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Web Services Presentation. Site Management Console (SMC)

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1 Web Services Presentation

2 Site Management Console (SMC)

3 Google Analytics

4 WordPress Blog Platform

5 Domain Products & Services SMC (Site Management Console) License SSL Certificate – For eCommerce and online payment sites

6 Professional Web Services Graphic Design & Site Usability – Custom designs for home page and inside pages – Accommodate design for both human users and search engine spyders – Ensure design is compatible with mobile and touch devices

7 Professional Web Services


9 SMC Activation, Basic Plug-in Setup and Development – Core SMC Components (Navigation, Secure Access, File Manger) – Page Templates

10 Professional Web Services Custom Programming – Agenda Plugin – Blog – Web Based Document Archive – Community Calendar

11 Professional Web Services Agenda Plugin – Create and archive city meetings, agendas, minutes, and motions – Dynamic agendas will all types of content Links Photos Video – Stored in database = Searchable – PDF generator

12 Professional Web Services

13 Blog and Social Media Integration – Publish to City Blog – Share on City Social Media Sites – Display Social Media Content on City Website

14 Professional Web Services

15 Document Management – Archive of City documents – Stored in a Database – Searchable by Title, Date, Keywords, etc

16 Professional Web Services

17 Community Calendar – Incorporate One or Many Google Calendars – Updated Within Google – Shared Publicly on Your Site

18 Professional Web Services

19 Project Management Content Entry Search Engine Optimization – Basic Training on SMC

20 Hosting & Managed Services Shared Hosting Web Server Administration and Package Updates Web Services Offsite Backup Services

21 Solution Pricing DescriptionQty (hrs)Unit Price Total SMC License and CMS platform Set-up Design, Layout and Usability (not to exceed) SMC Activation, Basic Plug-in Set-up Project Related Items Project Management, Staff Consulting, Testing (8) Content Entry (main photos, graphics, text) (4) Basic Search Engine Optimization & Content Consulting (4) Training (2) Custom Programming City Blog Agenda Plug-In Setup and Training Document Mgmt / Achieve (See wire frame above) 1 24 20 16 1 500.00 120.00 2500.00 500.00 2,880.00 2,400.00 1,920.00 2,500.00 Professional Web Services $10,200.00/one time

22 Solution Pricing Managed Service (hosting, monitoring, and stats) $125.00/monthly DescriptionQuantityUnit PriceTotal Shared Basic SMC server, 10GB space, 20 GB transfer SMC Access, WordPress Blog Site backup, mail or MX records, DNS, Analytics

23 Wrap-up Thank You! Questions / Comments

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