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2 Majordome Outline What is it ? What it does for you ?
Research and application topics: The SIROCCO project The EUREKA !2340 MAJORDOME project VoIP, VoiceXML, Human-Computer Interaction Perspectives

3 Majordome is a distributed Personal Digital Assistant
It is your digital slave. It is personal. It remembers everything that you told him. It uses resources from you mobile (wireless) device, from your home, from your office, from the Internet, from the environment, … You interact with him using voice, pen, graphics, …

4 Interactions with your Majordome
Majordome recognizes your identity, your voice, your handwriting, ... His speech recognizer is adapted to your voice, His handwriting recognizer is adapted to your writing style, He can speak to you, He can display information for you, He can talk with other persons either locally or over the phone.

5 What Majordome does for you ?
Answers your phone, Receives and interpret your faxes, your s, … Supplements your memory (address book, agenda, bookmarks, alarm clock, health record, bank account, documentation, …) Serves as an interface between you and the (digital) world, Searches the web, internet forums, … Controls your home, your car, your children, your parents, …

6 A framework: A L I S P A utomatic L anguage I ndependent S peech
P rocessing with applications in Speech Coding, Synthesis, Recognition, Speaker Verification and Language Identification

7 Unlimited Vocabulary Speech Recognition
SIROCCO project Unlimited Vocabulary Speech Recognition INRIA (IRISA et LORIA), LIA, IRIT, ENST-LTCI

8 SIROCCO Unlimited vocabulary speech recognition system
French lexicon (MathLex) with 64kwords (AUF task) Feature extraction with Spro (G. Gravier) Context-dependent HMM phone models Word pronunciation graph Uses CMU-Toolkit for Language modeling Beam search for word hypothesis Rescoring of word hypothesis by A*

9 Unified Messaging System
Holistique EDF «MAJORDOME» Unified Messaging System Eureka Projet no 2340 D. Bahu-Leyser, G. Chollet, R. Croce, K. Hallouli , J. Kharroubi, D. Kofman, L. Likforman, E. Matta-Sanchez, D. Petrovska, M. Sigelle, P. Vaillant, F. Yvon

10 Participants speech : G. Chollet, R. Croce, J. Kharroubi, D. Petrovska
fax : K. Hallouli, L. Likforman, Marc Sigelle language : P. Vaillant, F. Yvon platform : D. Kofman, E. Matta-Sanchez, R. Croce ergonomy : D. Bahu-Leyser

11 Majordome’s Functionalities
Speaker verification Dialogue Routing Updating the agenda Automatic summary Voice Fax MAJORDOME (

12 Overview of Majordome Background tasks (server-side only):
sorting and filtering messages from different sources ( , voice, fax, SMS,…); extracting relevant information for reporting to user (names of senders, subject,…). Dialogue with the user: over phone or Web. The system presents the state of the mailbox, the type of messages, their sender, subject, and may sum them up or read them on request; The users access their mailbox, addressbook, time schedule, or URIs (Web addresses).

13 Voice technology in Majordome
Server side background tasks: continuous speech recognition applied to voice messages upon reception Detection of sender’s name and subject User interaction: Identification of the speaker (and Verification if necessary) Speech recognition (receiving users’ commands through voice interaction) Text-to-speech synthesis (reading text summaries, s or faxes)

14 Distance Learning Service
Voice Over IP Platform VTHD Renater Unisphere ERX-700 1Gbps (FO Interne) ENST-Paris RTC/RNIS Intranet GK PBX GW IPVR ( 1Gbps Cisco Catalyst 6507 Salle C-234 Salle PBX Network /11 Video Server Distance Learning Service Network /11 Network /11 Visio conference

15 ‘Majordome’ partners

16 Majordome / NetCentrex project
PABX /Gateway ENST -Call Control Server -Application Server Calling person NetCentrex # Usual # IP-VR NetCentrex Recorder Machine No response Is the called person here ? Usual user called NetCentrex user called Vocal

17 Majordome / NetCentrex project
PABX /Gateway ENST -Call Control Server -Application Server Calling person NetCentrex # Usual # Voice Interactive call No response MAJORDOME IP-VR NetCentrex Speaker verification Dialogue Vocal Routing Updating the agenda Automatic summary Usual user called NetCentrex user called

18 Perspectives Add Vision, Hearing and Understanding to Mobile Terminals (UMTS) Multimedia for Distance Education and Conference Indexing Semantic Web, ‘Universal Networking Language’ ‘Smart Home’, ‘Smart Car’, ‘Smart Office’

19 Perspectives The application context of the Majordome project could be of interest to COST-278. The Majordome/NetCentrex platform could be made available to interested partners. HTK, ISIP and SIROCCO softwares are available as freeware. One of them will be used on the NetCentrex platform.

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