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The CDPP Centre de Données de la Physique des Plasmas Plasma Physics Data Centre.

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1 The CDPP Centre de Données de la Physique des Plasmas Plasma Physics Data Centre

2 French national centre (CNRS-CNES) > 10 years Hosted at CESR, Toulouse, France Missions: -Archiving the data for long-term preservation -Valorisation of the data ·Making data easy to use ·Providing tools and services -Participation to Virtual Observatories -HELIO - EuroPLANET

3 The CDPP Team CESR Toulouse CNES Toulouse LESIA Meudon LPCE Orléans CESR Toulouse CETP Paris LPG Grenoble AKKA GFI NOVELTIS Associated scientists/engineers Industrial support CDPP Co-libri

4 The CDPP team Executive Director, Project Scientist: Christian Jacquey (CESR) Project Manager: Dominique Heulet (CNES) Science team (~3 EFT): %Vincent Génot, (CESR), Lead Scientist for Added Value Service development %Baptiste Cecconi, (LESIA), Lead Scientist for Wave/Radio data and services %Carine Briand, (LESIA), Lead Scientist for Wave Form data and services %Nicolas André, (CESR), Lead Scientist for CDPP activities in planetogy %Christian Jacquey, Particle data, Added Value Service development and VO activities Associated scientists: %Benoit Lavraud, (CESR), Heliophysics, Solar-Terrestrial relationship %Christian Mazelle, (CESR), GIOTTO, Cometary data %Gérard Belmont, Patrick Robert, (CETP), Analysis tools %Philippe Louarn, (CESR), magnetotail, shocks %Aurélie Marchaudon, (LPCE), Ground-Space observations %Frédéric Pitout, (LPG), EISCAT Technical team (~7 EFT): %Dominique Heulet, (CNES), Lead engineer for Archive System %Françoise Dériot, (CNES), Lead Engineer for Archiving %Michel Gangloff, (CESR) Lead Engineer for Interoperability, Standards and VO activities %Myriam Bouchemit, (CESR), Lead Engineer for servers and Added Value Service development Industrial support: %Eléna Budnik, (NOVELTIS), Added Value Service development, Data ingestion %Thomas Moreau, (GFI), THEMIS data %GFI, 3D-view multi-mission service %AKKA, data archiving, CDPP data format Associated Engineers: %Etienne Pallier, (CESR), MAPSKP, EuroPLANET %Andrei Fedorov, (CESR), AMDA system, ASPERA data %Emmanuel Penou, (CESR), THEMIS data, CL-AMDA connections

5 I. Data

6 Type de données The time (measurement datation) is the first parameter for search and identification of the data: Time span or event Search cone Data: 1.Images (referenced in time), movies 2.Time series, 1D, 2D, 3D, Nx3D 3.Combined parameters 4.Simulation data Standard: SPASE : Structured Datamodel

7 Archives and databases at CDPP Deep Archive CNES CDPP portal SIPAD server CSD CESR SiTOOLS server Mirror THEMIS Database CESR THEMIS server Local AMDA Database AMDA service Access to distant databases CDAWeb USA CASSINI MAPSKP CESR CASSINI SKR LESIA VEX-MAG IWF CSD: CDPP Standardised Database

8 II. Services

9 Messenger VEX MEX Ulysses STEREO A and B Around the Earth: ACE, WIND THEMIS, CLUSTER, GEOTAIL, … shock Compressed solar wind Energetic particles ejecta August 15, 2007 Ex.: Prangé et al., Nature, 2004


11 AMDA Automated Multi-Dataset Analysis

12 AMDA Automated Mutiple Dataset Analysis Web based service Transparent (automated) access to data the user plays with parameters, not with files AMDA local database (CLUSTER, ACE, THEMIS, GEOTAIL, WIND, …, STEREO, VEX, MEX, …, IMP-8, ISEE, … geomagnetic indices) External databases (CDAWeb, CASSINI: MAPSKP+SKR, VEX-MAG, THEMIS/CESR, …) Produces and exploits time-tables and catalogues Visualisation editor Parameter editor Download data Conditional search External data Visual search Time-Table manager AMDA DOES NOT WORK FULLY WITH InternetExplorer and Safari AMDA is public (registred or guess users, at !

13 VO: AMDA SPASE compliant Local Database AMDA System CDAWeb SKR MAPSKP Any databases including a SPASE based interoperability layer can be used by AMDA VEX-MAG THEMIS

14 III. Participation in Virtual Observatory and interoperability projects

15 %The CDPP is a founder member of and an active participant to the SPASE consortium %The CDPP follows the IVOA development %A mini-VO: TTE, Time-Table Exchange %HELIO %EuroPLANET

16 SPASE (Space Physics Archive Search and Extract ) Spase[Rq]ase[Rq] Version[Rq] rsion[Rq] Catalog[* of A] talog[* of A] Display Data[* of A] splay Data[* of A] Numerical Data[* of A] merical Data[* of A] Granule[* of A] anule[* of A] Instrument[* of A] strument[* of A] Observatory[* of A] servatory[* of A] Person[* of A] rson[* of A] Registry[* of A] gistry[* of A] Repository[* of A] pository[* of A] Service[* of A] rvice[* of A] Extension[* of A] tension[* of A] A datamodel (a way –standardised and structured- for describing data) A dictionary for solar and space physics data Tools (generator, editor, validator of descriptors, harvestor, parser, …)

17 AMDA -Automated search -Visual search Time-Tables CAA Validated high resolution CLUSTER data CL QSAS Standardised sub-databases Other? CDAWeb DARTS CDPP/CESR THEMIS database SSL THEMIS database Other? Time-Tables A mini-VO based on Time-Table Exchange Time-Tables Data, parameters User tools Collaboration CDPP-CAA-CESR-UKCSC

18 HELIO The Heliophysics Integrated Observatory

19 HELIO: The HELiophysics Integrated Observatory FP7-Infrastructure (e- Infrastructure) I3 proposal : Scientific Data Infrastructure 3 year project Selected negociations

20 Objectives Providing an integrated system for relying the sun-Earth-planet system from the exploitation of solar, heliospheric, magnetospheric and ionospheric data. Providing a coordinated access to these data through data mining and analysis tools.

21 HELIO The CDPP is mainly involved in: Research (R1, R2, R3, R4) a)Automated search tools b)Tools for generating, managing et exploiting the catalogues c)Semantics, ontologies d)Interfaces Service (S2, S4, S5) Metadata services, workflows, Access interfaces

22 IDIS: Integrated Distributed Information System Goal: building a VO of planetology

23 Challenges of IDIS/plasma node: components of the problem Study types: Case studies Statistical/systematical studies Simulation Theory Fields Plasma Comparative studies Heliophysics studies Global (inter-nodes) planetary studies Type of ressources (data, services, tools, …): %Plasmas, E-B fields %Neutral (atmosphere, exosphere, other..) %Dust, Rings %Small bodies %Planetary surface, volcanism, … %Solar observations %… %Models, simulation codes %Data analysis tools %Data treatment tools % … Two levels: -Intra-node: only dealing with plasma ressources, BUT, interacting with other plasma Vos (HELIO, US-VOs) -Inter-nodes: exchanging ressources with nodes of different thematics Þthe Big Challenge… Þand a strong justification of a planetary VO

24 EuroPLANET/FP6 Co-leader (avec IWF, Graz) of Plasma Node of Europlanet/IDIS Use Cases Analysis, definition/specifications of the future VO of planetology (User Requirements) Searchable registry demonstrator based on SPASE AMDA/IDIS: Scientific exploitation demonstrator using VO concepts and technics 3DView Multi-Mission: a tool for spacecraft location and attitude in the solar system and around the planets to be interoperable

25 EuroPLANET/FP7 JRA-4: Tools for Transforming IDIS into a Planetary Virtual Observatory The CDPP is leader of task-2 Interoperable Data Access [commitment] : L1-datamodel, i.e., up to the dataset (Measurement type) level [commitment] : Prototypes of interfaces to external VOs (HELIO, IVOA) [Prospective] : L2-datamodel, i.e., up to the granule-parameter level in the goal to make the system usable by generic tools The CDPP participates to the task-3 Added Value Services for Users SA-IDIS: The CDPP is co-leader (with IWF) of the Plasma Node of IDIS A colateral goal: diffusion of the VO culture inside IDIS and the planetology community Task-2 Interoperable Data Access Task-3 Added Value Services Task-4 New DataBases


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