLD can improve its role and relationship with members by adding value in facilitating registration of names by registrars.

4 Joined project with dotAsia APTLD – Coordination of TLD Registries – Repository & Reconciliation of Funds – Management of Fees DotAsia – Underwrite development of platform technology – Coordination of technical integration – Underwrite operations – Coordination with registrars

5 Why APTLD + DotAsia APTLD – Leverage relationships with member ccTLDs – Trusted industry / trade association – Neutral organization with shared governance oversight DotAsia – Leverage relationships with gTLD registrars – Experience and expertise with technical and policy development – Understanding of registry-registrar relationships and operations Shared membership base and aligned interest

6 Content and Usage Control ccTLDs retains control of registrants regarding undesirable content and malicious usage.

7 Enforcement ccTLDs can better enforce local regulation on domain names registered for other TLDs (beyond their own ccTLD) because of their direct relationship with their own registrars who would be enabled to offer other TLDs through their local ccTLD accreditation.

8 Summary of Obligations and Benefits

9 ccTLDs Obligations (a)They allow their systems to connect to ARG and registrars to register names via ARG; (b) They agree to registrars placing the deposit with ARG Benefits Broaden customers’ base by broadening registrars network to sell their cc names without losing control on registrars and registrants

10 Registrars Obligations They are accredited by ccTLDs and connect their systems to ARG Benefits Can have more products and work with a single registry gateway to sell ccTLD names

11 Registrants Obligations Agree to be subjected to the rules of the relevant ccTLDs and their own registrars Benefits Enjoy closer support from local registrars

12 APTLD Obligations ARG must be run on the basis that there are benefits to ccTLDs, registrars and registrants compared to the current framework Benefits Add value to APTLD where members find APTLD playing a useful role of bringing benefits to members


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