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San Francisco Sheriff Department Budget and Finance Committee Departmental Overview April 21, 2005.

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1 San Francisco Sheriff Department Budget and Finance Committee Departmental Overview April 21, 2005

2 Current Year Budget Total Sheriff General Fund Budget Revised Budget Projected Actual Savings $146,759,617 $145,802,530 $957,087

3 Source of Savings GF Salaries & Fringe:$116,558 Mid-year Cut:$400,000 Worker’s Comp. Savings:$206,000 Miscellaneous GF Savings:$ 76,640 Work Order Fund Savings:$157,889 $957,087 The Mid-year cut is based on the Department re-bidding food services contract at a significant cost savings. This cut is annualized in the amount of $1,500,000 for FY 2005-06.

4 Current Year Budget General Fund Expenditures Revised Budget Projected Actual Variance –Salaries: $57,861,061 $58,146,860 ($285,799) –Fringe: $18,301,675 $17,899,318 $402,357 –Non Personnel Svcs: $12,651,065 $11,897,990 $753,075 –City Grant Program: $3,043,624 $3,043,624 0 –Materials & Supplies: $7,427,777 $8,140,211 ($712,434) –Capital Outlay: $781,463 $781,463 0 –Svcs. Of Other Depts: $5,335,385 $5,093,385 242,000 –Jail Health Work Order: $25,728,132 $25,728,132 0 –Expenditure Contingency: $400,000 400,000 –Expenditure Recovery: ($536,516) (536,516) 0 Total General Fund: $130,993,666 $130,194,467 $799,199

5 Current Year Budget Budget Projected Actual Variance - Salaries: $11,918,571 $ 11,859,366$ 59,205 - Salaries: $11,918,571 $ 11,859,366$ 59,205 - Fringe:$ 3,561,102$ 3,462,419$ 98,683 - Fringe:$ 3,561,102$ 3,462,419$ 98,683 - Non-Personnel:$ 3,000$ 3,000$ 0 - Non-Personnel:$ 3,000$ 3,000$ 0 - M & S:$ 69,949$ 69,949$ 0 - M & S:$ 69,949$ 69,949$ 0 - Work Orders:$ 213,329$ 213,329$ 0 - Work Orders:$ 213,329$ 213,329$ 0 Total:$15,765,951 $15,608,063 $ 157,888 Total:$15,765,951 $15,608,063 $ 157,888 The Work Order fund is comprised of Security Services the Department provides to SFGH, Laguna Honda Hospital, Emergency Communications, Department of Human Services, and the Courts. Work Order Fund Expenditures

6 Current Year Priority Maintain the Department’s core functions without additional layoffs. –The Sheriff Department had 26 layoffs in the current year –Any other cut results in the reduction of core services

7 Current Year Program Goals Goal 1:Provide for the secure and safe detention of persons arrested or under court order. –Number of inmate vs. inmate altercations is projected to be down 6% from 268 to 252 –Number of inmate vs. staff altercations is projected to be down 12% from 75 to 66 –There have 2 successful escapes in the last 3 fiscal years –There have been no suicides in custody over the last two fiscal years

8 Current Year Program Goals Goal 2:Provide education, skill development, and counseling programs in jail. – Five Keys Charter School is at 80% Capacity, 201 out of 250 students –Over 25% of inmates participate in in-custody programs on a daily basis, 466 of 1,807 inmates on average *In-custody programs include education through the Five Keys Charter School, and treatment through Roads, RSVP, SISTERS, & REST

9 Current Year Program Goals SF Sheriff Department’s Resolve to Stop the Violence Program (RSVP) was 1 of 5 national recipients of the 2004 Kennedy School of Government Innovations in American Government Award.

10 Current Year Program Goals Goal 3:Provide cost saving alternatives to incarceration for non-violent offenders. –Number of hours worked in the community is projected to be 14% above target, 108,052 projected hours versus 95,000 –The value of work performed by participants is projected to be 15% above target, for a total of $1,135,626 *Cost of a community service hour worked is $10.51.

11 San Francisco Sheriff Department Mission: The mission of the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department is to provide for the safe and secure detention of persons arrested or under court order, to operate the county jail facilities and alternative sentencing programs, to provide security for city facilities, and to execute criminal and civil warrants and court orders.

12 San Francisco Sheriff Department Michael Hennessey Sheriff Jean Mariani Assistant Sheriff Fiscal Division Jan Dempsey Undersheriff Field & Support Division Security Services Custody Facilities & Equipment Support Administrative Division Recruitment & Training CourtsPrograms Eileen Hirst Chief of Staff Jim Harrigan Legal Counsel

13 SFSD Program Descriptions Custody Division– responsible for the administration of the six SF County Jails located at the Hall of Justice (Jails 1 & 2), 425 7 th Street (Jails 8 & 9), the San Bruno complex (Jails 3 & 7) and a jail ward at San Francisco General Hospital. Field Services Division – responsible for support and security services which include, City Hall, Central Warrants, Prisoner Transportation, San Francisco General Hospital, Laguna Honda Hospital, Emergency Communications Department, Homeland Security, Community Assessment & Referral Center, and Elections.

14 SFSD Program Descriptions Programs Division – responsible for the provision of in- custody counseling and education services as well as well as pre and post release programs. Administrative Division – responsible for the overall administration of the Department as well as managing Recruitment & Training. Court Security Division – responsible for the security and safety of all court operations including Hall of Justice, Civic Center and Juvenile Hall.

15 SFSD Program Descriptions Civil Division – responsible for enforcing all civil judgments of the courts, including evictions, wage garnishments and attachments of assets. Facilities & Equipment Support Division – responsible for the maintenance of all the various Sheriff Department facilities.

16 2005 – 2006 Proposed Budget by Program ProgramsOriginal FY 04 - 05FY 05 – 06 Proposed Variance Custody Division$98,161,232$98,376,000$215,368 Programs$8,331,265$6,838,966($1,492,299) Field Services$4,389,536$4,275,403($114,133) Security Services$11,149,751$10,975,946($173,805) Recruitment & Training $2,824,227$2,441,363($382,942) Court Security$7,646,861$8,511,389$864,528 Administration$8,824,227$8,747,102($77,125) Facilities$5,217,432$4,360,645($856,787) Total:$146,544,609$144,527,414($2,017,195)

17 2005 – 2006 Proposed FTE by Program ProgramsOriginal FY 04 - 05FY 05 – 06 Proposed Variance Custody Division552.32546.53(5.79) Programs37.9631.11(6.85) Field Services44.9043.63(1.27) Security Services115.42116.811.39 Recruitment & Training 15.7614.76(1.00) Court Security75.8678.692.83 Administration54.8455.841.00 Facilities23.2821.49(1.79) Total:920.34908.86(11.48)

18 2005 – 2006 Major Budget Changes $1,500,000 reduction to Materials & Supplies as a result of food service savings $1.1 million in increase attrition savings to meet Mayor’s Target $160,000 Treatment on Demand Cut $373,827 Reduction of DHS Work Order LHH increased work order of $603,170 Increased Court Security Funding $864,528

19 Prior Fiscal Year Cuts Close three dormitories at County Jail No. 7 ($1.5 Mil) Eliminate porter services at County Jail No. 9 ($280K) Eliminate post-custody drug rehabilitation beds ($1.7 mil) Eliminate Station Transfer Unit services ($2.0 mil) Reduce hours of operation and staffing at City Hall ($200k) Froze hiring of new 8302 Deputy Sheriffs for last two fiscal years ($1.5 mil per year) Laid Off 26 8300 Cadets ($700k)

20 Custody Division Permanent Staffing vs. Overtime Spending

21 Average Daily Jail Population 2001 - 2005

22 2005 – 2006 Budget Priorities Installation of the Jail Management System & JUSTIS (CMS Replacement) Opening of the new County Jail #7 Need to hire at least two classes of 8302 Deputies (currently not funded)

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