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1 Society

2 Early gods Most Arab tribes were polytheistic before 600 A.D.
Polytheistic: believe in many gods They used idols (small statues) to represent them. Each tribe had their own gods. Islam: Empire of Faith

3 Mecca and the (Ka’bah) Kaaba
Mecca was a small trading town built around the Kaaba Tribes kept idols to their gods in the Kaaba

4 Muhammad He was a merchant.
He claims he received a message from the angel Gabriel explaining that there is only one god. Islam: Empire of Faith

5 Muhammad’s Reaction Muhammad doubts the angel’s command because he doesn’t know how to read! »Gabriel tells him that if God can create the world he can help Muhammad read. 6

6 Qu’ran- believed by Muslim’s to be the written record of God’s words revealed to Muhammad.

7 The Qur’an (Koran) “The Word of Allah”
Islam: Empire of Faith The Sunna “The Words and deeds of Muhammad” (includes the Five Pillars)

8 Five Pillars of Islam Set of 5 rules all Muslims must live by.
Given by Muhammad in the Sunna.

9 The Five Pillars Prayer: Pray 5 times a day
Fasting: Don’t eat or drink during Ramadan Charity: Give 2.5% of your income to charity Declaration: Daily statement about beliefs Pilgrimage (the Hajj): Travel to Mecca


11 Christianity Church Bible God Savior? Jesus Monotheistic Food prep? No Prayer? Yes Moses, Abraham, Gabriel, Jesus Islam Mosque Qu’ran Allah Savior? Muhammad Monotheistic Food prep? Yes Prayer? Yes…5x a day Moses, Abraham, Gabriel, Jesus, Muhammad Judaism Temple Torah Jehovah Savior? Yes…not yet! Monotheistic Food prep: Yes Prayer? Yes Moses, Abraham, Gabriel

12 Shahada Salah Zakat Saum Hajj
Religion The Qu’ran Muhammad Shahada Salah Zakat Saum Hajj

13 Language

14 Language Arabic has its own alphabet and is read from right to left.
It spread around the world as Arab merchants traded. Spreading the language helped spread Islam.

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