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David Beckham Sander Parts Form 10a Viimsi Secondary School.

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1 David Beckham Sander Parts Form 10a Viimsi Secondary School

2 Facts Full name: David Robert Joseph Beckham Born on 2nd May 1975 in Leytonstone, London, England Height:183 cm Position: midfielder Current club: Los Angeles Galaxy Best player in Europe and second best in the world after Rivaldo Married to Victoria Caroline Adams Beckham Children: 3 sons - Brooklyn Joseph, Romeo James, Cruz David

3 Childhood David got a football as a gift from Santa every year. First, he played football with his father, later with friends. At the age of 8, he was already in a boys’ team in Brimsdown Rovers. Due to football, David did badly at school and eventually he dropped out.

4 Manchester United and Real Madrid He became a trainee in ManU in May 1991 on his 14th birthday. His greatest triumph came in 1999 when ManU won the FA Cup and the European Cup. 2001/02 was David´s most successful season with 11 goals in 28 league appearances. In summer 2003 David left his boyhood club after 14 years to join Spanish giants Real Madrid in a £25 million deal. In Real Madrid he had to give up his preferred lucky number 7 shirt for the number 23.

5 England National Team and Los Angeles Galaxy In 2006 Beckham was once again captain of the English team in the World Cup finals. Although the team did not win, David scored twice and became the only English player to score in three World Cup finals. Beckham signed for LA Galaxy in early January 2007. Beckham says: “I have the chance to take football in America, soccer as they call it, to another level. I’m excited about this opportunity and will be ready for the challenge.” The contract ends in 2012 and will supposedly bring him 250 million dollars.

6 Posh and Becks Victoria Adams (now Victoria Beckham) joined the all-girl group Spice Girls in 1994 and was given the nickname "Posh Spice" by the media. She started dating Beckham in 1997, after they had met at a charity football match, and got married in 1999 in a small ceremony for family and friends, followed by a huge party with hundreds of guests, rose champagne and David’s favourite dessert - sticky toffee pudding. The media started calling them “Posh and Becks”. They are now living in a $22 million Beverly Hills mansion with 10 security guards.

7 Charity David Beckham has supported UNICEF since his days at Manchester United. In January 2005, he became a Goodwill Ambassador with a special focus on UNICEF's Sports for Development programme. “We can’t turn a blind eye to the tens of thousands of young children who die every day in the developing world mostly from causes that are preventable.” Beckham helped in UK's bid to host the 2012 Olympics in London and took part in the closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Games as Olympic Ambassador.

8 Sponsors Adidas supplies David with the latest technology for equipment and footwear. He is the only footballer with his own logo on the clothes designed specially for his collection. Giorgio Armani chose Beckam to promote his underwear collection because he represents modern masculinity and is a man with a great sense of style. Beckham has appeared in Pepsi commercials for nine years, cast as a gladiator, a cowboy, a surfer and beyond.

9 Style Hair “I’m surprised I have so much hair after all the things I’ve done with it.” Whether a shaved head, Mohawk or mullet, David’s hair has always inspired millions of men to try new and outrageous styles. David is regarded as one of the most stylish men in the world. Together with wife Victoria, the Beckhams lead the way in fashion. Tattoos David has quite a collection of tattoos ranging from guardian angels to astrological symbols. David explains: “Mine are all about the people in my life, my wife and my sons, who I want with me always.”

10 Used materials

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