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Recoverit The Worlds First Truely Environmentally Friendly Solution for Oil and Hydrocarbon Pollution Recover-Reduce-Recycle.

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1 Recoverit The Worlds First Truely Environmentally Friendly Solution for Oil and Hydrocarbon Pollution Recover-Reduce-Recycle

2 What is Recoverit Recoverit comes as white or speckled granule that can ADSORB all types of oils/hydrocarbons be they Mineral, Vegetable, Animal or Synthetic Is Hydrophobic and Oliphilic Becomes a glutinous gel when attached to oil Can be used on Water, Sand and Soil or in the Atmosphere.-see diagrams Adsorbs up to 10 times its own weight I Kilo of Recoverit can pick up between 100 to 600 litres of oil through re-use Additionally picks up VOCs,H 2 SO 4, H 2 S Only absorbs 0.1% water

3 Recoverit and Recycling Separates very easily from collected oils Separates oil/water in emulsified state Recoverit can be reused many times by specific equipment developed for Recoverits unique continuous processes. Recoverit is environmentally friendly and reduces or completely eliminates secondary pollution by redeeming hydrocarbons from the process and eliminating need for landfill Recovered hydrocarbons can be easily transformed into bio-diesel Spent Recoverit may be recycled into hot mix bitumen

4 Recoverit in The Environment Is Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous and Non- Flammable Reduces impact of oil spill on wild life as completely harmless to marine life, birds and humans Work in situ at sea Work in situ on beaches Eliminates need for detergents/dispersants

5 Recoverit at Sea Keeps collected oil afloat indefinitely allowing time for orderly pick-up Product can be coloured for easy spotting of oil spill by aircraft Works on all types of oil Works even in bad/rough weather Can refloat oil from sea bed Can maintain buoyancy of damaged vessel by pumping into hull

6 Recoverit-Application Small Spills-Simply apply by hand- completely safe Medium Spills-Can be air blown onto the surface or underneath the water, natural buoyancy will collect and float Large Spills-Can be dropped from air in large quantities where wave action helps mix and adsorb

7 Recoverit on Land Eliminates need for long wait from use of microbes and vapour release Removes need for transportation of contaminated sand or soil as can work continuously on site. By cleaning quickly, efficiently and in situ can add considerable value to real estate Combination of soil cleaning and air filters can be used to clean up contaminated sights in crowded environments such as old petrol stations in city areas Emergency spill kits for highways, service stations, power plants and telecommunication relay stations

8 Recoverit in Air Can extract fumes very easily from confined spaces such wings of aircraft Filter hydrocarbons from funnels, motorway tunnels, storage silos Extract fumes from spray booths and printing establishments Cleaning of industrial premises Extract fumes from tankers Filters in air conditioning vents, Filters in vents of storage silos for hydrocarbons

9 Recoverit Inland Recoverit can remove hydrocarbons in water treatment plants Efficiently clean lakes and rivers especially when water/oil emulsified. Remove hydrocarbons from bore/ground water

10 Existing Methods for Cleaning Oil Spills and Contaminated Land Detergents, Straw,Sawdust,Absorbent Pads, Kitty Litter, PolymersDetergents, Straw,Sawdust,Absorbent Pads, Kitty Litter, Polymers Single UseSingle Use CarcinogenicCarcinogenic Doesnt float on waterDoesnt float on water Soaks up water as well as oilSoaks up water as well as oil Dispersants just hide the problemDispersants just hide the problem You then have to dispose of the oil and the product you used in cleaning the spill through landfill or incinerationYou then have to dispose of the oil and the product you used in cleaning the spill through landfill or incineration

11 Tested oils and hydrocarbons –Crude oil –Diesel –Motor oil –Petrol –2 stroke –Kerosene –Thinners –Solvents –Silicone –Paraffin –Bitumen –Hydraulic –Avgas –Synthetic oil –Tramp oils –Sump oil –Vegetable oils –Palm oils –Liquid animal fats –Mustard Seed oil –Olive oil –Sewage –Body oils Samples of Recoverit in water withvarious hydrocarbons

12 COMPARE RECOVERIT WITH ALTERNATIVES The following table compares the properties of RECOVERIT with other oil spill clean up products. CHARACTERISTICRECOVERITPOLYPROPLYENEORGANICVERMICULITECLAY Adsorbent5-10 times Absorbent5-25 times6 times4-5 times1 time Relative CostLow Medium High Retains Water.01%Yes Cost of RetrievalLow High ReusableYes No Oil RecyclableYesNo Floats on waterYesNo Storage LifeLong Limited

13 Process Diagrams For Oil Recovery using Recoverit Barge Recovery Unit Sand & Soil Recovery Unit Water Unit Recoverit Filter Air Filter System Power Station Filter System Sludge Washing Oil / Water Separation © Copyright 2002 DAVID ROBINSON

14 Recoverit Spread on Spill Elevate out of waterCentrifuge Separation of Oil & Water Blower Re-Use Recoverit Barge Recovery Unit Recovered OIL Water © Copyright 2002 DAVID ROBINSON

15 Contaminate & Oil Sludge Sand & Soil Recovery Unit RecoveritCentrifuge Recoverit Blower Heat Exchanger Boiler De-waterer SeparationTank Recoverit+ Rotary Mixing Drum In feed Conveyor Cleaned Sand & Soil Discharge © Copyright 2002 DAVID ROBINSON AirFunnels


17 Filtered Treated Water Removed Contaminate Water Unit Recoverit Filter Re-use Recoverit Contaminated Water Bore Water CentrifugeBlower Recoverit Recoverit Water Inclined Conveyor Filter © Copyright 2002 DAVID ROBINSON

18 Air Unit Filter System Granulate Recoverit. Fitted to expansion chamber. Blow in Air contaminated with hydrocarbon Filtered Air returned to Atmosphere Sensor control Monitoring indicator Remove, wash & reuse recoverit. © Copyright 2002 DAVID ROBINSON

19 Power Station Filter Unit Filter Inflow Exhaust Contaminated Air Clean Air Turbine Humidifier Filter House Clean Recoverit © Copyright 2002 DAVID ROBINSON Removed Contaminants

20 Recoverit+ Pre-wash & Air Turbo Mixing Settlement Separation of Recoverit from settlement Washing Recoverit Excess Water Steam Sludge Washing Water Returns Sand & Other Contaminants etc. for Removal Oil for Recovery Used Recoverit Water Contaminated Sludge Boiler Centrifuge Re-Use Recoverit © Copyright 2002 DAVID ROBINSON

21 Recoverit+ Hydro Mixing Settlement Tank Oil / Water Separation Solids for Disposal Oil Water Contaminated Oil, Water and Impurities Receiving Tank Recoverit/Oil Centrifuge Water Hydrocarbon Test + n y Separation Tank Key Points Recoverit in continuous cycle Water tested for quality Solids separated for disposal/clean fill Oil recovered for reuse © Copyright 2002 DAVID ROBINSON Recoverit

22 Where Recoverit can be Applied Seas Major Oil Spills Ports Marinas Bilges Oil Spill Emergency Kits Tanker Clean Out Aquaculture

23 Where Recoverit can be Applied Water Rivers Lakes Contaminated Ground Water Treatment Plants Sewerage Plants Canals Drainage/Pipes

24 Where Recoverit can be Applied Land Disused Petrol/Gas Stations Petrochemical Plants Emulsified Oil from Drilling Process Sand/Beaches Oil Sands and Asphalt Telecommunication Stations Power Plants Runways Tanker Farms Grease Traps Docklands Transportation of Hazardous Chemicals in Semi-Dry State

25 Where Recoverit can be Applied Air Stacks from Motorway Tunnels Confined Spaces such as Wings of Aircraft and Tankers Fumes from Oil Storage Silos Power Plant Stacks Funnels

26 Test Reports MSDSEnglish, Chinese, Korean Leeder-Aust-M220238Toxicity and Flammability SAIC-Canada-SOR Pick up in Oil Spill and recyclability Institute Research Sorbent (Lebanon)-5221/064/14898 LabSearch-Aust Pick up of ETCs Bodycote-Oman-MC3731Removal of Hydrocarbons from emulsified oil Leeder-Aust-M250269Pick up of hydrocarbons in air LabMark-Aust-E Pick of hydraulic Oil from Sand *Sand spiked to 33,260ppm and after processing reduced to no detectable oil Patent /Patents Pending in over 150 Countries

27 Environmental Benefits Minimising ecological damage due to Oil Spills Greatly reducing long term effect of Oil Spills Elimination of need for Landfill Safe for Animals and Marine Mammals Reduce risk of Personnel Hazards Recycling of Redeemed Hydrocarbons

28 Economical Benefits Work in Situ Reduction in Landfill, Transport, Disposal Reduce Insurance Costs Recovering and or Recycling of Oil/hydrocarbons Converted oils into bio-diesel financially viable Ease of Use of Equipment Transportability of System Reduction in Penalties from Environmental Agencies Reduce Workers Compensation Premiums

29 Recoverit Most importantly Recoverit does the job of cleaning up more effectively, more cost efficiently and more environmentally friendly than any other product or system. SIMPLE to understand and SIMPLE to use

30 Contacts David Robinson Owner-Mobile Office (P) (F) Website

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