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Your Health & Wellness Ch 1.

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1 Your Health & Wellness Ch 1

2 Health: The combination of physical, mental/emotional, & social well being. ● It is not an absolute state. ● Health is ever changing. ● It never stays the same. Holistic: The whole person

3 Wellness: an overall state of well-being, or total health - It comes from making decisions & practicing behaviors that are bases on sound health knowledge & healthful attitudes

4 Health Continuum: a chart showing activity, movement, or cycle (Your health continuum is always changing) Ex: You might the top performer for your basketball team on Tuesday & sick in bed with the flu on Wednesday.

5 People on this side of the continuum usually exhibit a high degree of responsibility, discipline, and positive direction in life. They accept responsibility for maintaining their own health. People on this side of the continuum usually do not take responsibility for maintaining their own health. Loss level of health & wellness Mid pt. Improved level of health & wellness Low level of Health High Level of Health Lack of energy, inattention, minor aches & pns Free from aches & pns. Moderate level of energy Many people function rt. below the mid pt Optimal level of health Chronic disorders


7 Name 3 behaviors that would help you move toward the right side of the continuum?
2. What would you conclude about the health of a person who ranks at the midpoint of this continuum? 3. What advice would you give to a person who ranks to the left of the midpoint…to the right end of the continuum? 4. Does a person ever reach the right of the continuum (high level of health) & stay there? Explain your answer.

8 Lifestyle Factors (habits):
getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night. starting each day with a healthy breakfast eating a variety of nutritious foods each day being physically active for at least 30 min most days of the week maintaining a health weight avoiding tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs abstaining from sexual activity before marriage managing stress maintaining positive relationships practicing safe behaviors to prevent injuries

9 What is the Key to wellness?
PREVENTION Prevention: Practicing health & safety habits to remain free of disease & injury Ex: wearing seatbelts, applying sunscreen, etc… How else can we prevent illness or injury?

10 Why do you need Health Education?
The providing of accurate health information to help people make healthy choices (to show people the relationship of healthful living to their quality of life)

11 Healthy People 2010: A nationwide health promotion and disease prevention plan designed to serve as a guide for improving the health of all people in the U.S. 2 main goals: (Individuals, Families, & Communities) 1. Increase quality and years of healthy life for all Americans 2. Remove health differences that result form factors such as gender, race, edu, disability, and location

12 The Health Triangle: To achieve a high level of health you have to
balance 3 elements:

13 Physical Health: All parts and systems of the body work well together

14 Mental/Emotional Health:
In touch with his/her emotions & expresses them in acceptable, healthful ways - How you like, accept, and feel about your- self; how well you relate to others; how you meet the demands of daily life

15 Social Health: Involves the way you get along with others
- Ability to make and keep friends, work, play in cooperative ways, seeking and lending support when necessary


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