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6 th of December What are we celebrating in Spain?

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1 6 th of December What are we celebrating in Spain?

2 All this began in Many spaniards went to vote...

3 and there they decided..... To approve the text of the most important law in Spain. The Constitution

4 Since then … Each 6 th of December we celebrate our Constitution 's Birthday and we remember the importance of all the articles.

5 What is a Constitution? It is a group of laws and norms to organise the life in our democratic country.

6 What is a State? It´s the way that a group of people are organised in their country. This state can be made by the union of several lands like in Spain, which is made up of seventeen Autonomous Communities.

7 Artículo 137 The state is organized territorially into municipalities, regions, provinces, and autonomous communities. Ejemplos: Municipio: Peal de Becerro Comarca: Cazorla Provincia: Jaén Comunidad. Autónoma: Andalucía

8 Artículo 1.3: The spanish state is correctly called a parliamentary monarchy. Artículo 56: The King is the head of the state and his title is the King of Spain.

9 Artículo 57 1. The Spanish crown is inherited by the successors of Don Juan Carlos I of Borbón. 2. The prince will have the dignity of the Prince of Asturias.

10 Artículo 98 The government is composed of the president, the vice-presidents, and the ministers. The actual president, elected in March of 2008, is José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

11 Artículo 66 The General Courts represent the Spanish town and are formed by the Congress of the and the Senate.

12 Artículo 3 1.Castellano is the official language of the state. 2.The rest of the languages will be official in their respective autonomous communities. Gallego – Galicia Catalán – Cataluña Euskera – País Vasco Valenciano – Comunidad Valenciana (1982) Aranés – Val d’Arán (1990)

13 Artículo 4 1. The Spanish flag is formed by 3 horizontal lines, red, yellow and red, the yellow line being twice as wide as the red lines. 2. The flags of the autonomous communities will be used next to the Spanish flag.

14 The shield The shield of Spain is governed by the law 33/81 from the 5 th of october.

15 The Hymn The national hymn was established by the Real Decreto 1560/1997 on the 10 th of October.

16 Artículo 5 The capital of the State is city of Madrid.

17 Rights and fundamental tasks that the Constitution establishes : The rights and tasks are united and cannot be separated.

18 Right to Nationality Artículo 11: Whoever is born in Spain will be a Spaniard for his/her entire life.

19 Adulthood Artículo 12: Spaniards are adults when they turn 18 years old.

20 Right to Equality Artículo 14: All Spaniards are equal under the law.

21 Right to Life Artículo 15 : Every Spaniard has the right to life and to physical and moral integrity.

22 Right to Education Artículo 27.1: All have the right to be educated. 27.4: Basic teaching is obligatory and free of charge.

23 Right and Obligation to Work Artículo 35: All Spaniards have the right to a job and they must work.

24 Obligation to protect the family Artículo 39.3: Parents should assist their children in every aspect of life.

25 Right to Health Care Artículo 43: The right to health care will be recognized.

26 Right to the Culture Artículo 44: The public powers will promote cultural access to everyone.

27 Right to take care of the environment Artículo 45: Everyone has the right to develop as a person in an enjoyable atmosphere of life.

28 Right to a Home Artículo 47: All Spaniards have the right to enjoy a dignified and adequate place to live.

29 We are fortunate to live in a country that has laws to protect us, aren't we!?

30 Let's celebrate our Constitution in a big and happy way!

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