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“Start Ready, Leave Ready.” OACTS Meeting June 2012 “Start Ready, Leave Ready.” OACTS Meeting June 2012.

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1 “Start Ready, Leave Ready.” OACTS Meeting June 2012 “Start Ready, Leave Ready.” OACTS Meeting June 2012

2 How is ODE helping Ohio districts make the transition? 6 Transition and Implementation Plan: –Communication and Outreach –Professional Development/Training –K-12 and Higher Education Alignment –Resources and Technology Integration –Monitoring and Sustainability Efforts

3 Professional Development/Training Regional Targeted PD/Training Formative Instruction PD/Training RttT Pilot Site (PD- OPAP, FAMS, AP) District Level Professional Development ODE/ODEDedicatedPage.aspx?page=973

4 Professional Development/Training Regional Targeted PD/Training Formative Instruction PD/Training Provide in depth professional development across the regions Facilitated by Regional Content Facilitators (RCFs) Focus on assisting teachers with depth of content and curriculum revision Support for teachers of diverse learners. Web-based modules Foundations of Formative Instruction/Content and Grade Specific modules Aligns to Ohio’s New Learning standards Facilitated by FIP Facilitators Support for teachers of diverse learners

5 Professional Development/Training Upcoming for 2012-13 PARCC Educator Leader Cadres Regional targeted and differentiated PD for teachers of SWD, ELL and Gifted Formative Instruction Content- Specific Modules ( Online PD modules on Students with Disabilities (e.g. extended standards) PD/Training topics include: Utilizing technology in math, ELA, science, and social studies instruction Incorporating literacy across curriculum Interdisciplinary instruction through the Eye of Integration Providing visions into effective instructional practice.

6 PARCC – What Is It? What Is the Impact for CTE? June 21, 2012

7 Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC)

8 Governing States collaboratively: –Approve test specifications –Develop long-term sustainability plans –Approve solicitations and select vendors for PARCC procurements –Determine high priority model instructional tools –Build and expand educator leader cadres of K-12 educators and postsecondary faculty –Ensure the assessment results provide the data needed to support state accountability mechanisms PARCC is State Led


10 0 Coherent System Aligned to College and Career Readiness PARCC Assessment System Implementation & Transition Support Aligned Instructional Resources Diagnostic & Informative Assessments Summative Assessments

11 End-of-Year /End-of-Course Assessment Performance- Based Assessment Summative assessment for accountability Formative assessment Diagnostic Assessment Flexible Mid-Year Assessment English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics, Grades 3-11 Summative Components Source: Center for K-12 at ETS PARCC Assessment Design Speaking & Listening Assessment

12 Pathway to College and Career Readiness for All Students K-2 3-8 High School K-2 formative assessment being developed, aligned to the PARCC system Timely student achievement data showing students, parents and educators whether ALL students are on-track to college and career readiness ONGOING STUDENT SUPPORTS/INTERVENTIONS College readiness score to identify who is ready for college-level coursework SUCCESS IN FIRST- YEAR, CREDIT- BEARING, POSTSECONDARY COURSEWORK Targeted interventions & supports: 12 th -grade bridge courses PD for educators

13 PARCC Tools & Resources Model Instruction al Units Educator Leader Cadres College Ready Tools Item and Task Prototypes Model Instructional Units and Content Frameworks

14 PARCC Tech Support PARCC is developing guidelines for states and districts to: Plan instructional technology hardware purchases Meet bandwidth and network specifications hnology hnology

15 ODE Tech Support Technology Readiness Tool (TRT) –Technology Inventory developed by Pearson –April Pilot complete –Information webcast recording available: Detail.aspx?page=3&TopicRelationID=1907&ContentID=1203 01&Content=126695 Detail.aspx?page=3&TopicRelationID=1907&ContentID=1203 01&Content=126695 –Month of June data collection window –Questions to Ohio Online Assessment Pilot (OAP) –Grade 8 Social Studies questions –Online, interactive format –Handful of technology-enhanced items –May 15 – 25, 2012 Pilot testing window –

16 Educator Leader Cadre(ELC)  24 Educator Leaders  Four Key Roles Strategic Thought Partners Content Partners Engagement Facilitators Distributors, Messengers, Ambassadors  Vendor- National Mathematics and Science Initiative(NMSI)  State level and PARCC- led ELC Meetings =2012-2014

17 PARCC college-ready assessments will help students to: Enter colleges better prepared Persist in and complete degree and certificate programs Higher Education: Key PARCC Partner

18 CTE students will take the PARCC assessments in core academic content, beginning in 2014-15 Current CTE end-of-course exams and performance based tasks prepare CTE students for and compliment Next Generation PARCC assessments in core academic content areas PARCC and Career Field Technical Education

19 CCSS and CCTC Connections CCSS Use appropriate tools strategically. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. CCTC Apply appropriate academic and technical skills. Communicate clearly, effectively and with reason. Utilize critical thinking to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

20 Timeline Through First PARCC Administration in 2014-2015 PARCC Tools, Resources, and Support Model instructional units released College- ready tools released K-2 tools developme nt begins Partnership Resource Center launched Professional development modules released Diagnostic assessments released Pilot/field testing begins Full-scale pilot/field testing begins Full administration of PARCC assessments Fall 2012 Winter 2013 Spring 2013 Summer 2013 Winter 2014 Spring 2014 Summer 2014 Fall 2013 Fall 2014 PARCC Assessment Implementation

21 What Should Career field Technical Districts and Programs Do Now?  Become familiar with: –Common Core and State Revised Standards –Model curricula  Assure that all students have access to high quality instruction and challenging curriculum  Develop support structures for struggling students  Access for new opportunities and resources PARCC Assessment Resources: ODE Developed Resources: /ODEDedicatedPage.aspx?page=973

22 Questions?

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