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Porosity, Permeability, Capillarity

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1 Porosity, Permeability, Capillarity

2 Porosity - The amount of space in between sediments.
Porosity is determined by: 1. Shape - Well rounded particles have greater porosity than angular. ROUND ANGULAR POROSITY ROUNDNESS

3 2. PACKING- The more closely packed the particles the lower the porosity.

4 - If all particles are the same size they are sorted.
3. SORTING- - If all particles are the same size they are sorted. - If the particles are different sizes they are unsorted (poorly sorted) - The more sorted the higher the porosity POROSITY SORTING

5 Particle Size alone does NOT affect porosity
Particle Size alone does NOT affect porosity!!!!! (Shaping, Packing, Sorting does)

6 Permeability Ability of water to pass through
Affected by: packing and particle size Tighter packing and Smaller particles = less permeability Looser Packing and Larger particles = more permeability PERMEABILITY PARTICLE SIZE

7 Other things about Permeability
Permeability Rate – How fast a fluid can flow through a material Impermeability (not permeable) is due to: A. Tightly packing of particles B. Cementing of particles by clay C. Cementing of particles by ice

8 FINE SAND Moderate drainage
PERMEABILITY GRAVEL  Rapid drainage  FINE SAND Moderate drainage  CLAY Slow drainage

9 Clay is impermeable – water will not flow through easily

10 Capillarity Capillarity- Water sticks to the materials that it is
passing through. Capillarity Water - Water stored in the zone of aeration Capillarity causes water to move upward from the water table (capillary action) CAPILLARITY PARTICLE SIZE Capillarity increases with a decrease in particle size.


12 Soil Storage Saturation
INFILTRATION Infiltration refers to water soaking into the ground: Permeability Infiltration rate Porosity Infiltration rate Infiltration rate Slope Infiltration rate Soil Storage Saturation

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