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Project Perfect Pty Ltd Project Administrator Overview of Software.

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1 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Project Administrator Overview of Software

2 Project Perfect Pty Ltd One View of a Project A project can be viewed as a parcel of work. This work consists of two types: Planned Work Unplanned Work Planned Work is work outlined in the Gantt Chart Unplanned Work is everything else. This includes Issues, Risk Management, Action Items, Benefit Realization, Fixes, Scope changes etc.

3 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Project Mgmt Software If you ask someone about PM Software, they invariably talk about scheduling software Microsoft Project dominates the market There are high end solutions such as PrimaVera and Artemis. There are few specific options that cater for the “unplanned work”

4 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Action Items The unplanned work is managed by creating action items – either formally, or informally In other words, three things happen –Something (an action) –Is done by someone (person responsible) –By a certain date (action date) An Action Item has three components The Work The Person Responsible A Completion Date

5 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Common Action Items Risks Issues Benefits QA Meetings Reviews Etc. Regardless of where they come from, a Project Manager needs to keep track of every action item Who is doing what, and when is it due to be finished Action Items

6 We have talked about the schedule, and the Action Items. What else does a PM need software to manage. Project Perfect Pty Ltd Budget & Expenditure Timesheets Quality Assurance Project Documents Benefits Diary Notes Project Reviews Reference Documents Scope Variations Phases RisksGlossary So what else?

7 Project Perfect Pty Ltd How does a PM track these things now? Lists Minutes Post it notes Spreadsheets Home grown databases Emails Memos Memory Etc.

8 Project Perfect Pty Ltd The problem is… The information is not integrated There are overlaps There are underlaps Information is not followed up The format of the information is different There are no measures in place

9 Project Perfect Pty Ltd The Solution Project Administrator Combines all information into one database Merges all action items into one pot Streamlines recording Has over 100 reports Can be viewed at project, program or all levels Links to Microsoft Project Simple to maintain as it uses Microsoft Access

10 Project Perfect Pty Ltd The Software Select the level to view Select one of four activities – for example Project Overview

11 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Project Setup The Project Overview menu can then be used to review the project To start using PA, all you need to do is set up a project. Anything else is optional

12 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Set up a Project The only absolutely necessary thing you need to do is give the project a name Everything else is optional Many of the fields are picked from drop down lists. You can configure things like types of project to suit your organisation

13 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Navigate using the menu The main path you use is the Project Daily Management We can start by creating an Issue.

14 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Issues The Issue screen has two tabs. The screen you see now has the main information. The rest is optional. You set up the types of issue to suit your organisation The Priority and Status is also configurable for your organisation. For example you might want priority 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C For each issue, you can have one or more action items In this case there is 1 The action item consists of some work… …a person who is responsible… A date for the work to be completed In this case, the action item has been completed

15 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Reports There are a number of standard reports that can be produced showing action items Note that some have an email button. These can be sent provided you have a MAPI email system such as Microsoft Exchange or Outlook. The ones without an email button require another selection before they can be emailed. For example you need to select the person

16 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Reports These are just some of the available reports You can also produce your own reports

17 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Risks Action Items don’t only come from Issues. They can also come from Risks

18 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Benefits Or from realisation of benefits

19 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Quality Assurance Or as the result of a QA Event

20 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Assumptions From Assumptions

21 Meetings Project Perfect Pty Ltd From Meetings

22 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Action Items Or Action Items can be recorded without coming from issues, risks etc.

23 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Budget & Expenditure Some other things you can do with PA is to manage budgets and expenditure Set up your own chart of accounts. Each account can map back to your corporate GL for reconciliation purposes

24 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Expenditure Expenditure can be either actual or accrued.

25 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Budget Reports There are a number of reports on the financial status of the project. In addition, the expenditure information can be downloaded into a spreadsheet.

26 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Scope Variations Scope variations can be tracked. There is facility to record the basic information plus additional details The status of each change is clearly visible It is also clear where the variation is up to in terms of approval.

27 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Scope Variations The additional information includes the justification The cost And the time Reporting can give statistics such as the cumulative cost and time of scope variations

28 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Reference Documents You can create a library of reference documents You configure the types to suit your organisation. Each document is hyperlinked so you open it from PA

29 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Project Documents Manage project documentation through PA Record versions Documents are hyperlinked so you open them directly from PA The report can act as a cover page for each document

30 Attach Documents Project Perfect Pty Ltd Wherever you see the pin button, you can attach documents

31 Attached Documents Project Perfect Pty Ltd In this case there are two documents attached Click to add additional documents Or click to open an attached document

32 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Diary Notes Record scraps of information that may not seem important until some time in the future when you need to remember

33 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Timesheets People can enter their timesheets online. If you want to gather more details, you can set up work codes

34 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Microsoft Project PA is integrated with Microsoft Project. Edit the project from within PA Update PA and information regarding Tasks and Milestones is available for reporting.

35 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Status Reports Enter a few comments and generate a weekly report. The report automatically gathers information about milestones completed and due in the next week, issues outstanding, and due in the next week, plus your comments as entered here.

36 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Glossary Define terms and abbreviations Decide if they are specific to this project, or should be in a corporate glossary

37 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Checklists Create checklists so that the organisation becomes more efficient in doing project related work. In this example, it is a list of things to do if you are running a workshop You can group the activities by Category You can also add notes

38 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Roles & Responsibilities Define roles and responsibilities for each project Create master lists where you can drop in the standard responsibilities and modify if required

39 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Project Traffic Lights Depending on which parts of PA you are using, you can click on a button and see the status at any point in time The status is measured against six criteria More information is available by drilling down on each criteria

40 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Project Meetings Sort the items into the sequence you want Create a list of Meeting items Record the name, venue, invitees and time of the meeting Print agendas and minutes Record the outcome after the meeting Record action items

41 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Key things about PA Use as much, or little as you want Not every field has to be entered Use it to build you PM information base in terms of checklists, glossaries and reference documents Saves you collating information from numerous sources Saves you loosing information

42 Project Perfect Pty Ltd Key Benefits Low cost - so little risk Simple technology so few problems configuring Do not need to use everything. Pick the bits you want to use Highly configurable so can be made to suit your environment Will bring best practice to your Project management.

43 Project Perfect Pty Ltd More Information Click here Click here to visit our web site Thank you for taking the time to review Project Administrator

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