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Delivering Digital Wales 2011 NOS, Apprenticeships and Qualifications (Dr Chris Morrow)

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1 Delivering Digital Wales 2011 NOS, Apprenticeships and Qualifications (Dr Chris Morrow)

2 NOS, Apprenticeships and Qualifications 1.Overview of NOS and relationship to IT Professional Standards 2.Apprenticeship Developments and Frameworks 3.Development Plans

3 Overview of NOS and relationship to IT Professional Standards e-skills UK responsible for development and maintenance of NOS for: IT & Telecoms Professionals IT Users

4 Architecture, Analysis and Design Business Change TRANSFERABLE SKILLS: Leadership, Business and Personal PROGRESSION DISCIPLINES 3: Associate Professional 4: Professional Principal 5: Senior Professional / Manager 6: Lead Professional / Senior Manager Solution Development and Implementation IT Service Management and Delivery IT Project Management Information Management and SecuritySales and Marketing National Occupational Standards 2: Entry / Technician

5 Structure of Framework TRANSFERABLE SKILLS LEVELS DISCIPLINES Discipline: Solution Development and Implementation Level: Professional Sub-disciplineCompetencies 501 Systems development 5014.01 Perform systems development activities 5014.02 Contribute to the management of systems development 502 Software development 503 Testing 504 Systems integration 5.5 Systems implementation and handover 5014.01Ca Follow organisational standards for the systems development lifecycle 5014.01Cb Correctly select and apply systems development procedures, tools and techniques following organisational standards 5014.01Cc Operate with reference to systems architecture, design and service level requirements and the environment in which an IT/technology system will operate 5014.01Cd Collate, interpret and document relevant information relating to architecture models and existing system elements in order to inform systems development activities 5014.01Ce Collate, interpret and document relevant information from design deliverables, service level requirements and operational environments to inform systems development activities

6 ITPS content The disciplines of the IT profession: Sales & Marketing Business Change Programme and Project Management Solution Architecture Solution Development and Implementation Information Management and Security Service Management and Delivery Transferable Skills Business Personal Leadership Each Discipline has Sub-disciplines (eg Information Management and Security) Information Management IT Security Management IT Disaster Recovery Which are defined at levels from Junior Technician to Principal Each sub-discipline and level (eg Information Management - Professional) Competence Statements (I can): Manage the classification and categorisation of information Carry out information management activities Assist the management of information assets 75 sub-disciplines @ 5 levels = 375 definitions with 3 (average) ~ 1200 competency statements Each Competence Statement is underpinned by detailed performance criteria, knowledge and understanding. This competence will be demonstrated by the following Performance Criteria (6014.01C): a)Ensure that the location and properties of information are collated and recorded, to enable effective management, classification and categorisation b)Classify and categorise information, in line with organisational policies and procedures c)Collate, accurately and concisely, information and data that define the procedures for the management of information assets supporting an organisation Competent performance requires Knowledge (6014.01K) of how to: source information and data that describes what needs to be known about information within an organisation, to enable it to be classified, categorised and managed effectively Competent performance requires Understanding (6014.01U) of: The role and relevance of information lifecycle management (ILM) practices being applied to information from its creation or acquisition to its disposal What information management entails the activities and tasks involved in information management and how these relate to information lifecycle management (ILM) The fact that effective information management is critical to the well being and success of an organisation The fact that the responsibility for ensuring the accuracy, currency and completeness of information within an organisation lies with identified business owners The fact that there are external providers of information management services available and that there are disadvantages and benefits in using them 80 sub-disciplines @ 5 levels x 50 (average C, K & U) > 20,000 details

7 NOS/ITPS NOS underpin vocational qualification development and approval Content of apprenticeship frameworks Wider ITPS underpin National Skills Academy products and services

8 Apprenticeship Developments Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009 Applies to England and Wales Places Apprenticeships on a statutory basis Implementation: –England April 2011 –Wales March 2012

9 ASCL 2009 Specification for Apprenticeship Standards in Wales (SASW) Prescribes the content of an apprenticeship framework –Competence and Knowledge or Combined qualifications –Essential Skills Wales –Employee Rights and responsibilities –On and off the job training hours required No flexibility

10 ASCL 2009 – New Roles Issuing Authorities Currently SSCs Check that frameworks comply with SASW Only issued frameworks are fundable Interim – ‘publish on non-statutory basis’ Certificating Authority Centralised system Apprentice must apply but may authorise a 3 rd party.

11 Current Welsh Frameworks (non-statutory) IT, Software, Web & Telecoms Professionals Competence Knowledge Levels 2, 3 & 4 IT Users Combined – ITQ Diploma Levels 2 & 3

12 Future developments IT User Framework Reposition as IT Application Specialist England now Scotland in negotiation IT & T Professional Review competence qualification for March 2012

13 Any Questions?

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