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To express future simple we use:

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1 To express future simple we use:
Present Simple Present Continuous Be going to Will/shall Modal verbs Others ...

2 PRESENT SIMPLE For Timetables: buses, TV programmes, shops, concerts, etc. Ex. ¿A qué hora abren las tiendas mañana? What time do the shops open tomorrow? U2 concert _________ (start) at 9 next Saturday U2 concert starts at 9 next Saturday

3 PRESENT CONTINUOUS For Personal Future Plans
( as if written in a diary) Ex. What are you doing next weekend? I´m playing football on Saturday afternoon and going to the cinema with Andrea in the evening

4 BE GOING TO (I´m gonna...) For Intentions For Predictions
Ex. I´ve failed the exam. What are you going to do now? - I´m not going to tell my parents, that´s for sure. For Predictions (based on what you can see or know) Ex. Victor is a big mouth , the tutor is going to punish him someday

5 Will / won´t For Instant decisions For Predictions
Ex. Teacher: I need a person to get a piece of chalk. Martin: Don´t worry teacher, I´ll go For Predictions (based on what you think) Ex. I think in the year 2050 everybody will have cars fueled by hydrogen For offers and promises Ex. Shall I help you? Ex. I promise I will do it

6 Modal Verbs: may, might, can ...
May / might (puede, podría) Ex. Puede que te lleve mañana I may take you tomorrow

7 The future 1.Present simple or Present continuous for the future
1.I_____________(not/work)tomorrow, so we can go somewhere. 2.________________(the film/begin) at 3.30 or 4.30? 3.We_________________ (have) a party next Saturday. Would you like to come? 4.The art exhibition ________________(not/open) on 3 May but _______________(finish) on 15 July. 5.I_______________(go) to a concert tonight. It _______________(begin) at 7.30. 6.I´m bored with this programme. When _____________________(it/finish)? 7.Sue __________________(come) to see us tomorrow. She_________________ (travel) by train and her train _______________ (arrive) at I________________ (meet) her at the station. Am not working Does the film begin Are having Doesn ´t open finishes Am going begins Does it finish Is coming Is travelling arrives Am meeting

8 I´m having / I´m going to have
2.Will or Going to 1.That bag looks heavy. I _______________ (help) you with it. 2.Ann is in hospital. Yes, I know. I ______________ (visit) her tomorrow. 3.I think the weather ___________ (be) nice later. 4.Have you decided where to go for you holiday yet? Yes, _____________ (I /go) to Italy 5.What are you doing? ________________ (I / turn on) the light. 6.I want to go out tomorrow, but I haven’t got a baby-sitter. No problem ___________ (I/look after) the children. 7.It’s getting a bit dark, isn’t it? It’s difficult to read _____________ (I /turn on) the light 8.Are you free at lunch time tomorrow? No, _______________ (I/have lunch). With him 9.How do you plan to travel round Britain? By train? No, ____________ (we / hire) a car. I´ll help I´m going to will be I´m going I´m going to turn on I´ll look after I´ll turn on I´m having / I´m going to have We are going to hire

9 PRACTICE: Present simple or Present continuous
1. Are you busy this week Sam?. Not very much but I ________________ (revise) for an exam on Friday. 2.What time __________________ (begin) your English class?. It ___________ (start) at 7 3.Your plane _____________ (leave) at 6, so I ______________ (pick) you up at 5. 4.Your plane _______________ (land) in Dublin at 7. The manager ____________ (meet) you at the airport. 5.Then, you _____________ (stay) at Ritch Hotel because the conference __________ (be) in the morning. 6.I _____________ (not/like) conferences. ______________ (come/Carol) with me?. 7.The English lesson on Thursday ____________ (not/finish) at 1:25, it ______________ (finish ) at 1:30 8. On Saturday evening I ____________ (not/go) out with Karen I ___________ (go) to Sting´s concert Am revising Do you begin Starts Leaves will pick Lands is meeting are staying Is Don ´t like Is Carol coming with me? Doesn ´t finish Finishes Am not going Am going

10 Will or Going to Am going to be Won ´t mind Am going to watch
Will lend Will get Are you going to paint it Will do Am not going to apply Will take Is going to take 1.Oh no! look at the time!. I ___________(be) terribly late. 2.If you want to go the shop you can borrow my brother´s bike I´m sure he _________ (not/mind) 3.Why are you turning on the TV?. Because I ________________ (watch) the news. 4.Oh, I´ve just realised. I haven ´t got any money. Don´t worry I _____________ (lend) you 10$ 5.I´ve got a splitting headache. Wait here, I ________________ (get) an aspirin for you. 6.I´ve decided to repaint this room. Really. What colour ______________(you/paint) it?. 7.Did you post that letter for me?. Oh!, I completely forgot. I _____________ (do) it now. 8.Have you decided what to do about that job?. Yes I ____________ (not/apply) for it. It´s rubbish! 9.Ann, I need someone to take me to the airport. That´s no problem. I ___________ (take) you 10.John, do you want me to take you to the airport?. No, Ann __________ (take) me.

11 Present simple, present continuous, be going to or will for the future
1.Do you have any plans for the summer?. Yes, I____________ (go) to the beach. 2.When __________ (the next train/leave)?. It ______________ (leave) at 7. 3.Is it really her birthday?. Then, I ____________ (buy) some flowers. 4.What ___________ (you/do) this weekend?. Do you want to come to the match?. OK, Which teams ______(play)? 5.Don´t carry all those heavy bags. Some of us ______________ (help) you. 6.I´m sorry I can´t see you tomorrow. I _________________ (visit) some relatives. 7.In the year 2300 everybody ___________________ (live) in other galaxies. 8.I need you to take me to the train station. Ok, I ___________ (take) you in a minute. What time ______________ (leave) the train?. At 7. So we ______________ (leave) at about 5 o´clock Am going Does it leave Leaves Will buy Are you doing / are you going to do Are playing Will help Am visiting Will live Will take Are leaving

12 5.Complete the sentences using present continuous,will or be going to
1-.A:Why are you turning on the TV? B:_______________ (I/watch) the news. 2-.A:Did you repair Diane´s bike? B:No,_____________(I/do) it tomorrow morning. 3-.A:What________ (you/do) this weekend? B:I don´t know yet, but I think __________ (I/stay) in. 4-.A:What would you like to eat? B:_______________ (I/have) a soup and a beer. 5-.A:have you decided where to go for your holidays? B:Yes,of course.________ (I/visit) my cousins in Italy. 6-.A:I don´t know how to use this camera. B:It´s quite easy,___________(I/show) you. 7-.A:Do you think _________ (It/be) sunny tomorow? B:I don´t know but I am sure ____ (It/not/be) sunny. 8-.A:Don´t make so much noise. B:________________ ( you/wake) up everybody. I´m going to I´m going to/ I´m doing it … Are you doing/ are you going to do … I´ll stay in I´ll have I´m visiting I´ll show It´ll be It won ´t be You´re going to wake up

13 Translate into English
1.En Inglaterra y Gales los estudiantes tienen que hacer dos semanas de trabajo No ganan dinero pero ganan experiencia y aprenden nuevas técnicas ¿Qué camino coger?. Estudia informática, pero educación física no es importante ¿Qué te gusta hacer en tu tiempo libre?. Socializar y mantenerme en forma ¿Trabajas bien en equipo?. No me importa hacerlo pero prefiero ser jefe. No soy bueno en música pero soy bastante bueno resolviendo problemas ¿Te planteas trabajar en una oficina?. Definitivamente no. No quiero llevar trabajar, viajar al trabajo todos los días. Prefiero trabajar desde casa ¿Quieres ser rico?. Soy ambiciosos pero no estoy loco. Prefiero estar contento en mi trabajo. 1.In England and Wales students have to do at least 2 weeks of Work Experience 2. They don ´t earn any money 3. What way to go/next?. Study IT but studying PE is not important. 4. What do you like doing in your free time?. Socializing and keeping fit 5. Are a team player?. I don ´t mind

14 They do work Keep A team I´d rather be Be good At Be pretty Join the rat No Job I´m not a risk Be Taker Way All costs Experience A commuter Satisfaction is better Player Good at something At Maths Fit The boss race

15 Funny/ good sense of humour
They are : Reliable Clever Punctual Ambitious Mature Unexperienced Fit Team-player Outgoing Funny/ good sense of humour

16 N= tacaña P= sincera P= abierta N= agresivo N= mandón N= engreido
N=entrometido/ Preguntón 8. P= original Envious Gifted Easy-going Cruel jealous Sincere Sensitive Eccentric Nosy moody

17 F J H K C E B D G I A

18 (Me gusta jugar al ajedrez y estar con la gente)
(disfruto leyendo en mi tiempo libre) (Me encanta viajar) (Me gusta jugar al ajedrez y estar con la gente) (No me importa trabajar) (Soy bueno en dibujo) (evito hacerlo a toda costa) (Prefiero ser el centro de atención) (prefiero ser el jefe) (prefiero hacerlo yo) (pretendo trabajar en una oficina) (quiero trabajar en una oficina) (Quiero que trabajes en una oficina) (necesito ganar dinero) (Es fácil hacerse rico) I enjoy reading in my free time I love travelling I like playing chess and being with people I don´t mind working I´m good at drawing I avoid doing it at all costs I´d rather be the centre of attention I prefer to be the boss I´d better do it I pretend to join the rat race I want to work in an office I want you to work in an office I need to earn money It´s easy to be rich




22 Give me your hand, darlin‘ Do you feel my heart beating
Close your eyes Give me your hand, darlin‘ Do you feel my heart beating Do you understand Do you feel the same Or am I only dreaming Is this burning and eternal flame I believe It's meant to be, darling I watch you when you are sleeping You belong to me Say my name Sun shines trough the rain Of all life so lonely And come and ease the pain I don't wanna lose this feeling…

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