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Freshwater wetland Asad Raza project 6b. Map of fresh water wetlands.

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1 Freshwater wetland Asad Raza project 6b

2 Map of fresh water wetlands

3 What are fresh water wetlands Fresh water wetlands are areas of grasslands that are submerged they can also be swamps potholes and marshes in water up to 4 feet they are common breeding ground for birds and duck they can be found in America south Canada Africa and some parts of Asia

4 The inhabitants the animals that make up this biome are: mostly birds with the occasional warthog and also it is easy to find all sorts of amphibians in this area also mosquitos and leeches are common in this are because standing water many fish can also be founds The plants there are mostly floating plants like duckweed and reeds

5 Frogs Frogs are water dwelling amphibians that live in the wetlands they are mostly green with the occasionally brown one also many toad live there as well they eat flies which there is an abundance of one of the ways that they have adopted is that they lay there eggs in water this protects them from many other animals that want to eat and they jump high so they can escape any animal that is chasing them

6 warthog The warthog is a pig like creature that lives in the wetlands it eats many different plants including grass, weeds fungi and some insects it has a thick shaggy coat of fur it defends it self by running very fast and it was two nasty horns with it can stab you with

7 alligator The alligator is a giant reptile that eats meat by hiding under water until prey come about and when they do the crocodile leaps out and devours the animal it has several defense feature the first is that it has a lot of strength and resilience making it hard to kill plus it stays in the water most of the time where it has an advantage also it has a few protections against drowning in water

8 Heron The heron was a water wading bird that lives in the wetlands it eats many fishes it has a very good defense that it can fly this is very good because there is very few things that can harm a heron when it is in the air

9 River reeds River reeds are a plant that grow on the side of many rivers they can be used for making papyrus a paper like material that we don’t use anymore. it has adapted by being extremely strong and hard to pull out which makes very good survivors

10 Water lilies Water lilies are plants that can be found in many freshwater wetlands they adapt by floating this is a advantage bacuse they never have to worry about water because they are on it and also because nobody likes to to eat them because the colors of the plant scare some animals

11 Food chain

12 abiotic The ground there is soft and mushy and thick and the air is hot and humid the water is often full of mud so it isn't drinkable at all and the place acts like a natural sponge controlling water flow and it realizes vegetative material into the sea witch provides the fish with food

13 Temperature approx.

14 The role of fresh water wetland on earth First of all they most importantly they are part of the ecosystems and we should put effort in to preserving them as much as possible second of all the area serves as a natural sponge thus controlling river level sand preventing flooding

15 Last page continued The place is a breeding ground for almost all types of bird and insects and amphibians making it an invaluable ecosystem because with out it birds cannot breed and will die out so will the amphibian and the insects leading to destructions in the food chain plus according o scientists freshwater wetlands lower flood damage and reverse the effects of water pollution

16 what are humans doing to freshwater wetlands the worst issue is that humans fail to recognize the importance of freshwater wetlands thus they often destroy them and build there but this destroys many animals breeding ground thus putting them in danger of being wiped out and putting the food chain at risk and the are also being hunted for there fur shell meat.etc. also global warming is drying out the wetlands also hunting is also driving them to extinction

17 Efforts to protect freshwater wetlands After scientists realized the importance of freshwater wetlands here are some efforts to preserve freshwater wetlands The freshwater wetlands act Save Paramus wetlands Wetlands protection law WWF These are some of the many efforts made by us to preserve the freshwater biomes

18 How you can help First of all you can donate to one of the companies that help the wetlands or you can join a clean up project that helps clean up wetlands and you can contribute to stop global warming because it destroys the wetlands

19 bibliography x.htm x.htm rwetlands.html rwetlands.html

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