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College Development Network (CDN) Leading, Creating and Sharing across Learning Joe Wilson Chief Executive.

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1 College Development Network (CDN) Leading, Creating and Sharing across Learning Joe Wilson Chief Executive

2 Our Vision “Leading, Creating and Sharing across Learning”

3 Our Purpose Our purpose is to support and enable the learning community in the college sector to contribute to the social and economic wellbeing of Scotland. We do this through the professional development of their people, resources and approaches to learning.

4 Our Values

5 Our Structure

6 Working in Partnership CDN’s main funder is Scottish Funding Council, with other sources of income from colleges, Scottish Government, Creative Scotland, Higher Education Academy, Jisc and other partners and events sponsorship.

7 How We Deliver Learning, Teaching and Assessment Management, Leadership and Governance Employer Engagement and Enterprise Leading Spot latest thinking, changes and their implications for colleges and students. Challenge colleges constructively. Creating Creating new materials and courses, tapping in to expertise from colleges and other sources. Sharing Through networking, showcasing best practice events, online library Quality and Digital Transformation How What Supported by

8 Learning, Teaching and Assessment Leading on current and emerging theory and practice Sharing practice and resources to support continual improvement of learning, teaching and assessment in the sector Creating opportunities through networks, external representation, events, practical workshops and professional dialogue for curriculum development.

9 Management, Leadership and Governance Leadership at all levels of college sector A suite of leadership courses Emerging Leaders programme: innovation and creativity Production of ‘Handbook for Board Members’ developed by Good Governance Steering Group Emporium of Dangerous Ideas: Leading, creating and sharing with all partners in education

10 Employer Engagement and Enterprise Formal Work Based Learning Advisory Group associated with Government programmes Key sector partnerships addressing pathways and meeting employer needs Curriculum alignment based on employer needs and Labour Market Intelligence Enterprising and creative activities addressing Developing the Young Workforce

11 Quality and Digital Transformation Professional Learning for Colleges online learning tool enabling CDN delivery of formal qualifications as a virtual centre, including achieving SQA Centre Status to support delivery of Higher National PDAs Delivery of PDA Inclusiveness with 24 students starting Needs Assessment Practice in April Sharing information and good practice through use of web-based technology, including a programme of webinars

12 Development Networks Total Number of Networks = 31 Development Networks are a blend of subject and support groups which are vehicles for: Professional dialogue and sharing current and emerging ideas and solutions Events, workshops and online discussion Translating the dialogue into appropriate change themes Addressing current policy through collective effort

13 August - April 2015 in Numbers Total Number of Events = 138 Total Number of Delegates = 2729

14 Leading, Creating and Sharing across learning The Future

15 @ColDevNet Contact

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