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Curso de AP, 5L1 Preguntas y respuesta sobre el curso.

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1 Curso de AP, 5L1 Preguntas y respuesta sobre el curso

2 #1 Menciona un objetivo del curso.

3 Objectives: Students will: Expand their communicative ability in Spanish in the interpersonal, presentational and interpretive modes. Increase and refine their command of Spanish linguistic skills (including accuracy and fluency) that support communicative ability. Comprehend Spanish intended for native speakers in a variety of settings, types of discourse, topics, styles, registers, and broad regional variations. Broaden their understanding of cultural perspectives of Spanish- speaking people. Make connections between their learning in the Spanish classroom, their learning in other classes, and their daily lives.

4 #2 En mi opinion, la expectativa más importante del curso es ____________.

5 Express themselves in Spanish throughout the course Read and write extensively Read short stories, news articles, plays, and other works in Spanish Listen to authentic sources both in and out of the classroom setting Create simulated AP activities Keep a writing journal to record and auto correct errors Complete a portfolio of connections made using the target language outside of the classroom

6 #3 El curso contiene 6 temas. Escribe todos los temas que recuerdes.

7 Themes: 1. Families and Communities 2. Science and Technology 3. Beauty and Aesthetics 4. Contemporary Life 5. Global Challenges 6. Identities and Personalities

8 #4 Menciona el nombre de uno de los libros utilizados en el curso.

9 For our AP Spanish Language & Culture Course, we use the following texts as core materials: *Temas (Boston, MA: Vista Higher Learning, 2014) *AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam Preparation (Vista Higher Learning, 2014) Triangulo Aprobado (Wayside Publishing, 2013) Abriendo Paso: Gramática (Boston, MA: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2007) Abriendo Paso: Lectura (Boston, MA: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2007)

10 Preguntas generales-no necesitas escribir tus respuestas 5. What are the required materials for the class?

11 3-ring Binder, Paper, Pen or Pencil, headphones, composition notebook (college ruled)

12 6. Cuales son las categorías y porcentajes de evaluacion de la clase? (4 grading categories and percentage weight)

13 30% - Interpretive TasksThis category is comprised of listening and reading assessments. Examples include listening comprehension exercises, reading comprehension activities, and vocabulary quizzes based on context clues. 30% - Interpersonal Tasks This category is comprised of speaking and writing assessments. Examples include dialogues, e- mail replies, and guided conversations. 30% - Presentational TasksThis category is comprised of speaking and writing assessments. Examples include grammar quizzes, vocabulary identification quizzes, class presentations, and essays. 10%- Homework/Participation

14 7. What is the policy for excused absences?

15 MAKE-UP FOR EXCUSED ABSENCES Make-up for class work missed because of an excused absence is the responsibility of the student. Except for extended illness or special emergencies as designated by the administration, a student will have three (3) days for each day absent to complete make-up work in order to receive credit for work missed (to a maximum of nine days). Work already assigned prior to the illness is due the day a student returns to class.

16 8. What is the policy for cell phones and electronics in Sra. Gorgas’ classroom?

17 CELL PHONES AND ELECTRONICS (Ipod, head phones, etc.) The use of these gadgets are prohibited in the classroom, they must stay in locker/backpack at all times during the class. Failure to follow this policy will result in disciplinary action, no warnings will be given.

18 9. When is homework checked? Is it graded?

19 Assignments will be posted on the board in class and on the class wiki page. Homework is checked daily when assigned. At the end of each month a homework grade will be posted in Power School.

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