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E-skills UK Niel McLean Head of Education. Before we start.....

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1 e-skills UK Niel McLean Head of Education

2 Before we start.....

3 Technology is key to the UK’s economic growth, productivity and global competitiveness.

4 The IT & Telecoms industries contribute a gross value added (GVA) of £75 billion per annum to the UK economy. An IT & Telecoms worker is nearly twice as productive as the average UK worker, in terms of GVA per head. If businesses exploited ICT fully, they could create an extra £47 billion GVA over the next 5 to 7 years. 8% x2 £47bn

5 The IT & Telecoms sector will underpin the majority of future job creation in the UK.

6 1.5 million (one in 20) UK IT workers are employed in 144,000 workplaces. Employment of IT professionals is forecast to grow at almost twice the UK average through to 2020. 129,000 new recruits are required each year into the IT & Telecoms professional workforce. 1/20 x2 125000+

7 And in the wider economy: 745, 000 additional workers with digital skills will be needed over the period 2013-2017. 20% (23840) of those jobs will be ideally suited to digitally savy 16-25 year olds 3/4m 20%

8 Skills priorities Immediate issues: security and data protection, big data. Support for legacy systems Developing issues: green IT, the transformation of businesses using IT, but it can take time for the impact to be felt.


10 Areas of expertise Agile IT project management Business Analysis Data Centre Management Green and Sustainable IT Information Security IT Governance IT Service Management Project Management and Support Software Asset Management Software Testing Solution Development and Architecture

11 Typical roles and salaries Trainee:£17,482 Junior Analyst: £22,900 Analyst: £30,866 Senior Analyst: £39,910 Project Manager: £47,178 Department Manager: £66,166 IT Function Head: £79,926 IT Managers: £98,529 IT Director: £131,911

12 Sector attractiveness  A digital careers website for 14-19 year olds  Demonstrates the diverse range of opportunities in the IT industry  Features over 70 employers and news, competitions and learning materials


14 Educating for success  e-skills UK’s degree programme - develops the skills businesses need from graduates  Supported by over 60 top employers  Delivered to 1,200 students in 14 universities  100% of 2011 ITMB graduates in employment or further education within 6 months of graduation

15 To find out more:

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