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CS 108 Urban Mission 101 ©General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists®

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1 CS 108 Urban Mission 101 ©General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists®

2 Urban Mission 101 Today over half the world lives in cities. How did we get where we are?

3 Urban Mission 101 Megacities Metropolitan areas Global cities Megalopolis

4 Urban Mission 101 In 1800 3% of population was urban At end of 20 th century 47% was urban By 2007 468 agglomerations of +1M Approaching 5Billion urban by 2030

5 Urban Mission 101 What has been the pattern in urban growth? When did it begin to change dramatically? What factors led to this? What would see to have been the movement pattern of the churches during this time? Why?

6 Urban Mission 101 What have been the changes in the city nearest you? What factors have led to this? How has your congregation related to these changes? Why?

7 Urban Mission 101 What changes on the part of your congregation should have happened? Why? What positive changes have other congregations in your area made?

8 Urban Mission 101 What migration patterns are recorded in the Scriptures? What changes did urbanization appear to cause? What was Gods part in these migrations?

9 Urban Mission 101 What are the barriers to movement in your neighborhood, around your church? How are these helpful? How are these unhelpful? How might they be changed?

10 Urban Mission 101 The sociological view of cities The anthropological view of cities Both are necessary for balance

11 Urban Mission 101 Social order may differ Cities do not exist in opposition to rural areas Cities differ from each other Cities are parts of larger social structures

12 Urban Mission 101 Cities as geopolitical centers Diversity the most dominant characteristic Other class differences and groupings

13 Urban Mission 101 Other factors: Specialization Hierarchy Change Networks

14 Urban Mission 101 Reflect on the society in which you grew up. If you have moved from one to the other, how did you feel? Where do you feel most comfortable today?

15 Urban Mission 101 Is your congregation essentially urban or rural? Do you view the Bible as essentially a rural or urban book?

16 Urban Mission 101 Note these three myths about urban secular people. What takes the place of spiritual realities?

17 Urban Mission 101 Reflect on the ten common characteristics of secular people

18 Urban Mission 101 Provide numerous ministries of instruction Invite people to dedicate their lives to Jesus Help secular people find meaning

19 Urban Mission 101 Engage secular people in dialogue Be a communicator, not a commentator Address secular peoples doubts and questions Provide opportunities to meet credible Christians

20 Urban Mission 101 Engage in ministries of affirmation Provide support systems Identify and reach receptive people Offer culturally appropriate forms of worship

21 Urban Mission 101 Multiply units of church plantings Offer ministries that meet felt needs Engage secular people on their turf A warning about technology Think about diverse schedules

22 Urban Mission 101 Please share your proposal Make this a community affair by further clarifying and enhancing the proposals Close with prayer of commitment for all the proposals

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