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The rhetorical triangle with lou gehrig

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1 The rhetorical triangle with lou gehrig
AP English Language and Composition Mr. Gallegos Semester 1

2 Build Background Please write this question in your spiral notebooks and answer it. After we have discussed our questions, record more for your records. Imagine you have been given the opportunity to deliver a speech to an audience about an issue that means something to you. What questions should you ask yourself about the audience you will be presenting to? Why is it important to ask yourself these questions?

3 Learning Objectives Content Objective: Students will be able to analyze the relationship among the speaker, audience, and subject using Aristotle’s Rhetorical Triangle. Language Objective: Students will read Lou Gehrig’s Farewell Speech and identify the speaker, determine the intended audience, and summarize the subject.

4 Put Key Vocabulary in Notebooks
The speaker is the person or group who creates the text. The audience is the listener, viewer, or reader of a text or performance, but it is important to note their may be multiple audiences. The subject is the topic. The subject cannot be confused with author’s purpose.

5 Aristotle’s Rhetorical Triangle
Take out a separate sheet of paper and draw a triangle. Label one end speaker, the other end audience, and the other end subject. (Page 3)

6 Who Was Lou Gehrig? Lou Gehrig was a professional baseball player who was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The disease is now known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.” He holds Major League Baseball’s record for the most career grand slams and was referred to as “The Iron Horse” for his durability.

7 Homework Assignment Please take a copy of the SOAPS activity from the front table. You have a choice between the letter by Albert Einstein to a sixth-grade student or a speech delivered by George W. Bush the night of the terrorists attacks of September 11, 2001. These assignments are a review of the rhetorical triangle we learned about today. This assignment is due tomorrow.

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