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Integrated skills 八中 钱瑛 Unit 3 A day out Wangfujing Street go shopping.

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2 Integrated skills 八中 钱瑛 Unit 3 A day out

3 Wangfujing Street go shopping

4 Tian’anmen Square the Monument to the People’s Heroes

5 the Summer Palace walk slowly around the big lake feel the beauty of the old park

6 the Palace Museum things people used in the past many wonderful pictures.

7 the Great Wall climb up the Great Wall look at the amazing view

8 Laoshe Tea House Drink special Beijing tea. enjoy Beijing opera

9 the World Park in Beijing

10 the Temple of Heaven Beijing Amusement Park ( 天坛 )


12 How to make suggestions 1. Shall we …? 2. Let’s … 3. I’d like to … 4. Would you like to …? 5. Why don’t you …? 6. Why not …? 7. What /How about …? 8. What a good idea!/That’s a good idea! 9. I’m afraid …/I don’t think …

13  Work in pairs  Invite your friend to visit some places with you.

14 Speak up:questions 1. Where will they go ? The Temple of Heaven and Beijing Amusement park. 2. What will they do in Beijing Amusement Park? Play hide-and-seek. 3. Why won’t they go to the Great Wall ? They went there yesterday. 4. Why won’t they go to the Palace Museum? Because it’s very expensive.

15 basketball players take place (happen)

16 matches competitions the final( 决赛 ) supporters ( 支持者 ) cheer for ( 喝彩 )

17 half-time

18 medal Presentation of cup and medals

19 The basketball final Beijing Sunshine Secondary School goes to the final! Moonlight Our school basketball team needs your support! It is in the final of the basketball competition! The match takes place at South Hill School in Moonlight Town on Sunday,7th November. Don’t forget to bring your friends!

20 Cheer for our team! Lunch at Moonlight Restaurant ¥ 10--- bus fare and lunch 9a.m.---2 p.m (match starts at 10.30 a.m.) With your support, we will win! Buy your tickets now!

21 Trip to the final 9.00 a.m. (2)_______ (3)_______ 10:30 a.m. (7)_______ 11.45 a.m. (8)_______ 12.15 p.m. 1.15 p.m. 2.00 p.m. Cost of the trip: Meet at (1)_____ Bus leaves Arrived at (4)_________school. Supporters go to their(5) ______ The (6)__________. Half-time Presentation of cups and medals. Bus leaves from the school. Have (9)_____ at(10)_________________. Get on the bus(11)_________therestaurant. Bus arrives at our school. ¥(12)_____ per person. the school gate 9.15 a.m. 10 a.m. 10.50 a.m. 12 South Hill seats match starts lunchMoonlight Restaurant in front of 10

22 True or False 1. Our school softball team goes to the final. 2. The match takes place at South Hill School in Moonlight Town. 3. The school bus arrive at my school at 9.15 a.m. basketball F T Fleaves

23 4. The bus arrives at South Hill School in Moonlight Town at 10.30 a.m. 5. The winners receive the cup and medals at the end of the final. 6. We will have lunch at Sunshine Restaurant. 10 a.m. F T Moonlight RestaurantF

24 7. We will go back to my school after lunch. 8. The school bus takes over an hour to get back to my school after lunch. F (leaves at 1.15 p.m. and arrives at 2 p.m. ) 45 minutes T

25 Exercise 翻译词组 1.发生 2. the Temple of Heaven 3.篮球决赛 4.进入决赛 5.在 … 的最后 6.为我们队加油 7.旅行的花费 8. presentation of cup and medal 9.回 … 10. 有了你们的支持, 我们将赢. Take place 天坛 The basketball final Go to the final At the end of Cheer for our team The cost of the trip 颁奖仪式 Go back to With your support, We will win

26 根据中文提示或首字母提示完成句子. 1. The cost of the trip is ¥ 10 p__ person. 2. The World Cup F___ is exciting every time. 3. With your s______, we will win the match. 4. Look! The students of Class 3 are________ ( 喝 彩 ) their basket team. 5. The score at ________ ( 中场休息 ) was 2-2. 6. Mr. Wu r_______ many presents on Teachers’ Day last year. er inal upport cheering half-time eceived

27 用所给词的适当形式填空 . 1. The _________ (support) go to their seats. 2. This is a sunny, _______ (cheer) room. 3. They got to the top of the mountain ______ (final). 4. Don’t forget ________ (bring) your English homework here tomorrow. 5. Tell them _________ (not play) football in the street. supporters cheerful finally to bring not to play

28 Homework  Make a poster for the sports meeting


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