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Space Florida The Next Ten Years in Florida Space Activities UCF 01 April 2014 Patrick McCarthy Space Florida.

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1 Space Florida The Next Ten Years in Florida Space Activities LIFE @ UCF 01 April 2014 Patrick McCarthy Space Florida

2 Overview Ten Years Ago – Today – Ten Years On A Quick Look at Florida’s Space History (64 Years condensed into thirty seconds) Prognosticating on The Future New Opportunities New Competitors New Launch Vehicles & Spacecraft

3 A Reminder of Ten Years Ago Space Shuttle not flying – US recovering from Columbia accident American access to Space Station via Russian Soyuz “taxi” NASA photos

4 Today Space Shuttle not flying – US ended the program American access to Space Station via Russian Soyuz for $72M per seat NASA photos

5 Ten Years On Space Launch System operational American access to Space Station via commercial space “taxis” Boeing NASA

6 A Quick Look at Florida’s Space History Active since 1950 Almost 3,400 launches from “The Cape” USAF photos NASA

7 Diverse launch vehicle mix Every U.S crewed flight flew from the Cape Spaceport USAF NASA USN A Quick Look at Florida’s Space History (2)

8 What’s The Future?

9 The Space Industry is Transitioning! … … … Private Sector Role Increasing! Global Space Industry Revenues from Commercial Sources, far exceed Government! Even without Sequestration, Federal Budgets for Space will be severely constrained. The Long-Standing Policy of Commercial Reliance in Government … … will Increase!

10 Positioning Florida as the most attractive place for public and private investment The Opportunity

11 Commercial Operators will have multiple options outside of Florida Increasing Space Industry Competition

12 Statewide Spaceport System Plan Cape Canaveral Spaceport Master Plan

13 Statewide Spaceport System Vision 2013-2023

14 FAA Licensed Spaceports in Florida

15 Specialized Transportation High Value, Low Volume, High Risk PassengersCargo

16 Spaceport Master Plan Objectives/Goals Advance Commercial Heavy Lift Support Commercial Crew and Cargo Attract New Emerging Space Systems Expand Horizontal Launch and Landing Expand Statewide Space Capacity

17 Legacy Launch Vehicles NASA Falcon 9 ULA Delta IV NASA Atlas V

18 At least six Companies Developing Capabilities Vertical Launch, Vertical Landing – Blue Origin, Masten Space Systems, UP Aerospace… Horizontal Launch, Horizontal Landing – Virgin Galactic, XCOR Aerospace… New Launch Vehicles (Suborbital)

19 New Launch Vehicles (Vertical) Antares OSC Falcon Heavy SpaceX Army NASA Space Launch System

20 New Launch Vehicles (Horizontal) Virgin Galactic VG XCOR Starfighters- 4Frontiers McCarthy Starfighters XCOR Lynx XCOR Stratolaunch

21 New Spacecraft Boeing CST-100 Boeing Blue Origin Bigelow SNC Dream Chaser SNC SpaceX Dragon SpaceX

22 Repurpose Existing Facilities Refurbish 1960’s era KSC O&C Building for Orion assembly NASA photos

23 Repurpose Existing Facilities (2) Renovate Orbiter Processing Facilities for CST-100, Lynx, or other new vehicles NASA

24 Develop New Multi-Use Facilities Make Shuttle Launch Complex 39 capable of supporting many vehicles NASA concepts McCarthy ATK concept NASA

25 Commercialize Shuttle Landing Facility Multiple customers engaged for operations Assessing designs for common infrastructure improvements, partnership & leverage opportunities Commercialization Roadmap Transfer Decision Agreement development Operations standup SLF improvements Develop New Multi-Use Facilities (2)

26 Develop New Multi-Use Facilities (3) Build new Launch Complexes that utilize shared services Pat Rawlings / SAIC for NASA RS&H concept for NASA

27 Florida Space Activity Building on its Legacy to remain viable into the future NASA USAF

28 Questions?

29 Contact Information Patrick McCarthy, Director of Spaceport Operations 321-730-5301 Ext. 232


31 SPACE FLORIDA STRUCTURE & ROLE: Public Corporation & Independent Special District Infrastructure Role … Largely defined Spaceport & Aerospace Industry Needs Economic Development Role … for the Space & related - Aviation/Aerospace Industry Investment and Financing Role … … for Spaceports and Industry Projects Statewide!

32 32 FLORIDA TEAM APPROACH Governor Rick Scott

33 Own & lease real estate, and machinery & equipment Hold rights to intellectual property Issue revenue bonds, assessment bonds, and conduit or other debt instruments consistent with fulfilling mission Create and update a statewide Spaceport Master Plan Exercise most powers of local government within the designated Spaceport territory (per the Spaceport Master Plan) SPACE FLORIDA: Powers Under Florida Law

34 $290 Billion Space Economy! *Data from The Space Report 2012 SPACE TRANSPORTATION SATELLITES GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS GROUND SUPPORT & ENABLING HARDWARE COMMERCIAL SPACE PRODUCTS & SERVICES $1.94 B $5.12 B $72.77 B $99.24 B $110.72 B Facing Space Market Growth Areas

35 Transportation & Advanced Aerospace Platforms Satellite, Robotic Systems & Payloads Ground & Operations Support Systems Agriculture, Climate & Environmental Monitoring Civil Protection & Emergency Management ISS & Human Life Sciences Communications & Cyber-Security Adventure Tourism Clean & Alternative Energy Applications Advanced Materials & New Products DIVERSIFICATION IS FLORIDA’S SPACE FUTURE! “VISION 2020” FOCUS … … TEN TARGET MARKET SECTORS:

36 Commercial Vertical Launch Initiative - Shiloh Targeting commercial launch market to complement the existing federal market & launch infrastructure Commercial launch operators addressing market demand for non- federal launch environment Effort aligned to FAA Office of Space Transportation (FAA-AST) Site Operators license process Shiloh Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) RFQ released NASA concurred with FAA Office of Space Transportation as Lead Agency with NASA KSC as Cooperating Agency for Shiloh EIS

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