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What road users want The road sector and the social media Christophe Nicodème European Union Road Federation.

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1 What road users want The road sector and the social media Christophe Nicodème European Union Road Federation

2 The Global context: Transport in Europe  Major support to our socio-economic model  Driver for employment and economic growth  Mobility, trade and exchange  Roads play an essential part  European Road Network: some 5,5 million km  A major community asset  Estimated reconstruction value: 8.000 Billion €* * ERF estimation

3 Roads are the backbone of the economy (1)  Contribution to the EU Economy: Direct employment: 5 Million people +/- 5 % of the EU GDP With related employment: 14 Million people  +/- 11 % of the EU GDP  Investing in roads generates economic growth (1 € 3 €)* * UKI BH 4th Road Congress September 2014

4 Roads are the backbone of the economy (2) 83,2 % of inland passenger transport

5 Roads are the backbone of the economy (3) 72,7 % of inland freight transport

6 Evolution forecast

7 Current trends in financing Declining maintenance expenditures

8 Consequences  Degradation of the road infrastructure  Loss of value of the asset  Increased management costs  Increased costs for the users

9 Current challenges for the industry and the society  We cannot afford to lose the road asset  How can we change the current situation?  How can the road sector communicate with the road users?  How can we together influence the decision makers?

10 Road users perspective  Preliminary study (F, D, UK) – 2009/2010 on social media  Do people talk about roads?  Who talks about roads and where?  What do people say?  Feelings? Is there an opportunity for the road industry?

11 Results Yes, people talk about roads ! UKFrance

12 First conclusions People use social media as a platform to: Talk about roads Form opinions Organise debates Attempt to influence decision makers But there is no existing forum to organise conversations about roads and react to them!

13 Social media  Awareness of social network is very high Facebook 95 % Twitter80 % Google+70 %  More than 7 out of 10 internet users are members of at least 1 network  1.5 billion people use social network sites around the world Social networks are part of daily lives

14 The Opportunity: Social Media about Roads  Let’s talk about roads together  To promote: the BENEFITS OF ROADS the need to secure BETTER ROADS FOR ALL in the future!

15 Initiative started in 2008 now coordinated by the ERF Different partners: ERF National and Road Users Associations Industry External consultant

16 Mission of the ERI The mission of the European Road Initiative (ERI) is to become the Voice of the European Road through social awareness campaigns and content promoting the role of roads accross Europe

17 The Road Network BRAND IMAGE ?

18 Brand Image – positive sentiments Keep Europe Moving!

19 The Brand Identity


21 Who do we want to talk to?

22 e-motion Website

23 Strategy  Draw attention of road users and communities  Encourage interaction (comments, opinions, share)  Build a positive advocacy within the road community  Generate actions for a targeted demand for positive changes on the European roads at different levels: European National Local

24 Partnership  Concept similar to a ‘franchise’ but without any financial commitment, unless otherwise decided  Focused on the dissemination of the brand ‘’  Solution to the challenge of a central platform with local antennas without creating a new organisation  Use of existing platforms and national campaigns (European virtual network) through NRA’s  Bi-level support framework: central and national

25 Join the Roademotion community ! Become a supporter!

26 Let’s talk more about ROADS

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