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Integrating ILM qualifications into HE programmes

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1 Integrating ILM qualifications into HE programmes
Chris Williams Business Development Manager, ILM

2 The leadership and management talent pipeline (ILM: 2012)
Challenge One The need for better leaders and managers 93% of employers say poor management skills are holding back their organisations Most new managers have no training prior to taking up their role There are limited opportunities for training once they were in post The leadership and management talent pipeline (ILM: 2012) Low levels of management skills and performance are a limiting factor in the UK's economic performance and international competitiveness Leadership & Management in the UK: The key to sustainable growth (BIS: 2012)

3 Challenge Two Employer expectations of graduates and school-leavers
Appropriate levels of numeracy, literacy & IT skills Work effectively with others (team-working) Organise and take responsibility for their own work (self-management) Business awareness and problem-solving skills Demonstrate leadership capability. These 'employability' skills are particularly expected from graduates, irrespective of their programme of study.

4 ‘Knowing how’ as well as ‘knowing that’
ILM’s approach to developing leadership and management capability Leadership & management is based on having a good grasp of the principles, theories and practices that underpin effective performance (knowing that) Effective leadership & management performance means being able to transfer that knowledge and understanding into the workplace (knowing how) An ILM programme requires that learners have an opportunity to apply what they have learnt and demonstrate that they can use it effectively in the workplace

5 ILM and HEI working together
Embedding ILM qualifications in degree and post-graduate programmes – enabling students to gain an ILM qualification alongside their HE qualifiction Agreeing progression or exemption opportunities – accepting holders of ILM qualifications onto degree programmes, somethines with exemtpion from components Employability programme – using ILM’s Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management to demonstrate key employability skills Three pathways Two common units - Teamworking and Communication Choice of one optional unit – Leadership, Project management or Problem solving and decision-making

6 Thank you /talentpipeline /evidencereport /employability

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