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The SharePoint Experts Presented by: Bob Dickerson, SharePoint Practice Manager

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1 The SharePoint Experts Presented by: Bob Dickerson, SharePoint Practice Manager

2 The SharePoint Experts Who in the audience is using SharePoint ?

3 The SharePoint Experts Why integrate OnBase and SharePoint ?

4 The SharePoint Experts Information Silos

5 Application Jumping

6 The SharePoint Experts Custom Coding

7 The SharePoint Experts  How many disparate systems are users required to use to perform their primary job tasks?  How much training and support is required for users, regardless of location?  How do SharePoint users manage paper documents?  How is information made easily available to users?  How are records managed consistently across multiple systems?

8 The SharePoint Experts  Leverages existing investments  Promotes worker efficiency  Easy remote and public user access  No costly custom development

9 The SharePoint Experts Content management and accessibility in the way that best meet the needs of every user.  With no custom development. Contextually connecting related information:  Regardless of the primary interface application.  Regardless of where it is stored.

10 IT Staff Corp. Headquarters Product Labs Project Manager CFO AP Clerk

11 The SharePoint Experts How do our integrations solve these challenges ?

12 The SharePoint Experts

13  Dedicated SharePoint Consulting division of DataBank  Microsoft Partner – Collaboration and Content Competency  Nationwide Organization with dedicated resources  Specializing in the discovery, deployment, implementation, training and support of Microsoft SharePoint for Business Automation  Expertise in Content / Document / Records Management  Provider of Innovative Solutions and Service  3 rd party COTS integration experts that complement Microsoft SharePoint

14 The SharePoint Experts Business Process Automation Digital SignaturesAdvanced Workflow Migrations Image Viewer Compliance & Governance Records Management Security & Infrastructure Management Document Capture Cloud / Hosted Solutions

15 The SharePoint Experts “ SharePoint is a general purpose platform for connecting people with information.” Steve Ballmer- CEO Microsoft Microsoft SharePoint is a Web application platform Enterprise Collaboration and Content management platform – PLUS More

16 The SharePoint Experts Strong flexible Platform Leverage existing investment in MS Technologies Abundant availability of 3 rd party products Integrate into other LOB applications Security Controlled Quicker ROI Push more controls to knowledge workers Enable Employees to be more productive Streamline management with a unified, scalable infrastructure Maintain control with flexible deployment options Better user adoption

17 The SharePoint Experts Empowerment and Agility Deploy collaboration sites that connect teams, improve access to information and increase productivity Deliver advanced workloads that broaden adoption, drive compliance and reduce the cost of maintaining multiple systems Sophistication and Control Build tailored business solutions that provides insight, improve decisions and increase organizational agility Business Solutions Broad Adoption Initial Deployment

18 The SharePoint Experts Want to see some examples of our work ?

19 The SharePoint Experts Project Profile Client : Philips Remote Cardiac Services Vertical: Healthcare Users : Over 1,000 Physicians Platform : SharePoint 2013 hosted in vendor datacenter Solution Description Migration of paper based prescriptions 20K – 30K manual indexing per month 3 full time employee’s Need secure portal solution for Physicians (external) Digital signature solution Comply w/ HHS standards

20 The SharePoint Experts Project Profile Client : Radio One, Inc. Vertical: Urban Media Specialist –Multimedia –Radio & TV Users : 500+ Internal Users Platform : SharePoint 2007 & 2010 on-premises Solution Description Currently migrating from 2007 to 2010 Stores over 1TB of total data across 5 different geographic regions and 16 offices Integrates with accounting program – Lawson Automates 100’s of forms and processes with InfoPath and Nintex workflow in SharePoint including Payment cancellation, credit override, SOX notifications, etc. Leverages the platform for their subsidiary TV-One and uses it for tracking and planning all TV show production schedules and deliverables.

21 The SharePoint Experts Radio One Project Review and Features SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 migration Extensive form use and creation

22 The SharePoint Experts Radio One Project Review and Features 1,000’s of business automation workflows in use Multi-stage and multi- approve workflows built with full business logic LazyApproval – Workflow approval from email response.

23 The SharePoint Experts Project Profile Client : GLO Texas Vertical: State Government Users : 25 Internal and 0ver 500 Anonymous Access external Platform : SharePoint 2013 hosted in vendor datacenter Solution Description 400 Page Word Document / Wiki Page Leveraging a secure hosted SP2013 solution Internal and external users access Utilizes Control Groups / Security Access Section filtering within the Wiki pages Specific work definition tool tips Hosts streaming video from SharePoint 2013

24 The SharePoint Experts Texas GLO Project Review and Features Integrated Video Related Content

25 The SharePoint Experts Texas GLO Project Review and Features In-depth access reporting and auditing Mobile functionality and accessibility

26 The SharePoint Experts Project Profile Client : Security Industry Association Vertical: American Trade Association – Represents Security Products Manufactures Users : 50 Internal and Internet Facing Site Platform : SharePoint 2013 on-premises Solution Description HTML5/CSS3 Compliant website built on SharePoint 2013 Leverages built-in SharePoint’s web CMS features including; Web Analytics FAST Search integration for website Mobile Capability/Responsive Design Publishing/Approvals Easy to use content authoring – Wiki Style editing

27 The SharePoint Experts SIA Security Industry Association Project Review and Features Internet-facing Website built on SharePoint 2013 HTML5/CSS3 Compliant and ready Responsive Design

28 The SharePoint Experts Project Review and Features Relevant full text search results In-line previews Faceted Searching SIA Security Industry Association

29 The SharePoint Experts For more information on DataPoint Solutions contact us at: 855-866-4039

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