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KROVACAL: Universal calculation tool

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1 KROVACAL: Universal calculation tool
KROhne Variable Area CALculation - Calculation of VAmeter Scales - Printing or Plotting of VAmeter Scales - Fluid properties database - Calculation of ESK (4..20mA) Transmitters - Programming of ESK (4..20mA) Transmitter - ESK-Tool (HART)

2 KROVACAL: Universal calculation tool
Calculate VA scales Take product properties from a gas and liquid database Use your own phys. dims.

3 KROVACAL: Universal calculation tool
GA VA FA SA DK H H Design your own individual flow scale Print your scale either to a printer or to a flatbed pen plotter Save your instruments data to your hard disk

4 KROVACAL: Universal calculation tool
Use HART-Communication to setup your ESK II mA to check your ESK II mA to calculate and store a new „electronic scale“

5 KROVASEL: Easy instrument selection
KROhne Variable Area SELection - Data sheets of all VAmeters - Copies of certificates - Mechanical and electrical installation drawings - Selection of Product family, product type - VAmeter sizing program - Fluid properties database

6 KROVASEL: Easy instrument selection
Get information Do sizing Select options H250, H250C, H54, DK32, DK37, VA30, VA20, DK GA24

7 KROVASEL: Easy instrument selection

8 KROVASEL: Easy instrument selection

KroVaSel & KroVaCal: Easy Update CD-ROM

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