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CRCTCRCT Presented By: LaVonda Johnson March 1, 2005

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2 CRCTCRCT Presented By: LaVonda Johnson March 1, 2005

3 REMEMBER!!!!!! All third grades students must pass the READING section of the CRCT. If students do not pass they must attend a summer remedial program. Students will retake the CRCT at the end of the summer sessions

4 Test Strategies Make Sure Students:  Listen Carefully to directions  Read Information Carefully  Take Their Time  Do Not Leave Any Answer Blank  If They Have Problems Raise Their Hand

5 Getting Ready For CRCT Get a Good Night Sleep Eat A Healthy Breakfast Have A Positive Attitude

6 Frequently Asked Questions Are there things I can do for my special needs students? Can special needs students get extra time? Do special needs students have any accommodations?

7 CRCT Modification Give students Extended Time Small Group Frequent Breaks Paraphrase Material Only If Stated In IEP Read Material To Student If Stated In IEP

8 Preparing Special Needs Students for CRCT  Brief Students on Key Points  Practice with Students Daily  Encourage Parents to use school website or CRCT website Give Students practice test for homework

9 Classroom Modifications Teacher should Drill students over material daily Student should repeat what they have learned to the teacher Teacher should review skills with students Teacher should assess students over material to determine if student has mastered material DRILL Repeat Review Assess

10 Parents Should Read each night for 20 minutes with their child. Quiz their over the story they just read. Do practice sessions online with their child using compass or CRCT online.

11 Relax  Don’t stress  Teach students relaxation techniques  Have a relaxing testing environment  Encourage students to do their best


13 Compass is a fun and great CRCT STUDY tool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 Let’s Learn how to use Compass!!!!! Take your time there is room for everyone to learn!!!!!

15 Your computer screen should look like this:

16 Find the Blue e on your computer screen that looks like the picture below and double click it with the mouse.

17 You should now have a computer screen that looks like the picture below.

18 Find the box that says user name…… Type your first name and then press the space bar. Next type your last name.

19 Find the rectangle box that says PASSWORD……. Type in these words……………… Compass04 It the number zero and four. The click LOG IN

20 If you have correctly followed all my steps you should now see a screen that looks like this:

21 To began CRCT practice click on the language arts button. It is the first picture of the book and pencil.

22 You are on your way to passing the CRCT!!!! Go ahead and celebrate!!!

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