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Ephesians 1:3-12.

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1 Ephesians 1:3-12

2 He Chose Us…

3 …Before the Foundation of the World
Before any sin was committed, before man took a breath! He took people whose hearts were rebellious…and “chose us”! Cp. Rom. 9 With thanksgiving, we who have been God’s chosen are to live holy & blameless. God chose Israel – before Israel existed. They – individually, as free moral agents – could reject God… and many of them did. Romans 9

4 He Predestined Us…

5 …Adopted as Sons Through Jesus Christ we – who were guilty of God’s wrath – are now children of God. This act of love was according to God’s pleasure. For this reason I give thanks to God!

6 We Have Redemption…

7 …The forgiveness of our Sins
It is through the blood of Jesus our sinful lives have been given the opportunity for redemption. This was done according to God’s grace…lavished on those in Christ. Wow! We shall sing the songs of redemption!

8 He Made Known to us the Mystery of His will…

9 …According to His Kind Intention
God wanted us to know Him, His Son, His desire to save us from the wrath due us. For this we shout praises of thanksgiving for ‘Good News” revealed to us.

10 We have Obtained an Inheritance…

11 …Having Been Predestined
We shall be to the praise of God’s glory… in His eternal presence. In other words: from eternity God called us to live holy/blameless lives…so we can inherit eternal life!

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