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CDOS Commencement Credential For Building Principals

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1 CDOS Commencement Credential For Building Principals
July 1st, 2015 CDOS Commencement Credential For Building Principals

2 Planning Tool Before we get started, I just want to note that one of the many handouts you have is a tool for you to think through how your district/agency is meeting the requirements of the CDOS CC. As we go along and talk about tools and the proof needed for the credential, you can think about how your district/agency is meeting the requirements as well as think through resources or help you may need--- whether it be print materials or technical assistance setting up work based learning –which we do for free!– and also think about who will be collecting resources. It can also be used as a conversation tool when you get back to your school to have those talks and identify a process--- who will be doing what, when. The CDOS CC is requires a system.

3 NYS CDOS Commencement Credential
Became effective with school year No IEP diploma is available on or after July 1, 2013

4 NYS CDOS Commencement Credential
Credential, not a diploma Recognition of student’s preparation for entry-level employment Students must still be provided with opportunities to earn a Regents or local high school diploma

5 NYS CDOS Commencement Credential
Issued: At same time as High School Diploma After attending 12 or more years of school (excluding K) At end of school year student turns 21 Similar in format to the general school diploma.

6 NYS CDOS Commencement Credential
Supplement to a Local or Regents Diploma (students with disabilities only) OR Only Exiting credential - SWD who is unable to meet requirements of Regents/ Local but are not NYSAA Parents must receive written notice of FAPE until student earns Regents/Local or until end of school year in which the student turns 21

7 Targeted use of IDEA grant funds
A school district that awards this credential to more than 20% of the students with disabilities in the cohort, where it is not a supplement to a HS diploma, shall be: required to use a portion of its Part B IDEA grant funds for targeted activities to ensure that students with disabilities have appropriate access to participate and progress in the general education curriculum necessary to earn a regular high school diploma. Read slide to participants.

8 Principal Discretion The principal, in consultation with relevant staff, can award the certificate if the student has demonstrated, in other ways, they have met the requirements of the credential Prior to July 1, 2015 for all students with disabilities For transfer students permanently

9 July 1, 2015 Wiggle Room

10 Earned Proof Readiness for Entry Level Employment
With the CDOS CC, it is really important to note that the credential must be EARNED. Students have to engage in the listed preparation in order to EARN this credential. And in order to show the student has earned the credential, we need PROOF that they have earned it. What are we collecting proof of? . That the student is ready for entry level employment. And if we need to prove, then we need to have data, evidence, examples, assessments, evalutations, classwork samples..... Readiness for Entry Level Employment

11 Documentation Requirements
Instruction, Coursework and Work-based Learning Meaningful access to participate/ progress in gen ed (opportunities to earn a HS diploma) CDOS Learning Standards Equivalent of 2 units of study in CTE and/or WBL (at least 54 of the 216 hours must be WBL) You have probably seen this slide in other presentations today, but this is a QUICK overview of what the requirements for the CDOS Commencement Credential are. 1-students must have meaningful access to make participate in and make progress in the gen ed curriculum. 2- students must achieve the commencement level cdos standards. 3- the student has to have the equivalent of 2 units of student in cte and or wbl with a min of 54 hours of work based learning. The 2 other requirements, the Commencement Level Career Plan, which must be filled out in 9th grade and kept in the student’s permanent file, revised and updated annually as appropriate and the employability profile, which must be filled out in the student’s last year of school and given to the student prior to their exit--- are not only required, but they truly are tools to help facilitate the process. With the CDOS CC, it is really important to note that the credential must be EARNED. Students have to engage in the listed preparation in order to EARN this credential. And in order to show the student has earned the credential, we need PROOF that they have earned it. Documentation Requirements Commencement Level Career Plan Employability Profile

12 Meaningful Access-Roles
Special Education Teacher Specially Designed Instruction Expert Accommodations, modifications, student support Collaboration with General Education Teacher General Education Teacher Content Expert Differentiate Instruction Universal Design for Learning Collaboration with Special Education Teacher The special ed teacher is the expert on how to accommodate the student. For instance, if they can’t read at grade level, can I present them with materials at a lower lexile so they can participate in grade level discussion? Or a video? Or audio of the material? Can I give them guided notes, or do a pre-teach on the topic? They need to be the people that are workign on providing some type of instruction to close the gap. But they need to collaborate with the gen ed teacher, who is the expert in the content. The person who is already

13 How Learning is Measured
Mid-South RSE-TASC 4/16/2017 What Factors Might Present Barriers to Access, Participation & Progress in General Education? When students come across barriers that are the result of a disability and require special instruction to independently challenge those barriers, we provide FAPE through an IEP. Environment Materials Content How Learning is Measured Instruction Developing a Quality IEP - notes

14 Meaningful Access for Progress
Instruction Strategies Pre-Teach/Re-teach Alternate modes Accommodations Assistive Technology Modifications

15 Are You Ready? Take a moment of “I” time to think about:
Are all special education students accessing the general education curriculum? Do special education/ general education teachers understand their roles? Is there time built in to the day/month to allow for communication/collaboration between general ed and special ed staff? Next steps

16 CDOS Learning Standards
Students must ACHIEVE the Commencement Level CDOS Standards. Proof of Achievement in: Career Development Integrated Learning Universal Foundation Skills

17 New York State Standards
Social Studies The Arts Math Science & Tech Career Dev & Occ Studies English CCS Languages Other Than English In order to ensure that our students were leaving our buildings career and college ready, NY stated developed the Learning Standards and have now adopted the CCSS in Math and ELA. Part of the Learning Standards were the Career Development and Occupational Studies Standards. These standards are supposed to be integrated into all settings across the school represented in this slide. Health, Phys Ed & Home/Careers

18 3a. Universal Foundation Skills
Instruction in CDOS K-12 1. Career Development 2. Integrated Learning 3a. Universal Foundation Skills 3b. Career Majors Talking Points: The CDOS Learning Standards are: Career Development, Integrated Learning, Universal Foundation Skills and Career Majors. Background Information: More information and supporting materials are available at: Optional for Achievement of CDOS credential CDOS learning standards are available at:

19 Result: Quality Career Plan Development
Of self- strengths, interests, preferences Value of work Work Habits Of Careers Awareness Deeper examination of skills Deeper examination of job requirements Discrepancy Analysis Desirable Work Habits Exploration Clarification of goals Identification of soft skills/ technical skills needed for success in chose field Identification of steps needed to meet goal such as course of study, work based learning Preparation Career Development Result: Quality Career Plan Development

20 Integrated Learning Use essential academic concepts, facts and procedures in applications related to life skills and the world of work. See the usefulness of the concepts they are being asked to learn and to understand their potential application in the world of work Make connections Result: Engagement, Motivation, Participation and Retention of Content

21 Universal Foundation Skills
Thinking Skills Technology Can Read Can Write Perform Math Functions Listens Effectively Speaks Clearly Can Think Creatively Uses Decision Making Skills Thinking Leads to Problem Solving Knows How to Learn Applies Knowledge to New Situations Basic Skills Selects /Applies Technology Maintains Equipment Designs and Creates To Meet Needs Teaches Others Serves Clients Exercises Leadership Negotiates/Communicates Works as a Member of a Team Works with Diversity Interpersonal Skills Systems Improves & Designs Systems Monitors & Corrects Performances Understands How Systems Perform Related to Goals, Resources and Organizational Function CDOS Standard 3A Universal Foundation Skills Talking Points: This is a graphic representation of the Universal Foundation Skills, skills that students need to be successful while in school but also when they go into entry level employment. Background Information: CDOS learning standards are available at: Resource Document for CDOS standards are available at Managing Resources Personal Qualities Managing Information Understands how to use: Materials Facilities Time Money Human Resources Networking Demonstrates: Responsibility Ability to Plan Ability to Take Independent Action Integrity/Honesty Self-determination and ability to self-evaluate knowledge, skills and abilities Acquires and Evaluates Information Organizes/Maintains Information Interprets/Communicates Information Uses Computers to Enter, Modify, Retrieve and Store Data

22 Are You Ready? Take a moment of “I” time to think about:
Is CDOS instruction evident across all settings from Kindergarten – 12th grade? Are ALL staff members aware of the CDOS standards? Next steps

23 Career and Technical Classes/ Work Based Learning
Equivalent of 2 credits (216 hours) in Career and Technical Ed and/or Work Based Learning Career and Technical Classes Work Experience 2 Credits Need at least .5 credit (54 hrs)

24 Equivalent of 2 Units of Study in Career and Tech Ed/Work Based Learning
1 credit= 108 hours .5 credit- 54 hours __162 (1.5cr)__ CTE + __54__(.5cr)__ WBL (min 54) 216 Hours (2 cr) Minimum of 54 hours of Work Based Learning ____0_____ CTE + ___216____ WBL (min 54) 216 Hours

25 Career and Technical Education
Classes Local Board of Education Approved Classes taught by a certified CTE teacher Business Agriculture Technology Family and Consumer Sciences Programs Board of Regents approved Career and Technical Education Programs Examples Cosmetology Auto Tech Heavy Equipment

26 Registered Work-Based Learning Programs
School-business partnership initiative Non-paid, on-site, career exploration experiences Elective credit Career Exploration Internship Program (CEIP) 150 to 600 hours paid or unpaid skill specific experience, Supported by related in-school instruction in specific CTE discipline & supervised by school Can award credit Cooperative CTE Work Experience Program (CO-OP) Career awareness program for students age 16 and above; 150 to 600 hours paid, school-supervised work experience Supported by related in-school instruction in specific CTE discipline & provides elective credit General Education Work Experience Program(GEWEP) Similar in design and operation as the General Education Work Experience Program, but for at-risk students age 14-15 Provided by local district for elective credit Work Experience and Career Exploration Program (WECEP) * Paid experiences 26

27 Nonregistered Work Based Learning Options
Students with disabilities work in the community Helps students identify career interests, assess their skills and training needs Develop employment skills and work habits Community Based Work Programs Observation of work environment Exposure to jobs and careers Job Shadowing Participate in volunteer experiences to learn responsibility Learn about community and needs of others Community Service Integrated classroom learning with service activities Real life application of academic knowledge to real life community needs Service Learning Research a topic or career interest in a specific career pathway Guide the student in learning about the college preparation and skills training needed to be successful in that pathway Senior Projects Business enterprise exists within the school to provide services for students and/or staff School-based Enterprise

28 Are you ready? What Career and Technical Education Opportunities are available to your students? What Work Based Learning Opportunities are available to your students?

29 Required Documents Career Plan Employability Profile
Planning Document: Required for CDOS Commencement Standard 1 Identify needed activities Record of experiences Employability Profile CDOS Standards 1, 2, 3a Career and Technical education Coursework Work Based Learning Experiences Two pieces of evidence that are REQUIRED to be in the student’s collection are the Career Plan and the Employability Profile. We just saw from the overview slide that these documents are required. They are required as proof in this process. Proof that we are planning with the student and proof that the student has met the requirements that businesses are looking for. These two documents are really tools to help with this process. 1 tool to guide us in the planning of what types of CTE and WBL experiences a student will have. And 1 tool to document a student’s success.

30 Commencement Level Career Plan
In your folder that came with the conference, everyone has a copy of the Commencement Level Career Plan. As mentioned earlier, 9th grade, permanet file, revised updated annually. 30

31 Career Plan Student Developed
Annually reviewed, and as appropriate revised Ensure active engagement in career exploration Includes but not limited to: Student-identified career interests Career related strengths and needs Career goals Career and technical coursework and work- based learning experiences

32 To help fill out the Career Plan to Commencement Level Standards
Online or Paper Career Interviews Interest Inventories Work Values Inventories Strength Based Assessments Skills Inventories Evaluations/ Assessments Work Information Some of the information that you may want to keep or to look for when filling out this document- Transition Assessment Booklet

33 The CareerZone System is the New York State career exploration and planning system made available to parents, teachers, administrators and students at no-charge. The system has been online since early 1997 and the “My Portfolio” module which provides an electronic version of the State Education Department’s Career Plan has been available since the year 2000.

34 Are You Ready? Who makes sure the career plan is filled out, revised and updated annually, as appropriate? Where are the Career Plans kept? What type of assessment is happening?

35 The Employability Profile
Teacher and Job Coach Evaluations Situational Assessment WBL Employer Evaluations 28

36 Employability Profile
Must be completed within one year of student exit Completed by designated staff and/or other individuals knowledgeable about the student. Must be maintained in the student’s permanent record

37 Employability Profile
The next required document--- is the Employability Profile. This document, as mentioned earlier, is a tool to communicate with future employers and adult service providers. But for agencies/school staff, it is also a documentation tool for the CDOS CC process. The first 2 pages of this tool outline the skills that employers are looking for. The skills that students should have in order to be ready for employment. Students should be scoring at least a 3 or 4 in each of the areas to denote readiness for entry level employment. 30

38 Another tool that you have to document that a student has met the requirements of the CDOS standards is the CDOS crosswalk to the Employability Profile. You have a copy in your folder. CDOS Crosswalk

39 Are You Ready? Who is responsible for ensuring the Employability Profile is completed? What type of data is being kept/used as the foundation for the score Daily/Weekly/Monthly worksite evaluations Classroom/work samples

40 Portfolio Development

41 What is going on your to-do list?

42 North Country Capital Region
Candy Tavernier Letah Graff Nancy Damoretcki

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