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2 Hello 8+ years as ASCLD/LAB Training Manager 10 years at FBI Laboratory 5 years private industry 12+ years married Older sister Control freak (reformed) United miles = 610,637 (since I started counting)

3 Overview What you might think this presentation is about What I aim to offer in this presentation Different communication styles How to communication with one another Another perspective to consider And one more thing to think about Remember our origins

4 What you might think

5 What I aim to offer Perspectives to consider Strategies to think about Actions to take Things to watch for Ideas to remember

6 Different communication styles ControllerPromoter AnalyzerSupporter

7 Controller Nothing but the facts Can be perceived as bossy and assertive Goal oriented May not have a plan but want to get moving Broad brush rather than detail

8 Promoter Life of the party Lots of fun Like people and like talking Naturally sociable Enthusiastic and curious

9 Supporter Low key personality Patient, well balanced Happily reconciled with life Largest portion of the population Want to avoid offending Low tolerance for conflict Good listeners

10 Analyzer Facts and figures Gather information and organize Thoughtful and serious Need for detail Hesitate making decisions List, charts, graphs Can be perceived as pessimistic

11 When talking to a Controller Be efficient and businesslike Get to the point Set and clarify goals and objectives Give them conclusions – only provide details when asked Solve problems Talk about results not methods Executive Summary

12 When talking with a Promoter Leave plenty of time for talking and social niceties Ask about family, children – and be prepared to talk about yours Talk in terms of people and stories Use lots of examples Connect

13 When talking with a Supporter Don’t come on too strong Earn their trust in steps Don’t ask for big decisions right away Provide reassurance Talk in terms of security Empathy (vs. sympathy)

14 When talking with an Analyzer Be organized Have facts and figures ready Be prepared for skepticism Answer their questions Go slow and give them time to think and analyze Data

15 Different communication styles ControllerPromoter AnalyzerSupporter

16 After we have that sorted out Consider another perspective when communicating

17 Generation Gap Traditionalist Baby Boomer Gen X Millennials

18 Traditionalist Survivors of world wars Work ethic and personal value Require a little prodding and need to be asked their opinion Prefer things in writing Enjoy learning but chit-chat is not needed Prefer face to face

19 Cool Baby-Boomer Accept change Lived thru rise and fall of many things May have needed to change jobs Prefer a phone call to email Reads body language The memo generation First generation of work-aholics

20 Generation X Not afraid of technology Communication can be short and to the point Email works for them Needs feedback Feel offended if not informed Work/life balance Time is money – short bursts of energy and flexible time

21 LOL Millennials Jump in and see/feel/touch every bit of technology Short quick emails and texting Shocked when others don’t Expect work to be fun and seek flexible work atmospheres Group work should have diversity Speed up the process Keep is simple and let them come up with creative solutions

22 Not so fast

23 Processing information Auditory Lectures, podcast, audiobooks, phone calls, discussions Visual Reading, observing, reports, emails, memos, reports Physical Writing, handling, sorting, practicing

24 Spaghetti vs. waffles

25 But consider the evolutionary necessity

26 How to proceed What is your goal during the conversation Who will be your audience When does something need to be completed or a decision made How will this information be presented Remember the four communication styles Controller, Promoter, Analyzer, Supporter Consider the generation How does someone process information Think about gender But don’t dwell

27 Thank you Anja Einseln Training Manager, ASCLD/LAB

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