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El poder de la comunicación internacional para los intereses de España Curso de verano UCM Madrid Jueves 18 de julio.

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1 El poder de la comunicación internacional para los intereses de España Curso de verano UCM Madrid Jueves 18 de julio

2 Dinámica de relación Comunicación / Influencia Información / Influencia Poder/Influencia


4 Grupos y cabeceras principales

5 “Nations have lost most of the sovereignty they once had and politicians have lost most of their capability to influence events.” Anthony Giddens, Runaway World


7 Antes de 2008 The emergence of Spanish managers “It is a stunning turnabout for those who assumed London, Paris and Frankfurt would dominate the EU: Madrid is becoming a capital of corporate aggressiveness and clout…. …Spanish managers are well-groomed for this global challenge. Many boast business- school degrees from America’s top universities, speak several foreign languages, and have spent a good portion of their careers abroad.” Business Week May 15, 2000 Spanish Companies Flex their Acquisition Muscle “Considered Europe’s sleepy corporate citizens until recently, Spanish corporations are shopping for companies in Europe and the United States, outmaneuvering many of their neighbors in Germany, France and Britain.” June 8, 2006 The New York Times Conquistadors on the beach “The expansion started in Latin America, where Spanish businesses spent some $80 billion in the 1990s. Spanish banks, utilities and telecoms companies now challenge American firms across Latin America. Their operations are now spreading to North America, Europe and China.” The Economist, May, 2007

8 Después del 2008 The Perils of Parochialism “Spanish companies may be going global. But paradoxically many Spanish politicians seem to find it increasingly hard to look beyond their own region. Generations of Spaniards believed with Jose Ortega y Gasset that “Spain is the problem, Europe is the solution. Europe is no longer the solution. The new context requires a clearer sense of what Spain is and what it stands for. ” The Economist, Nov 8, 2008 Spanish companies look abroad for growth With Spain struggling to escape the European debt crisis and facing the threat of another recession, cash-strapped companies in the country are increasingly looking abroad for new business and financing — and losing their Spanish accent in the process. The New York Times, October 14 th, 2011 Spain’s ownership web set to untangle Spanish business, it is said, can be a small place. Whether they are sharing bottles of Rioja at upmarket Madrid restaurants, or the same classrooms, or even the same blood, large parts of the country’s business elite have ties that stretch back generations. The Financial Times, June 9 th, 2013


10 El caso Abbey


12 Diferencias entre el Americano y el Británico

13 El Americano “Journalism is the closest thing I have to a religion, because I believe deeply in the role and responsibility the journalists have to the people of a self-governing community.” Bill Kovach, former Washington bureau chief of The New York Times, former editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

14 El Británico

15 Lealtad al lector, independencia, carácter global


17 Recelo a hablar con la prensa

18 El arte del “schmooze”

19 El arte de informar

20 Las reglas del juego 1.“On-the-record”: “Doubts about the preferred nature of this debt persist," Spanish Deputy Finance Minister Fernando Jiménez Latorre said at a news conference. 2.“On background”: “Doubts about the preferred nature of this debt persist," an Economy Ministry spokesperson said. 3.“Deep background”: Doubts about the preferred nature of this debt persist. 4.“Off-the-record”: El periodista no puede publicar la información. Tan sólo puede utilizarla como contexto, para entender mejor lo que está pasando.

21 El arte de los premios y los rankings INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM OF THE YEAR

22 El arte del storytelling An Unparalleled Strategic Triangle. Garrigues’ international strategy is driven by three motives: (i) to follow our clients wherever they have a desire to invest; (ii) to center our business in Latin America, where we share a culture and in most of the cases a language; (iii) to establish a presence in the main capitals of the world. By developing this strategy, Garrigues has managed to build, among other things, an unparalleled triangle of legal services between Asia, Europe and Latin America.

23 El arte del “Thought Leadership” Thought Leader Articles on print Online content Public Speaking Blogs Media Interviews White Papers Strategic Partnerships Books

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