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Vocabulary Words and Important Concepts Qur’an and Sunnah.

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1 Vocabulary Words and Important Concepts Qur’an and Sunnah

2 Monotheism The belief in only one God Muslims, Christians, and Jews all practice monotheism. All 3 religions worship the same basic deity and share many important prophets. There are differences in the methods of practice and beliefs of how God revealed Himself to the followers.

3 Qur’an Most holy book in Islamic faith Contains messages that Muhammad received from God. Muhammad spoke them to his followers, who wrote them down years later Muslims believe the word of Allah covers every aspect of a human beings life (cleanliness, worship, ethics, forbidden acts, moral behaviors, rights of Allah vs. human beings, etc.) Influences the behavior for how to act in every day life (see the 5 Pillars of Faith)

4 Muhammad’s Teachings from the Qur’an There is only one God – Allah All should submit to Him and be thankful to Him All believers in Allah are equal The rich should share their wealth with the poor All should strive to live righteously (what is right and just) and piously (respectfully observant of religion) All will be subject to Judgment Day

5 Sunnah The way of life prescribed as normative in Islam, based on the teachings and practices of the prophet Muhammad and the Qur’an Muhammad's way of life viewed as an example for how Muslims should live Followers believe they know Muhammad’s character traits through the actions that are explained in the Sunnah Contains duties and expected ways of life for all Muslims

6 Shariah Islamic Law Based on interpretations of Qur’an and Sunnah

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