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The Spanish Alphabet.

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1 The Spanish Alphabet

2 El Alfabeto EspaÑol Knowing the alphabet makes learning Spanish easier because it is a PHONETIC language. Words are spelled the way they are pronounced. Most letters will have only one sound!!

3 ¿La Diferencia? We have 26 letters in our alphabet.
There are 30 letters in the Spanish alphabet. The extra letters are CH,LL,Ñ and RR. CH and LL are no longer being recognized as separate letters but rather sounds. (Your dictionary may be different than mine)!

4 PronunciaciÓn: Spanish speakers write their letters the same way that we do. The only difference is the way they sound. I will show you the pronunciation of the letters.

5 A=ah


7 C=say

8 No longer a separate letter.
Ch=chay No longer a separate letter.

9 D=day

10 E=ay

11 F=f-ay

12 G=hay

13 H=ah-chay

14 I=ee

15 J=ho-tah

16 K=kah

17 L=L.A.

18 No longer a separate letter.
LL=ay-yay No longer a separate letter.

19 M=m-ay

20 N=N.A

21 Ñ=N-nney

22 O=oh

23 P=pay

24 Q=coo

25 R=airay

26 RR=air-rrray

27 S=essay

28 T=tay

29 U=oo

30 V=bay …CHICA …DE VACA

31 W=doh bley bay

32 X=ay-kees

33 Y=ee gree ay gah

34 Z=say-tah


36 vocales: a e i o u “Short” sounds Can have accents!!
Pronunciation Trick- mouth gets smaller as you say them Each vowel has only one sound “Short” sounds Can have accents!!

37 Letras especiales: K&W: “foreign” letters
B&V: May have the same pronunciation When spelling, use: -B:“b grande”; “b de burro” -V:“v chica”; “v de vaca” K&W: “foreign” letters Ñ&RR: extra letters in the Spanish alphabet CH: used to be in the alphabet

38 Accent marks: Where do they go? over vowels
How do you “say” it? Á (“a” con acento) What does it do? shows stress/emphasis on a syllable When do we need it? 1) show pronunciation if the word “breaks” rule If a word ends in a vowel, n or s, the stress is on the second to last syllable= HOla If a word ends in a consonant (other than n or s), stress is on last syllable = paPEL 2) to differentiate between 2 words with same pronunciation but different meanings *(tu/tú; el/él; solo/sólo)* 3) to indicate question words *¿quién? ¿qué? ¿cuándo?...*

39 A Practicar:

40 ¿Cómo se escribe? ¿Cómo se deletrea? ¿Cómo se pronuncia?
gato niño pared reloj pizarra equipo viento

41 ¿Cómo se escribe? ¿Cómo se deletrea? ¿Cómo se pronuncia?
habichuela televisor favorito berenjena mantequilla Xochimilco Parangaricutirimicuaro

42 Conversación: Asking about/ spelling names
- ¿Cómo te llamas? Me llamo _________ _________. ¿Cómo se escribe _________? Se escribe __ - __ - __ - ….

43 Estaciones del Alfabeto: Instrucciones
Move quickly to an open station. Read directions and QUICKLY begin activity. You may need to “improvise” some. Be flexible….

44 Estaciones del Alfabeto
Guerra (War) Teléfonos (Whisper Phones) Preguntas

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