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Santa Ana District Office. Santa Ana District Office 10 REGIONAL OFFICES 69 DISTRICT OFFICES.

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1 Santa Ana District Office



4 Santa Ana District Office Mission Statement The SBA was created to provide financial, technical and management assistance to help Americans start, run and grow their business.

5 Santa Ana District Office HOW WE ASSIST SMALL BUSINESSES  Business Development  Financial Assistance  Government Contracting Assistance  Technology Development

6 Santa Ana District Office BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE SCORE Small Business Development Centers Women Business Centers Online Assistance

7 Santa Ana District Office BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT ASSISTANCE (cont)  Collaborative efforts / partnerships with Resource Partners to provide “Meaningful Solutions” Including:  Other Federal Agencies  Trade Associations  CITD Network  CMTC  Chambers of Commerce  Foreign Consulates  Others

8 Santa Ana District Office GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING ASSISTANCE 8(a) Disabled Veterans & Veterans Hub Zone SDB Women Owned Insures that small businesses receive a fair share of government contracts

9 Santa Ana District Office GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING ASSISTANCE Programs to assist small businesses in the government contracting arena. Pro-Net; Sub-Net; Grants.Gov; & Military OneSource

10 Santa Ana District Office 8(a) Business Development Program BENEFITS: ¨ Procurement Assistance Sole Source/Competitive Contracting ¨ SDB Certification ¨ Training ¨ Mentor /Protégé Program

11 Santa Ana District Office HubZone Empowerment Contracting Program Encourages economic development in historically underutilized business zones - “HUBZones”- Establishes federal contract award preferences for small businesses located in targeted areas.

12 Santa Ana District Office Small Disadvantage Business Certification (SDB) ¨ Benefits ¨ Price evaluation adjustment when bidding as a prime contractor ¨ All prime contractors are encouraged to use SDBs as subcontractors through mandated evaluation factors and optional monetary incentives.

13 Santa Ana District Office SURETY BOND GUARANTEE PROGRAM For contracts up to $2 million Types of Bonds: Bid Bonds Performance Bonds Payment Bonds Ancillary Bonds

14 Santa Ana District Office Technology Development Office of Technology SBIR STTR Tech-Net

15 Santa Ana District Office OFFICE OF ADVOCACY The voice for small business in the federal government and the source for small business statistics

16 Santa Ana District Office EXPORT TRADE ASSISTANCE PARTNERSHIP ( ETAP) Resource Partners: U.S. Department of Commerce Export-Import Bank U.S. Export Assistance Center Others –SCORE,CITD & SBDC

17 Santa Ana District Office SBA FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS Domestic Programs Disaster Programs International Trade / Export Programs

18 Santa Ana District Office   Export Working Capital Program   SBA Export Express   Importers… SBA Export Finance Assistance Programs:

19 Santa Ana District Office   Pre-Shipment Guarantee Loan proceeds to acquire/produce goods or services for export   Post-Shipment Guarantee Discounting accounts receivable Export Working Capital Program

20 Santa Ana District Office Transaction Based Assignment of payment proceeds from foreign buyer: -Letter of Credit -Open Account Export Working Capital Program

21 Santa Ana District Office SBA DISASTER LOANS Loans to homeowners and businesses in the aftermath of a disaster

22 Santa Ana District Office Local Resources  Paul Smith  714-560-7448  Jill Andrews  714-560-7466

23 Santa Ana District Office Help & Assistance  Management &  Technical Assistance  Certification  and Loan guarantees

24 Santa Ana District Office Put Us To Work for You! SANTA ANA DISTRICT OFFICE 200 W. Santa Ana Blvd., Suite 700 Santa Ana, CA 92701 (714) 550-7420

25 Santa Ana District Office Here are three take-aways. Bring these ideas to back to your business and see what results you generate! Takeaway 1: The SBA offers a huge range of products and services. Takeaway 2: Resources are available to you in your local communities that provide assistance at no cost. Takeaway 3: How to start or improve exporting and about the government resources available to facilitate exporting.

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