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Briefing City and Guilds Qualifications and Schools Mary Hurlstone, 14-19 Strategy Adviser, HCC Emma Tingley, Business Development Manager, City and Guilds.

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1 Briefing City and Guilds Qualifications and Schools Mary Hurlstone, 14-19 Strategy Adviser, HCC Emma Tingley, Business Development Manager, City and Guilds November/December 2010

2 The story so far ….

3 The background City and Guilds – traditional market has been FE, work-based learning providers and employers, not schools. “City and Guilds have over 99% recognition with employers for vocational qualifications and without doubt are the only awarding organisation who offers occupational currency.”

4 A driver for change Introduction of Foundation Learning (Entry Level/Level 1 provision) with 3 components –Personal and Social Development –Functional Skills (Maths, English and ICT) –Vocational/Subject Learning Emphasis on destination-led programmes for learners, with accredited outcomes and progression pathways Introduction of Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) and bite-size units making up awards, certificates and diplomas

5 Encompassing existing programmes Practical learning opportunities at FE Colleges KS4 Engagement programmes e.g. Princes’ Trust Alternative provision (as found in the Herts Directory) Vocational provision at Level 1 e.g. child development and well-being, digital applications Work-related and life skills programmes e.g. extended work experience Personal development and volunteering programmes Programmes running in special schools egg independent living, entry level qualifications in core subjects

6 7546 Employability and Personal Development – covering all aspects of economic and personal well-being

7 From an Entry 2 award - Level 2 Diploma and beyond An example: At Level 1, 2 mandatory units: Planning for Progression and Effective skills, qualities and attributes for learning and work Plus a myriad of others to choose from. They include: Community action, Candidate’s project, Environmental awareness Valuing equality and diversity, Dealing with problems in daily life Managing personal finance, Work-based experience Enterprise activity: producing products or services To achieve the Award – 2 mandatory units + one other with a credit value of 3

8 7546: a cost effective approach At least 250 units to choose from (some shared units i.e. written by other awarding organisations and purchased by City and Guilds) – a ‘logistic nightmare’ Suggest a bank of appropriate units to ensure that the offer is: –Cost effective and –Protects achievement and funding post-16

9 Finding the detail Go to: Or Handbooks for each level, with information on each unit, credit value, guided learning hours and assessment Themed booklets e.g. enterprise, independent living to help group the units

10 A real bonus City and Guilds accredit skills; skills that employers are seeking so schools are likely to engage more employers in supporting delivery pre-16 You can apply many different learning situations and activities as evidence for unit accreditation As with many qualifications assessment is not by a test portfolio including testimonials, photographs, video clips, observational sheets, artefacts etc Do not require occupational competency to run this qualification - ‘If you are a teacher you are competent!’ Free training and consultancy from City and Guilds

11 Involvement in a groundbreaking national pilot HCC will act as the hub and save each school having to pay a registration fee of £1,500. Approval given by us for each school to be a registered centre. No qualification fee for Functional Skills or the Employability and Personal Development Qualification (7546) at all levels Schools will pay a learner registration fee and for each unit. Introduction of other qualifications across providers would incur just one fee (£200) – savings in excess of £20,000 per qualification Access to Smartscreen for on fee (£270) instead of per institution

12 Roles and Responsibilities

13 The school’s commitment: A named Curriculum leader and course leader i.e. a link person Register your own learners Enter results Pay invoices Issue the certificates Deal with claims Send sample work from learners for moderation Honest feedback on what has worked well, even better if …

14 A commitment from 14-19 Teams in HCC Act as the centre and formal contract holder Named link person i.e. Mary Hurlstone People with a background in assessment, administration and quality assurance Issue a statement that ‘approves’ each school Plan with City and Guilds the programme of monitoring and verification Communicate this to schools, together with a programme of training and support Link quality assurance to the quality assurance process in place Keep records of activity e.g. models of best practice

15 City and Guilds’ commitment Provide the criteria for approved centres Monitor first-hand the centres (particularly through cohort 1) Remote sample the learners work Receive and answer direct queries from school contacts Liaise with the link person in HCC Visit schools and offer consultancy Provide free trainers (and venue – St Ives)

16 Frequently asked questions

17 Your questions answered How long does the registration last? What is the deadline for registering? How ‘active’ do we need to be to apply to be a registered centre? What vocational qualifications can we offer, if any? What level does the qualification have to offered at? Can independent alternative providers become centres? Anything else?

18 Contacts Emma Tingley, Business Development Manager, City and Guilds 01480 308300 or 07977 265102 Mary Hurlstone, 14-19 Strategy Adviser 07785 594701

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