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Covington High School Battle of the Belt Campaign.

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1 Covington High School Battle of the Belt Campaign

2 Activity 1: Heritage Day What: Community seat belt check Partnership: Covington Fire Department


4 Activity 2: Covington Barbeque Fest What: Super Safety Squad awareness booth Partnership: Tennessee Highway Patrol, Tipton County Sheriff’s Department


6 What: Super Safety Squad seat belt check at Covington High School Partnership: The Covington Police Department Activity 3: Monthly Seat Belt Checks


8 Activity 4: Side Walk Chalk and Posters What: Super Safety Squad promoting no texting and driving before our “Grim Reaper Day” Partnership: Covington High School Principal and Art Department


10 Activity 6: Grim Reaper What: A program designed to show students the effects of texting and driving and drinking and driving. Partnership: The Tipton County Sherriff’s Department, Maley Yarbrough Funeral Home


12 Activity 6: Home Football Game What: Simulation for driving under the influence. Partnership: State Farm Insurance Company, Tipton County Sheriff’s Department, Tennessee Highway Patrol


14 Activity 8: Public Service Announcement What: Super Safety Squad made an announcement to stay safe on the roads and be smart while driving Partnership: Q93.5 (US 51 Country) radio station PSA 1: This is your CHS Super Safety Squad reminding you to drive safe during this holiday season. Remember, texting and accessing the internet while driving is illegal in Tennessee. Stay alert and alive. PSA 2: Are you buckled up? You better be. Officers can stop and ticket unbelted drivers or passengers. Keep yourself, friends and family safe — speak up and insist everyone is belted. In a crash, an unbelted person can slam into and injure others in the vehicle. Remember to wear your belt low and snug across the hips, and never tuck the belt under your arm or behind your back. Always buckle up Front & Back Seat too! A life-saving message from the Covington High School’s Super Safety Squad! PSA 3: When you’re behind the wheel, focus on the road. Talking on the phone, texting, eating, reading, changing music, and reaching for items are all serious distractions. It takes just one second to change a routine drive into a rush to the ER. Remember, texting and driving is illegal in Tennessee. Stay alert and stay alive. This life-saving message is brought to you by Covington High School’s Super Safety Squad.

15 Activity 9: CTV scrolling announcements What: Super Safety Squad provided scrolling announcements that scroll throughout the day on our on CTV channel. Partnership: CTV

16 Activity 10: The Covington High Basketball Game What: Super Safety Squad created the seat belt challenge where students raced to see who could put their seatbelt on correctly and the fastest. Partnership: The Tipton County Sherriff’s Patrol, ATT, Jim’s Towing

17 Activity 11: Public Service Announcement Video What: The Super Safety Squad created a video Public Service Announcement on seat belt safety. Partnership: Tipton County Sherriff’s Patrol and CTV

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