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HAITI How can You Make a Difference ? Reverend Fernande S. Pierre-Louis.

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1 HAITI How can You Make a Difference ? Reverend Fernande S. Pierre-Louis

2 Haiti Official Name: Republic of Haiti Location: the western third of the island of Hispaniola in the West Indies in the Caribbean Sea Area: 27,750km 2 / 10,712m 2 Population: 10 million (pre-2009 estimate) 80% of Haitians live in poverty Capital: Port-au-Prince Chief Towns: Port-de-Paix, Cap-Haïtien, Gonaïves, Les Cayes, Jacmel, Jérémie, Hinche, Frt-Liberté Currency: 1 Gourde (G, Gde) Languages: French, Creole Haiti is mainly Creole, but 1 out of every 10 Haitians speak French Climate Tropical maritime Average monthly temperatures 24 0 C – 29 0 C (80 0 F and 90 0 F) Wet Season: May – September Hurricanes are common

3 A Geography Lesson

4 Haiti History The First recorded settlements in the islands date from 2500 BCE The Tainos from Venezuela arrive on the island 700 CE Hispaniola discoveredby Christopher Columbus in 1492 when he arrives in the New World The first Africans were brought to Hispaniola in 1503 There is almost complete Decimation of the Taino population by France took over western third of the island in 1697 and with an intense slave labor, Haiti was considered between 1697 – 1790 as the King Sugar and The Pearl of the Antilles The Slave rebellions begin around 1751 Historians report that in 1778 the Volontaires de Saint-Domingue fight in the American revolutionary War, in Savannah, Georgia Haitian Revolution, the only successful slave revolution in the New World People of color (mulattoes) had joined the slave rebellions

5 Haiti History 1804 Haitian Independence declared Haiti had an Emperor until 1806 then it became a Republic Haiti was united with Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) Haiti under US occupation 1957 – 1986 Haiti under absolute power of Duvalier family 1990 – 2010 –Jean-Bertrand Aristide, René Préval elected president but violence, political unstability, division continue to afflict the impoverished nation January 12 th, 2010 Catastrophic earthquake killed more than people and plunged the country in more chaos and more poverty

6 Haiti President elected by popular vote for a five-year term Prime Minister appointed by the President Cabinet chosen by the Prime Minister in consultation with the President We have a president named Michel Martelly. The type of government is a Republic. Government

7 Haiti Haiti is one of the most underdeveloped countries in the hemisphere, and one of the poorest in the world Economy has historically been mostly based on agriculture but the recent struggle have seriously handicapped this sector as well Many plantations that grew coffee, sugar, sisal, rice, bananas, corn, sorghum, cocoa, mangoes have disappeared ! Other industries included in the past flour milling, cement, light assembly industries, lobster fishing, tourism are also struggling ! This is because they do not have good arable land and other human resources and also because people say that corruption has been widespread ! Economy

8 Haiti Even before the 2010 earthquake, Haiti was recognised as the poorest country in the Americas The poverty wosened and an outbreak of CHOLERA last year made the situation mnore complicated 50% of the population are illiterate Many people live in slums Many children are forced into slavery, working as unpaid servants Haiti survives essentially on Foreign Aid! Poverty

9 Haiti Religion Some Haitians practice vodoo but the official religion of the country is Roman Catholic The Episcopal church was introduced in Haiti by the Right Rev. Bishop James Theodore Holly In Today it works under the guidance of the Bishop of Haiti, The Right Rev. Bishop Jean Zache Duracin Their contribution to Haiti through the years has been enormous in diverse sectors: education, art, health …

10 Haiti Episcopal Church The Executive Council formed by the archdeacons, the chairmen of the different diocesan permanent and especial comities lay person and the Directors of the diocesan institutions help take decisions and ensure the respect of the resolutions taken during diocesan Synod. Each parish or organized mission is under the supervision of the priest in charge nominated by the Bishop of the diocese. The Chapter of the church helps the priest in charge in his work and the administrative duties. Almost all the organized missions have many associations in order to have active members who engage themselves in the mission, because everyone has to practice his or her ministry: Women, men, youth, children, scout, acolyte, choirs, almost all the churches have parish choir, children choir, parents choir, women choir, men choir, children choir, teachers of Sunday school… The important diocesan institution are: Seminary of Theology, Holy Trinity School, Holy Trinity Music, BTI, School, Holy Trinity Trade School, College St Pierre, CEDISEC, College St Martin de Tours, Hopital Sainte Croix, Centre de Saint Barnabas,…


12 Haiti January 12th 2010 an earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter Scale strikes Haiti and devastates the capital Port-au-Prince as well as other towns More than 250,000 people believed to have been killed 3 million people affected by the earthquake Earthquake

13 Earthquake horror Earthly treasure becomes true treasure when it helps transform lives through the Gospel of Jesus-Christ

14 PEOPLE ARE THE HEART OF EVERYTHING The world, the USA, YOU responded with extraordinary generosity and compassion The international community collected funds which have yet to be utilized due to political unrest The earthquake may be more than 2 years old but the problems persist The level of desperation is so deep that many families have simply decided that education is simply not worth it We still need help

15 How can you make a Difference? Everywhere there is something to do for people who need help.

16 After the earthquake In April 2010, after the earthquake, we kept working with faith and courage by the grace of God, your support and despite the non-ideal conditions The conditions are difficult (no reliable electricity, no cafeteria, no library, no computer, no lab, no food for the students, lack of space crowded class room with 75 to 80 children) The earthquake destroyed all the infrastructures that we had for the canteen program (cafeteria, tables, and kitchen). During the months of August and September 2010 (academic year ), we added seven new classrooms including additional space to serve as temporary lab and library and a new space for Kindergarten. we are trying not to abandon the children. We cant give up, we have to accomplish our mission, Gods mission.

17 Matthew 25, I was hungry, you gave me food, thirsty you gave me water, I was a stranger you welcomed me at your home, I was naked and you clothed me, I was in prison, you visited me, I was sick, you took care of me. They asked, when did we make all these things for you? And the king answered and declared: Every time you did it for the little who is my brother / sister, you did it for me. In the context of the world or Haiti, we can make a difference. The love of God is expressed through the mission and ministries of the partnership program in a variety ways, ministries of Education, healthcare, agriculture, music, micro enterprise, nutrition, food, sharing the joy of Christ and the story of the love of God. Partnership is about building relationship. We can do many wonderful things together in Christs name. All that we do, and all that we are, by the grace of God grow out of our inspired hearts which move us to serve.

18 Making a Difference… Changing and transforming people especially the children and the youth. We can make a difference with our participation in the education of the children, because education is after food for survival, the most precious asset of a creature of God –When we participate in the education of the children, knowing that qualified education means a factor of progress, we can try to say we have tried to answer partially at our mission We can make a difference by feeding a hungry child It is a fact that if you dont eat, you cannot learn. We can make a difference by giving shelter Making difference in proclaiming, sharing and living the gospel of Jesus Christ in words, in gestures and actions of Love YOU ARE ALREADY MAKING A DIFFERENCE !

19 Making a Difference… Building a partnership Partnership or companionship is only possible between parties which respect each other, while maintaining their individual identities In companionship there is no thought of one eclipsing the others identity. Companionship accepts and celebrates the difference and the particularity between the parties. An agreed vision is essential Companions or partners must stay faithful to one another. Companionship is built on mutual trust and faithful commitment to one and other. Trust is the bedrock of any relationship. It takes time to build and can be broken in an instant. In my opinion, loyalty and honesty create confidence which reinforces trust. Financial transparency and making decision together are very important. Maintaining partnership, because partnership is about relationship and is ongoing and needs careful nurturing.

20 A Partnership Program It serves Haitians and North Americans by giving them a system through which they can work in confidence, trust, good accountability, and transparency. The love of God is expressed through the mission and ministries of the Partnership Program in a variety of ways: ministries of education, healthcare, agriculture, micro enterprise, nutrition, food and clothing, sharing the joy of Christ, and the Story of the love of God. Many ways emerge through which we can accomplish Gods work in Haiti.

21 Missions in the diocese of Haiti There are many churches or organized Missions in the diocese of Haiti Urban churches –Ste Croix, (Léogane), Holy Spirit (Cap Haitien), Saint-Sauveur (Cayes), St Bazile (Gonaives), Resurection (Gros Morne), St Innocents (Port de Paix), St-Thomas (Arcahaie), St Andre (Hinche), St Simeon (Croix des Bouquets), St Martin (Delmas), Ascension (Thor), St Pierre (Mirebalais)… Churches in rural area but strong in structures and from the demographic point of view The stations

22 List of organized missions of Haitian Diocese EpiphanieLAcul Saint PaulMontrouis St MarcJeannette Ste CroixTaifer AscensionThor le Volant Notre Dame de lAnnonce 4è Avenue Bolosse Eglise St- MichelPetit Orangers, Léogane St André Mithon, Léogane St pierregros- Morne, Léogane AnnonciationDarbonne Saint TimothéeChâteau- Gaillard Saint-Simon et St- JudePlaton Balai Saint Francoises DAssise Anse-à-Galets Saint BarthelemyNan mango Saint EspritGros-Mangles Saint BarnabasLotoré Saints InnocentsTicotelette St Jn BaptistePlaine Mapou Sainte CroixNouvelle cité Sts philippe & JacquesTrou- Jacques Saint jacquesBois Brulé SoSt Jean EvangélistePetit- Harpon St Simon et St JudeDuny St MarcTrouin

23 List of organized missions of Haitian Diocese St EtienneLimonade St LucMercery St NicolasNicolas St Joseph dArimathéeJasmin Paroisse Ste CroixLéogane Bonne NouvelleBigonet Saint MathiasDélices Saint-AndréCazale St ThomasArcahaie Christ-RoiLéger St Jean levangelisteJean Dumas St MatthiasThomonde St MatthiasGrand Colline St MatthieuBegin St BarthelemyBahot Saint LucLa Bresilienne (Bainet) Saint CyprienLabiche, Cotes de fer AscensionBainet Sainte Marie madeleine Bondeau Miragoane Saint-Paul Chevalier Nippes Saint SacrementFonds Parisien TransfigurationGorman St EspritCap Haitien Notre DameMolas St SiméonCroix des Bouquets Saint AlbanCrochu (Bouzi) Saint MarcLilavois Saint-AndreHinche Saint-PatrickLocorbe St LucAsile St JosephEmbouchure St EtienneButeau

24 List of organized missions of Haitian Diocese St EspritCap Haitien Notre Dame Molas St SiméonCroix des Bouquets Saint AlbanCrochu (Bouzi) Saint MarcLilavois Saint-Andre Hinche Saint-PatrickLocorbe St LucAsile St JosephEmbouchure St EtienneButeau Les Saints InocentsPort- de paix Saint Aidan Ile de la Tortue) Saint jacquesMorne Rosette Saint Martin de Tours Delmas Saint MatthieuMathieu/Leogane Ste MargueriteLatournelle Saint Jean BaptisteJeanjean Saint ThomasDumal/ aux parques Saint BarthelmyCampan St JacquesPetit Boucan Saint AugustinManiche (Cayes) Saint Jean baptisteSavanette (Cayes) Saint SauveurCayes

25 Stations of Episcopal Church in Haiti and different responsible Priests Rév. P. Accimé Max St luc – ossée, Petite rivière de lArtibonite Rév. P. Ais Jean Nesly Transfiguration, Chansolme Rév. P. Lozama Abiade St. Jacques Lindor Rév. P. Alexandre Soner Rév. P. Auguste Pierre Bon Berger, Danot Rév. P. Beauvoir Jean Jonas Station St Patrick, Tom Gateau Vén. Bernier Noé Christ Roi, Terrier Rouge Rév. P. Decamps Walin St. Benoit Mombin Crochu St. Marc Cerca la Source N.D Annonciation Boc-Banique St. Luc Thomassique St. Grégoire, La victoire Epipanie, loranette St. Thomas, lamessette Confession St Pierre, pacasse St Innocent, La Bègue Rév. P. DejardinsWisnel St. Jude, Chalon Rév. P. Délicat Kerwin St Philippe et St Jacques, Colline St Marc, Biré Rév. P.Déravil Jean Jacques St. Marc, Bois Blanc Vén. Désiré Fritz Ste. Marguerite, Meyer St. Jean LEvangéliste, K-ESS St Joseph dArimathée, Pilard St. Jacques, Apôtre, David St Jean baptiste, Moreau Notre Dame, Bois-Neuf St. André, Cavanack St. Barnabé, Lavallé de Jacmel St. Thomas, Lavanna – jacmel St Paul, Beaudin Jn Pierre Christ-Roi Jacmel (Monchel) Transfiguration, marigot – Duvillon St. Esprit, Marigot St. Pierre, Bero St. Etienne, lamothe Bonne Nouvelle, Lebeau + 3 missions

26 Stations of Episcopal Church in Haiti and different responsible Priests Vén. Diègue Joseph Tancrel Redemption, Belair Rév. P. Duveaux Irnel Transfiguration, la Colline St François DAssise - Caburet Rév. P. Estil Colbert Ste Croix Jérémie Marie Madeleine de Bonbon St Mathias de Camp Perrin Christ Roi Coline Cavaillon St Esprit, Cavaillon Vén. Gracia Kesner Rév. P. Jean Philippe Jean Alphonse St. Matthias Gracette St. Marc, Lomord St. André Maccabé Vén. Joseph Jean Jeannot St. Michel,Lachapelle St. André Trianon St. Marc, Cerca St. Patrick, Nordette St. Timothée, Chambeau Sts. Innocents, Boromain St. Pilippe et St. Jacques, Petite montagne St Thomas, Thomas St. Etienne, Machécana Epiphanie, Diamond Transfiguration, Petite Rivière de lArtibonite Rév. P. Lazard Amirold St. Paul, caracol St. Etienne, Salnadere Rév. P. LeonSadoni St Jean lEvangeliste, Carrefour feuille Rév. P. LozamaAbiade Rév. P.Michaud jean Fruitho Christ-Roi, Grande savanne Rév. P. Medela Jean Milor Christ-Roi Lahoye, Transfiguration belladère Rév. P. MenelasFrederic Rév. P. Phanord Jean Berthol St. Paul, Grand Fond Rév. P. Quatorze Jean Lenord Station St. Paul, (Cher maitre) Station St. Luc, (Figaro)

27 Stations of Episcopal Church in Haiti and different responsible Priests Rév. P. St Louis Jean Michelin St. Matthieu, Chapeteau Ascension, Blanchard St jacques,Rogé St. Paul, Morne Thomonde Sts. Innocents, Bel-air St. Thomas St. Jean Baptiste St. Jean Transfiguration Bon Berger Christ-Roi St. Luc Rév. P. St Louis Samuel Christ Roi, Corail St. Barnabas, Grand fond St Agnes, la colline Confession St. Pierre, sainte Rév. P. Toussaint Louis Rosanas St Luc, Trou du Nord Rév. P. Valdema Henry. Fritz ST Michel Archange Thomazeau Rév. P. Jean Mardoché Vil St. Timothée, La revoir St. Nom de Jésus, Venant Incarnation, Saurel Bon Samaritain, Bras de gauche Bon berger, Cavalier (Cotes-de-Fer) St. Philippe et St.Jacques, Petite rivière Ste. Croix, Gazou St. Esprit, Chemin à Bœuf La transfiguration, Corps St. Jacques, Denard Christ-Roi, Moise Sts. Innocents, bellevue Epiphanie, Gandou St. Thomas, Dutete La Toussaint, la feuillade

28 Our Mission As Baptized Christian, followers of Christ we have been called by Jesus to continue the mission of God, proclaiming and living the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Love each other. The love you share among yourselves, will make me recognize you as my disciples. John 13, Being an engaged Christian does not only mean going to church every Sunday, or pray 24 hours a day... But, it is also in all words, gestures and actions expressing the love of Jesus Christ. All that we do has to reflect the image of God in Jesus Christ. This is how can we make a difference. Everywhere there is something to do for someone who need help.

29 Examples of successful partnership Many churches or institutions in partnership with the parishes/members of the diocese of Connecticut are successful Holy Trinity School has many sisters and brothers in Connecticut who help HTS – St Paul Fairfield, Trinity Parish in Wethersfield, St James in Glastonbury scholarship and Canteen Program – The program Trinity in motion Library for people called by God for priesthood and sisterhood Audio visual lab, Rice and beans -Churches and sisters/brothers in Christ in Hartford and others areas… We are still working together for the students of HTS in confidence and loyalty

30 The Rebuilding Effort After the earthquake, we kept working with faith and courage by the grace of God, your support and despite the non- ideal conditions One class room could have about 75 to 80 children which was at times a concern for the personal safety of the students on the site. We added seven new classrooms including additional space to serve as temporary lab and library and a new space for Kindergarten. We are trying not to abandon the children. We cant give up, we have to accomplish our mission, Gods mission.

31 The Rebuilding Effort We responded to the immediate needs and built many temporary structures The Holy Trinity Cathedral was completely destroyed after the earthquake and the other sister churches have collected funds to rebuild it

32 Anything you can do can make a difference THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS.

33 Prayer for the world and Haiti Thank you for the gift of life Thank you for your unconditional love May the world live in peace and Harmony Bless everyone and put compassion in our heart May your children in the world and those of Haiti see beyond their problems and recognize that with your love, there will be a better tomorrow filled with joy, sharing and peace ! Amen.

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