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Regulation (EC) No 854 & implementation measures by Ron Dwinger DG SANCO.

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1 Regulation (EC) No 854 & implementation measures by Ron Dwinger DG SANCO

2 Iceland-1506052 Summary Visual inspection Involvement of slaughterhouse staff Implementing measures Guidance documents Action points SANCO

3 Iceland-1506053 Tasks for the CA veterinarian primary production information ante-mortem inspection (on the farm) animal welfare aspects post-mortem inspection canalization of destruction material interpretation of lab results feedback of inspection results audits and inspections SANCO

4 Iceland-1506054 Visual inspection - 1  poultry, lagomorphs  fattening pigs housed under controlled conditions in integrated production systems since weaning risk assessment (epidemiological data)  other species (calves, lambs, kids) SANCO

5 Iceland-1506055 Visual inspection - 2 GAP clean animals food chain information free of diseases (Salmonella) no outdoor access serological monitoring (Trichinella) SANCO

6 Iceland-1506056

7 7 Inspection of poultry health certificate: 72 hours (same) pre-slaughter document = food chain info > 24 hours in advance identification: of animals (cage) p. m.: all birds (incisions only if) official veterinarian: - daily a representative sample (300) - random sample of those unfit SANCO

8 Iceland-1506058 Involvement of company staff - 1 optional for Member States on a case by case basis CA may not force a company only in specific sectors CA must inform the Commission SANCO

9 Iceland-1506059 Involvement of company staff - 2 slaughterhouse must meet conditions only specific tasks (no audit tasks) independent from production staff under supervision of veterinarian training requirements (as for official aux.) vet carries out performance tests certificate SANCO

10 Iceland-15060510 Implementing measures  Trichinella testing  food chain information  two types of MSM  antimicrobial treatment  HACCP  transitional arrangements SANCO

11 Iceland-15060511 Trichinella - 1 Major changes (compared with 77/96/EC)  larger sized sample of meat (animals at risk)  r eference method  not any longer trichinoscopic method (except)  derogations slaughter pigs kept under specified conditions freezing (except horse and game meat) SANCO

12 Iceland-15060512 Trichinella - 2  registration of Trichinella free holdings farmer: husbandry (feed, not outdoors) pest control, etc. CA: regular farm controls monitoring program annual report contingency plan  but testing of horses, wild boar, breeding pigs, “organic” pigs SANCO

13 Iceland-15060513 Food chain information - 1  contact details (farm, vet.)  identification details  management data  animal health status  treatments  additional information (disease free farm, slaughter findings, disease monitoring, etc.) SANCO

14 Iceland-15060514 Food chain information - 2  preferably in advance (24 hours)  accompany the animals: horses, markets, emergency, a.m. at farm  not all information necessary (QA scheme)  OV can permit immediate slaughter  up to 24 hr delay for FCI (  separate storage)  transitional arrangements SANCO

15 Iceland-15060515 Feedback to farmer  observations on live animal (health, welfare, clean animals)  observations on dead animal slaughter findings: lung or joint diseases tail biting injection sites, etc.  coding suggested; form suggested SANCO

16 Iceland-15060516 SANCO

17 Iceland-15060517 MSM – two types I - traditional/hard method: high pressure (180-250 Bar)  heat treatment  meat product II – soft method: lower pressure and a Baader filter (2-3 mm)  microbiological criteria (as minced meat)  Ca content < 0.1 % of fresh product  meat preparation  heat treatment  raw material and storage SANCO

18 Iceland-15060518

19 Iceland-15060519  not permitted according to current legislation (64/433/EEC; 71/118/EEC)  permitted according to Article 3 (2) of Regulation (EC) No 853/2004 applicable with effect from 1-1-2006 SANCO anti-microbial treatment - 1 Legal base

20 Iceland-15060520  SCVPH opinion of 30 October 1998 general principles  SCVPH opinion of 14-15 April 2003 evaluation of four substances: chlorine dioxide, acidified sodium chlorite, trisodium phosphate, peroxyacids SANCO anti-microbial treatment - 2 Scientific opinions

21 Iceland-15060521 anti-microbial treatment - 3  actions at primary production (Regulation (EC) No 2160/2003)  HACCP is a prerequisite  only for poultry meat  substances need approval SANCO Principles of draft proposal

22 Iceland-15060522 anti-microbial treatment - 4  currently four substances under consideration: chlorine dioxide, acidified sodium chlorite, trisodium phosphate, peroxyacids  not more than one substance at a time  rinsing after application is required  labelling (consumer information) SANCO Details

23 Iceland-15060523 anti-microbial treatment - 5  chlorine dioxide – reaction products?  acidified sodium chlorite – reaction products?  peroxyacids - data on efficacy are limited  trisodium phosphate – approved as additive SANCO The substances

24 Iceland-15060524

25 Iceland-15060525 Transitional arrangements  trichinoscopic examination  “24 hour” requirement for FCI  implementation period for FCI  training of slaughterhouse staff  international certification  Trichinella laboratories SANCO

26 Iceland-15060526 Guidance documents  Regulation (EC) No 852/2004  Regulation (EC) No 853/2004  HACCP flexibility  community guides  import requirements  multi-annual control plans  auditing SANCO

27 Iceland-15060527 Action points  registration of brokers and food importers (not handling food)  approve “Article 4” establishments  approval of butcher shops (= retail, but processing of food)  traditional methods  pilot projects SANCO

28 Iceland-15060528 Action points: training hunters: trained person official veterinarians auditors official auxiliaries slaughterhouse staff SANCO

29 Iceland-15060529 Action points: national legislation slaughter on the farm (poultry, rabbits) supply of small quantities examination of game meat (wild boar) continuation of traditional methods (or ethnic trade) retail SANCO

30 Iceland-15060530 Discussion points  clean animal policy  ante-mortem and p.m. inspection  composite products  third country requirements (registration, HACCP) SANCO

31 contact E-mail: telephone: +32-2-298 73 25

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