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Computing Degree Programs at Winthrop University Winthrop Day 2015.

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1 Computing Degree Programs at Winthrop University Winthrop Day 2015

2 Are there computing jobs available now and in the future? U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' 10 Year Outlook: "Management, scientific, and technical consulting services also will grow at a staggering 78 percent." "Demand for these services will be spurred by the increased use of new technology and computer software and the growing complexity of business." CNN / Money Magazine Best Jobs 1) Software Architect 8) Database Designer 9) Information Assurance Analyst 14) User Experience Designer 17) IT Program Manager

3 Starting Salaries National Average Salaries RankMajorAvg StartingMid-Career 1Petroleum Engineering$103,000$160,000 8Computer Science$59,800$102,000 12Software Engineering$60,500$99,300 15Economics$50,100$96,700 25Computer Info Systems$50,800$87,400 26Information Systems$51,900$87,200 27Finance$49,200$87,100 46Marketing & Comm$40,200$77,600 52Accounting$45,300$74,900 Winthrop CS, CIS, DIFD Winthrop CS, CIS, DIFD (last several years)  $43,000 - $68,000

4 Outlook for Winthrop Grads Recently hiring Winthrop computing majors: Bank of America Blue Cross Blue Shield KPMG Lowes Red Ventures numerous small companiesnumerous small companies numerous Part-time work, internships, and research opportunities are numerous.

5 Computer Science Degree Careers grad school or professional Computer Science CS I and IIComputer Architecture Data Structures Operating Systems Theoretical Foundations2 Language Courses Software Eng I and IISocial Implications CSCI electives Math and Science Calculus 1 and 2, Discrete Math, Physics or Biology, 2 elective math or sciences

6 Business - Computer Information Systems Careers graduates go to work for banks, government, accounting companies, consulting companies, etc… Business Core 13 courses : Accounting - Finance - Marketing - Management - Statistics - Business Law Computer Science Courses 9 courses : Programming 1 and 2 - Database - Senior Project 1 and 2 - CS electives

7 Digital Information Design B.S. Degree in Digital Information Design Coursework:  Computer Science  E-Commerce / Marketing  Graphic Design (art)  Mass Communication Employers: big retailers marketing companies small design shops

8 Learning at Winthrop involves more than just classes

9 Top 10 Reasons to be a CS, CIS, or DIFD Major at Winthrop 1.Small Classes 2.Professors know your name 3.Opportunities to excel outside the classroom clubs / competitions / service activities / internships / etc. 4.Help in building the necessary non-course skills 5.50% more S.C. scholarship $ (CSCI, but not CIFS or DIFD) 6.Labs and Courses taught by Professors, not GAs 7.Our graduates get good jobs 8.Our graduates get into good PhD programs 9.Individualized Career planning and development 10.Knowledgeable professors with years of experience

10 Questions 803-323-4811 ?

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