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The Early Middle Ages Coach Rooker 702 World History.

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1 The Early Middle Ages Coach Rooker 702 World History

2 November 11, 2014 Chimers 1.) What do you know to be true about the Middle Ages? 2.) p. 242 (1-4) Answer in your comp books. 3.) Get a sheet of paper out on your desk.

3 Monty Python and Holy Grail The Black Knight This was a comical skit, but this does show the type of dress that was in and around this time period This was a comical skit, but this does show the type of dress that was in and around this time period A fight to the death from this time period was extremely common, and it was not uncommon for kings to ride with a servant like in the video A fight to the death from this time period was extremely common, and it was not uncommon for kings to ride with a servant like in the video

4 Leaders of Europe: Choose 4 Pick 4 Leaders and put in the diagram their achievements

5 Geography of Europe Major Rivers: Rhine, Danube, Seine, and Po Used for shipping goods to inner Europe by smaller boats; Transported from large sea ships Provided a natural barrier for protection and offered separation of different groups

6 The Mountains of Europe Urals, Carpathians, Alps, Pyrenees, Apennines Mountains also provided for protection and natural barriers between the kingdoms Some kingdoms were actually located in the mountain ranges Italy was completely separated from the rest of Europe by the Swiss Alps

7 Kingdoms in Western Europe Read p. 246 and 247 by yourself You will have 10 minutes to break down 3 main points: People Places Events Once you outline and take notes on the Franks, tell me in 3 sentences why they were important.

8 Kingdoms in Western Europe By A.D. 500, Western Europe was divided into many Germanic kingdoms Germanic Tribes closer to Rome practiced more Roman influenced traditions, while northwestern tribes practiced Germanic Traditions In Britain, Roman Armies cleared and Anglo- Saxons moved in, kicking out the Celts Celts fled north and west, but most crossed the sea into present day Ireland

9 Notes: Western Europe cont. Scottish, Welsh, and Irish are largely descended from the Celts today Traditional Scottish Music

10 Quite Frankly, It’s the Franks Strongest Germanic Tribe Clovis, First king of the Franks Accepted Catholic Christianity From Kings  to Mayors of the Palace Charles “the hammer” Martel, The hammer halted Islam into Europe Defeated Muslims at the Battle of Tours Son, Pepin, became Mayor of palace Became king of Franks in return to help the Pope; ran off Lombards in Italy  Land was given to Pope and became known as Papal states

11 Pictures of the Mayors and Kings Clovis, Charles “the Hammer” Martel, Pepin the Short, and Charlemagne

12 Chimers: November 17, 2014 Read Waves of Invaders on pgs. 248-249. Imagine that you are in your village and you see the Vikings on the sea, about to port on the shore where you live. Write a journal entry of how you would feel about these people, and how you plan to fight them off. Write this from a townsperson perspective.

13 Emperor Charlemagne Pepin, the Short’s son Charles would take over after the death Charles became known as Charlemagne after he doubled the kingdom Included Germany, France, Northern Spain, and Italy 800 A.D. Christmas Day, Charlemagne was worshiping at the church of St. Peter in Rome  Pope crowned him as New Emperor of Rome Accomplishments: built schools for children, doubled size of kingdom, educated people on religion, Latin, music, literature, and arithmetic

14 Crowning of Charlemagne

15 Waves of Invaders in Western Europe Magyars, Muslims, and Vikings 800’s and 900’s A.D. Magyars  Hungary, Muslims  Middle East, and Vikings  Scandinavia Vikings were most fierce group that came from the Fjords in Scandinavia Excellent sailors and relentless

16 Holy Roman Empire In 911 A.D., nobles elect a king to unite all of western Europe 936 A.D.  Duke Otto of Saxony, King of Germany Defeated and ran out corrupt nobles and Magyars Pope crowned him as emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Fredrick I and Fredrick II tried to unite Germany and Italy as one country  struggle continued until 1800

17 Church and its Influence Guiding Question- How did the Catholic Church influence life in the early medieval Europe? 400’s St. Patrick moved to Ireland to spread Christianity  Influenced Pope Gregory I Developed idea and theory of Missionaries By 1050 most Western Europeans had become Catholic Christians

18 Monks and Nuns Schools and Hospitals Improvements in farming Christian Writings  Copied books and other literature to spread the Christian religion Illuminations- ornate and decorative manuscripts Monasteries  Monks and Convents  Nuns Abbots and Abbesses

19 Illuminations and Manuscripts

20 Church Authority Monasteries became wealthy and caused problems with officials of the church and the King’s men 1073 A.D.  Pope Gregory VII declared that only the pope had the authority to appoint church officials This angered Henry IV, and the pope excommunicated him, which meant that he could not go to Heaven or be involved with the church

21 Church Authority Cont. German Nobles supported the Pope Henry IV traveled to Italy and begged the Pope for forgiveness German nobles chose a new Emperor After Henry was forgiven, he seized Rome and named a new Pope Struggle continued until 1122 A.D. Pope and Emperor eventually agreed and signed the Concordat of Worms Concordat- an agreement between the pope and the ruler of a country

22 Concordant of Worms Example of Actual Document

23 Conclusion Homework: Write an Essay that describes the importance of Medieval Europe on the Catholic Church and Christianity. Discuss the various topics we’ve discussed in class such as geography, education, Emperors of Palace, the Pope, Kings, Noblemen, Invaders of the West, etc. Be prepared to discuss this in class tomorrow. Quiz over section 1 tomorrow. Have notes from section 1; You will be getting a grade on those tomorrow. Continuation of Section 2 tomorrow.

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