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Powerpoint Templates Welcome to the Benefis Joint Replacement Program Dont let joint pain slow you down, get back to doing the things you love!

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1 Powerpoint Templates Welcome to the Benefis Joint Replacement Program Dont let joint pain slow you down, get back to doing the things you love!

2 Powerpoint Templates Nurse Instructors Doris Hamm -- RN, ONC Lindy Eberl -- RN Angela McLain -- RN

3 Powerpoint Templates Introducing Our Winning Team Orthopedic Nurses Pain Pharmacist Unit Case Manager Physicians Physical Therapists Occupational Therapists Clinical Navigators Respiratory Therapists

4 Powerpoint Templates Total Joint Surgery Facts Over one million joint replacement surgeries are performed every year Joint replacement surgery involves replacing the diseased parts of the joint with new, artificial parts

5 Powerpoint Templates Good Things Are Happening Here!

6 Powerpoint Templates Total Joint Surgery at Benefis 2010: 355 joint replacement surgeries 2011: 343 joint replacement surgeries 2012: 392 joint replacement surgeries

7 Powerpoint Templates Benefits and Goals of Joint Replacement Surgery Reduces or eliminates pain Improves strength Resume many of your normal activities Getting back to work and play Restores range of motion Improves appearance of deformed joints

8 Powerpoint Templates Education Binder You have received your binder…it is packed with education and other information you will need throughout your stay, discharge, and home care Remember to bring your binder with you on your surgery day!

9 Powerpoint Templates The Ortho/Neuro Unit 8 th floor of North Tower 20 private rooms with a private bathroom Computer charting in all rooms Waiting room for visitors and family All staff wear name badges

10 Powerpoint Templates Communication Bedside reporting Purposeful hourly rounding No pass zone Any staff members can assist with help Visiting hours -- 8am > 8pm After 9:30pm, access is through the South Tower or North Tower by ER

11 Powerpoint Templates Communication Board Plan of care Goals Pain medication times Pain scale Diet/activity Healthcare team members

12 Powerpoint Templates Before Surgery Surgical scrub, use as directed the night before surgery and the morning of surgery Instructions are in your binder

13 Powerpoint Templates Night Before Surgery NPO= nothing to eat or drink by mouth this includes mints, candy, and gum No smoking or tobacco products Brush teeth, swish, spit Take medications with sips of water

14 Powerpoint Templates Day of Surgery Arrive in AM admit/waiting area (2 nd floor, North Tower) Talk to Anesthesiologist Family can remain with you until you go to Operating Room (OR) Once in OR, family can stay in waiting area, lobby or tour the Orthopedic unit on 8 th floor Doctor will visit with family when patient is out of OR Information board in waiting area

15 Powerpoint Templates More About Your Surgery Joint replacement animations…. Click on: Our Services Orthopedics Joints

16 Powerpoint Templates After Surgery In recovery room for approximately one hour then transferred to room on 8 th floor

17 Powerpoint Templates Pain Management Pain Pharmacist: provides specialized focus on pain control and side effect management Rebecca (Becky) Allen -- Pharm D, RPH Communication on white board

18 Powerpoint Templates Pain Medications PCA-patient controlled analgesia IV pain medication is discontinued next day Oral Femoral block

19 Powerpoint Templates Antibiotics Given Before surgery Up to 24 hours after surgery

20 Powerpoint Templates Your Hospital Stay Diet Room service (5523) Repositioning in bed Abductor pillow/hip precautions No pillow under knee Circulation checks

21 Powerpoint Templates Your Hospital Stay Cont. Bladder-Foley catheter comes out next day Bowel-scheduled medications Lab work/IV Bathing & showering Blood reinfusion device/drains Incision care Keep incision dry/clean-change when there is drainage

22 Powerpoint Templates Your Hospital Stay Cont. Incentive spirometer

23 Powerpoint Templates Knee Cryocuff

24 Powerpoint Templates Shoulder Cryocuff

25 Powerpoint Templates TED Hose For your safety, make sure you have shoes or slippers on when walking

26 Powerpoint Templates Sequential Compression Devices (SCD) For your safety, DO NOT walk with SCDs on

27 Powerpoint Templates A-V Impulse

28 Powerpoint Templates Length of Stay Knee/Hip Replacement -- 3 days Shoulder Replacement -- 1 day Discharge to other facilities Extended care, rehab, home health Unit Case Manager Beth Goeltz -- MSW, CC

29 Powerpoint Templates Discharge Instructions Printed instructions Home medications/new prescriptions are filled outside of Benefis Bathing Precautions Signs and symptoms of infection Dressing changes Return office appointment

30 Powerpoint Templates Therapy Instructors Julie Garpestad -- OTR/L Tami Anderegg -- OTR/L

31 Powerpoint Templates Physical Therapy Starts day of surgery Continues throughout your hospital stay, 2 times a day Receive exercise sheet Abductor pillow Hip precautions Stairs Nurses/CNAs will continue care/activity

32 Powerpoint Templates Occupational Therapy Shower or bathtub needs Secure bench Long handled sponge Shower hose for bathing Elevated toilet seat Dressing needs Sock aid Long-handled shoehorn Dressing stick Reacher/grabber

33 Powerpoint Templates Questions Any last minute questions/comments/concerns?

34 Powerpoint Templates Thank You for Coming!

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