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- 1 - PALISADES CONSULTING IP Telephony: Keeping New York Competitive in the Global Marketplace Eva Lerner-Lam President Palisades Consulting Group, Inc.

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1 - 1 - PALISADES CONSULTING IP Telephony: Keeping New York Competitive in the Global Marketplace Eva Lerner-Lam President Palisades Consulting Group, Inc. Rebuild New York Major Infrastructure Conference March 28, 2000

2 - 2 - PALISADES CONSULTING There’s a Revolution Going On… Telecommunications is the New Millennium’s “Industrial Revolution”

3 - 3 - PALISADES CONSULTING Silicon Alley in an Infrastructure “Do- Loop”? We’re leading the world in high tech development of the Internet BUT--are we falling behind in deploying the infrastructure for global competitiveness?

4 - 4 - PALISADES CONSULTING Leading the World in Development of Broadband Applications… Wireless Mobile-Commerce (“M-Commerce”) Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony Application Server Providers (ASP) Video Streaming Music Downloads Etc.

5 - 5 - PALISADES CONSULTING …but we can’t get on-line The “Last Mile” Problem is 1990’s history For now and beyond, it’s the “First Mile”

6 - 6 - PALISADES CONSULTING The “Last Mile” is now the “First Mile” “Last Mile” THE INTERNET “First Mile” Pre-2000 Post-2000 Users

7 - 7 - PALISADES CONSULTING “Does it have a T1 line?” Growing disparity between “haves” and “have- nots” –Within our own society –Globally

8 - 8 - PALISADES CONSULTING The Irony We have the large-scale network infrastructure (early ones built by the Defense Department and new ones now built by the private telecom sector) We can’t seem to overcome the “Last Mile/First Mile” problem

9 - 9 - PALISADES CONSULTING What if…? We organized national consortia to collaborate in the design and building of functionalities for ubiquitous Internet access?

10 - 10 - PALISADES CONSULTING What if… The Consortia consisted of hospitals, schools, utilities companies, social services organizations, banks, financial institutions, transportation agencies; in short, all major infrastructure sectors? The Consortia offered training and certification in design, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of the backbone and support networks?

11 - 11 - PALISADES CONSULTING What if…? The Consortia provided a mechanism for the pooling of resources to overcome the “Last Mile/First Mile” problem?

12 - 12 - PALISADES CONSULTING Then New York would have… An infrastructure base for enabling, empowering and energizing e-commerce and e-administration using the Internet An organizational framework for business, government, academia and others to: –Define their respective needs –Determine the best approaches to meeting those needs –Pool resources to implement strategies

13 - 13 - PALISADES CONSULTING Then, New York would be… Globally competitive

14 - 14 - PALISADES CONSULTING And, what if we don’t?

15 - 15 - PALISADES CONSULTING Look at Who is… China Golden Bridge Network (CHINAGBN) is the National Public Economic Information and Communication Network (NEICN). It supplies the data communication and information services to government, enterprises and individuals. Golden Bridge Project is THE major information technology development project of China’s Ninth Five-year Plan.

16 - 16 - PALISADES CONSULTING China’s Golden Bridge Network State Council began the project in February 1996. Established four Internet backbone networks in China: Chinanet, CHINAGBN, CERnet and CASnet. CHINAGBN is the public data communication network, which is one of the two networks (CHINAGBN and Chinanet) allowed for commercial use. Using both satellite channels and terrestrial optic fibre lines, CHINAGBN covers all of China.

17 - 17 - PALISADES CONSULTING China’s Golden Bridge Network CHINAGBN has established 10 backbone nodes in the cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Shenyang, Dalian, Changchun, and Chongqing.BeijingShanghaiGuangzhou WuhanShenzhenQingdao Shenyang Dalian ChangchunChongqing There are hundreds of group users, enterprises and ISPs that have connected to CHINAGBN; they were instrumental in the development process of the Network.

18 - 18 - PALISADES CONSULTING China Unicom Owned and operated by the Ministry of Railways (the “country within a country”), Unicom is China Telecom’s only sanctioned competitor. Will invest nearly US$6 billion in communications construction in 2000, including US$3.6 billion in mobile communications, US$.5 billion in data communications, US$.8 billion in fixed communications, and US$.8 billion in wireless paging.

19 - 19 - PALISADES CONSULTING China Unicom Unicom is nearly finished building its 39k km fiber optic backbone; 470 metro nodes This year, the company plans to add 5.16 million GSM lines 11.3 million CDMA lines It will add 8.4 million new mobile phone users to reach a total of 13.63 million users

20 - 20 - PALISADES CONSULTING China Unicom Works closely with MOR units responsible for: –Health –Education –Housing –Research –Construction –Utilities

21 - 21 - PALISADES CONSULTING China Telecom’s Internet Access and IP Telephony Started in Beijing Fall, 1999 Now in Shanghai and at least a dozen other major metropolitan regions

22 - 22 - PALISADES CONSULTING China Telecom’s Internet Access Dial “169” for 56k modem access US$ 0.009/minute No ISP or additional monthly fee

23 - 23 - PALISADES CONSULTING China’s IP Telephony Domestic and International Pre-paid cards Instant hit

24 - 24 - PALISADES CONSULTING Major Differences Strong leadership at the national level for strengthening the use of the Internet for economic development “Last Mile” and “First Mile” being worked on at the same time Stakeholder Consortia at the local level: banks, financial institutions, schools, university research centers, government agencies, transportation system operators, hospitals, libraries, etc. etc.

25 - 25 - PALISADES CONSULTING Staying Competitive Our Achilles Heel: “Last Mile/First Mile” infrastructure between the User and the Internet Our technology is exploding; but our institutional/stakeholder support is lagging, even non-existent at the local and regional levels

26 - 26 - PALISADES CONSULTING Rebuild America: The Opportunity Create a “National Internet ‘Last Mile/First Mile’ Strategy” Take it down to the Regional, Metropolitan and local levels Let the users speak—and empower them to act

27 - 27 - PALISADES CONSULTING Rebuild America: Identify the suppliers –Telephone –Cable –Utilities –Wireless

28 - 28 - PALISADES CONSULTING Rebuild America: Organize the stakeholders –Banks and financial institutions –Schools –Hospitals –Libraries –University and private research centers –Government agencies –Transportation agencies –Utilities –Other infrastructure sectors


30 - 30 - PALISADES CONSULTING Local Examples Blacksburg, VA: Building a “smart community” with Virginia Tech Concord, MA: Looking to joint ventures with cable, ISP’s and telephone company Falcon, CA: Forming partnerships with local Internet service providers to offer residents high-speed Net access. Palo Alto, CA: The "Last Mile" initiative to connect Palo Alto residents and businesses to the City's Fiber Ring information infrastructure.

31 - 31 - PALISADES CONSULTING SUMMARY We lead the world in technology and broadband applications, but we’re stymied by the “Last Mile/First Mile” obstacle Our global competitors are gaining on us at our “Achilles Heel” Let’s organize a national framework and implement a strategy for overcoming the “Last Mile/First Mile” problem so we can get on with the business of global competition.

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