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MACHINE TOOL Prof. kiran gore.

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1 MACHINE TOOL Prof. kiran gore

2 Contents Lathe machine Drilling machine Grinding machine

3 Lathe machine The main function of lathe machine is to remove unwanted material from the work peace in the form of chips to give desired shape & size.


The lathe machine consist of following principle parts:- Bed Head stock Tail stock Carriage Lead screw Feed mechanism

6 1. Lathe Bed

7 1. Lathe Bed

8 Lathe Bed Heavy, rugged casting Made to support working parts of lathe
On top section are machined ways Guide and align major parts of lathe

9 2. Head stock

10 2. Head stock Chuck

11 Chucks A chuck is one of the most important
device for holding & rotating a work piece in a lathe. The various types of chuck as follows Three jaw chuck Four jaw chuck Drill or collect chuck Magnetic chuck

12 1) Three jaw chuck

13 2) Four jaw chuck

14 3) Drill or collect chuck

15 4) Magnetic chuck

16 2. Head stock Clamped on left-hand end of bed Headstock spindle
Hollow cylindrical shaft supported by bearings _Provides drive through gears to work-holding devices Live center, faceplate, or chuck fitted to spindle nose to hold and drive work Driven by stepped pulley or transmission gears Feed reverse lever Reverses rotation of feed rod and lead screw

17 3. Tail stock

18 3. Tail stock


20 Tail stock Located at right hand end of the lathe bed.
It can be moved along the guide ways on the lathe bed & can be clamped in any position on the lathe bed. Function To hold the dead centre which can support the long work pieces during machining & To hold the tools like drill, reamer & boring for carrying out operations like drilling, reaming & boring.

21 4. Carriage

22 4. Carriage Located between the headstock & tailstock of the lathe bed. It slides along the guide ways on the lathe bed. Function To hold the cutting tool, To give longitudinal &/ or cross feed to the cutting tool.

23 Parts of carriage The carriage has five parts Saddle Cross slide
Compound rest Tool post Apron


25 5. Lead screw

26 5. Lead screw It is along threaded shaft driven by the feed drive. Function It is used for giving mechanized motion to the carriage for cutting threads on the work piece. The rotary motion of the lead screw is converted into linear motion of the split nut & the carriage.

27 6. Feed drive

28 6. Feed drive Feed drive is the unit used for transmitting the power & motion from the main drive to the lead screw with required reduction ratio.

29 Lathe Size

30 Lathe Size

Swing Work piece Length Overall length of bed

32 Operations on Lathe Parting Turning Knurling Tapper turning Drilling
Boring Reaming Threading Turning Tapper turning Facing Chamfering Grooving

33 Turning The tool used for this operation is called as turning tool.
Turning is the process of removing material from the cylindrical surface of the work peace to reduced its diameter. The tool used for this operation is called as turning tool.

34 Turning Straight Turning Step turning

35 Straight turning are used to reduced the diameter of the work piece.
The tool motion is longitudinal

36 2) Step turning When the work peace of different diameter turned the surface from one diameter of work peace is called as step turning. The tool used for this operation is called as turning tool.

37 Facing The facing operation used for reducing
the length of the of a work piece. Tool – facing tool Feed – cross feed

38 Chamfering Chamfering is the process of removing the sharp edges of the work peace. chamfering is provided to For avoiding the injuries to the persons handling to the finished product. For aesthetic look to the finished product.

39 Grooving Tool – grooving tool Feed – cross feed
Grooving is the process of producing / providing a narrow groove on the cylindrical surface of the Work peace . Tool – grooving tool Feed – cross feed

40 Parting Parting is the process of cutting the work
peace in to two parts. Tool – parting tool Feed – cross feed

41 Knurling Knurling is the process of embossing a diamond shaped regular pattern on the surface of work piece Knurling operation performed for producing proper grip as compared to smooth surface Tool – knurling tool Feed – longitudinal feed

42 Drilling Drilling is the process of producing a cylindrical hole in the work peace. Tool – drilling tool

43 Boring Boring is done to enlarge the already drilled hole & boring them to exact size. Tool – boring tool

44 Reaming Reaming is a finishing operation because a very small amount of material is removed during operation. Tool -reaming tool



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