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Amanda, Katelyn & Michelle April 9, 2012 Spanish 3 Period 6 1.

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1 Amanda, Katelyn & Michelle April 9, 2012 Spanish 3 Period 6 1

2 1930’s-1940’s Movies were used as an escape from reality. An hour and a half to get away from the world of war. They were also used as a way for the citizens of Spain to get up close and personal with the war.

3 1932 Movies Las Hurdes Tierra Sin Pan Director: Luis Bunuel Banned documentary

4 1934 Movies Es Mi Hombre Director: Benito Perojo Based on a the well- known play

5 1936 Movies Espana Director: Jean-Paul Le Chanois Contains genuine newsreel footage

6 1942 Movies “Los Ladrones somos Gente Honrado” Directed by Ignacio Iguino Comedy based on Enrique Poncela’s play Starring Amparo Rivelles

7 1942 Movies Cont… “Malvaloca” Directed by Luis Marqina Drama based on Joaquin Quintero Starring Amparo Rivelles (very popular)

8 1944 Movies “El Clavo (the nail)” Directed by Rafael Gil (very well known) Successful crime/ love story plot Starring Amparo Rivelles and Rafael Duran

9 1946 Movies “La Prodiga (the prodigal woman)” Directed by Rafael Gil Drama film Starring: Paola Barbara, Rafael Duran and Fernando Rey

10 1948 Movies “ Locura de Amor” Directed by the famous Juan de Orduna Main actors and actresses: Fernando Rey and Aurora Bautista

11 Locura de Amor This movie was very interesting and popular Written about the love and madness associated with Joanna of Castile Joanna of Castile was the queen of Spain in the time of this movie’s filming

12 1949 Movies “Mi Adorado Juan” Based upon Miguel Mihuras play It was turned in to a comedic film Starring Conchita Montes

13 Florian Rey Real name is Antonio Martinez del Castillo Born on January 25, 1894 and died April 11,1962 Most successful Spanish film director in the 1920’s and 1930s. Discovered Imperio Argentina, who he later married.

14 Some Films Directed by Florian Rey La Hermana San Sulpicio - 1934 Nobleza Baturra - 1935 Morena Clara - 1936 Carmen, la Triana- 1939 La Dolores- 1940 La Aldea Maldita- 1942 Idolos - 1943 La Luna Vale un Million - 1945

15 Benito Perojo Born June 14, 1894 and died November 11, 1974 Directed 52 movies and produced 47 movies Founded Films Benavente S.L. production company

16 Important Films of Perojo El Hombre que se Reia del Amor (1933)-first talkie Se Ha Fugado un Preso - 1st Spanish film to win award in Venice Film Festival Nuestra Natacha - censored for Franco’s dictatorship

17 Imperio Argentina Her real name is Magdalena Nile del Rio Born on December 26, 1906 Dancer, Singer, and Actress Was chosen by the film director Florian Rey who she married, and later divorced.

18 Movies Imperio Argentina Starred In La Herman San Sulpicio Nobleza Battura Morena Clara Carmen la de Triana La cancion de Aixa La Copla de la Dolores* *Made it to the 1947 Cannes Film Festival

19 The End.

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