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Jeopardy Test Review Game

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1 Jeopardy Test Review Game
Classification Jeopardy Test Review Game

2 Kingdom Characteristics
Scientific Names Kingdom Characteristics Classifying King Phillip True or False 100 200 300 400 500

3 What is the genus of the organism Felis concolor?

4 Felis

5 The “father of taxonomy”is

6 Linnaeus

7 Linnaeus’s naming system was called ____________

8 Binomial Nomenclature

9 Most scientific names are in this language

10 Latin

11 A group of similar organisms that can mate with each other and produce offspring that can also mate are called…

12 A Species

13 The kingdom eukarya contain organisms that have a _______

14 nucleus

15 Name the three domains

16 Archaea, Bacteria, & Eukarya

17 Which domains include organisms that are prokaryotes?

18 Archaea & Bacteria

19 The Domain Eukarya contains what 4 kingdoms?

20 Protists, Fungi, Plants, & Animals

21 Mushrooms, molds, mildew, and yeast are all members of what kingdom?

22 Fungi

23 What is the genus species name for humans?

24 Homo sapiens

25 What domain and kingdom are humans a member of?

26 Eukarya, Animalia

27 Animals are heterotrophs which means they

28 Consume food (do not make their own)

29 Which domain comes from a Greek word for ancient?

30 Archaea

31 Plants can make their own food and are called

32 autotrophs

33 What is more specific the family or the order?

34 family

35 Who has more in common two organisms that share the same phyla or two that share the same class?

36 The same class

37 Organisms are placed into domains and kingdoms based on their diet, the # of cells in their body and ___________

38 Cell type

39 Name the eight levels of classification from the broadest to the most specific

40 Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species

41 What student of Plato was the first to group organisms according to where they live (animals) and their size (plants)

42 Aristotle

43 The more classification levels two organisms share, the more characteristics they have in common

44 true

45 Linnaeus placed organisms into groups based on the features he could observe

46 true

47 A prokaryote contains a nucleus

48 false

49 Animals are unicellular.

50 false

51 Protists are bacteria

52 false

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