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Fiske Planetarium is part of the Univ. of Colorado.

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2 Fiske Planetarium is part of the Univ. of Colorado

3 CU strengths include astrophysics, atmospheric, solar, and planetary science, and aerospace. CU students run satellites, become astronauts (17!), and our best future science teachers work at Fiske…

4 We do research on how people learn – or don’t learn -- science. What school’s Nobel Prize winner spent part of his prize money on better science teaching, and raised $5 million more for the same cause? CU’s Carl Wieman

5 Fiske serves 4,000 college students and 25,000 K-12 and public visitors yearly. We produce shows for many NASA missions.

6 Our typical (best) programs are… Student centered, not instructor centered. Bilingual. Feature clear goals + assessment Producido en conjunción con LASP y NOAA, Space Storm (Tormenta Espacial) nos presenta las interacciones que existen entre el Sol y nuestro planeta de una manera intrigante y científicamente correcta con un lenguaje apropiado para la escuela secundaria.

7 We hope to add to the SOS effort: Bilingual facilitation and docent materials ( our Sphere will have bilingual docents) Some new data sets (vibrations of the sun, world database of wildfires…) Assessment (?) Hewlett Packard

8 Within 3 miles of Fiske: National Center for Atmospheric Research, NOAA, Ball Aerospace, Southwest Research Institute (Pluto mission), High Altitude Observatory (solar), Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP), The Nature Conservancy….

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