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Medical terminology Dr ROOPA.

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1 Medical terminology Dr ROOPA

2 Basic Word Structure Learning a new language- Medicine
Medical Terminology

3 Objectives 1.Analyze words
2.Relate with structure and function of Human body 3.Be aware of spellings and pronounciation

4 1.Analyze words Divide them into component parts
Do not simply memorize terms Component parts can be used in different combinations

5 2.Relate with structure and function of Human body
Memorization of term, although essential for retention of language, but should not become primary objective of your study Example Hepatitis-inflammation of liver Hepat + itis Hepat -liver Itis - inflammation


7 Mode of transmission

8 3.Be aware of spellings and pronounciation
Some medical terms are pronounced alike but are spelled differently ILIUM and ILEUM GYNECOLOGIST and GYNECOLOGY URETHRA and URETER


10 ILIUM ILEUM The ilium is one of the bones which makes up the hipbone. It is the largest of the three hipbones, and can be felt as the hip.

11 How to divide words into component parts
Root Combining vowel Suffix

12 Hematology Hematology Heme/Hemat O Logy Heme-Hemat – Blood (Root)
Logy- Study of (Suffix) O – (combining vowel)

13 Electr / o / cardi /o/ gram
Electr – electricity Cardi- Heart (Root) Gram – record (Suffix) O – (combining vowel) Record of electricity of heart or Recording of electrical activity of Heart

14 Summary ROOT---gives the essential meaning of the term.
SUFFIX---is the word ending PREFIX---is a small part added to the beginning of a term. COMBINING VOWEL---connects roots to suffix and roots to other roots. COMBINING FORM---is the combination of the root and the combining vowel.

READ the meaning of medical words from the suffix to the beginning of the word and then across. DROP the combining vowel before a suffix that starts with a vowel. KEEP the combining vowel between word roots,even if the second root begins with a vowel.

adenoma Arthr/o joint arthritis Bi/o life biology Carcin/o cancer carcinoma Cephal/o head Cephalic Cerebr/o cerebrum cerebral Cyst/o Urinary bladder Cystoscope Thromb/o clotting thrombocyte


18 What is the meaning of these words
Aden/oma Arthritis Biopsy Cardiology Dermal Cytology Cystoscope Cerebral Cephalic adenitis

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