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SUSTAINABLE METHODS AND TRENDS Sebastian Eilert, AIA, LEED AP October 9, 2007.

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1 SUSTAINABLE METHODS AND TRENDS Sebastian Eilert, AIA, LEED AP October 9, 2007

2 AGENDA I. Green Design & Sustainability II. Site Appropriate Design III. New Technologies and Materials IV. Off the Grid Living

3 Green Design Design & construction practices that significantly reduce the negative impact of buildings on the environment and its occupants. Reichstag Norman Foster

4 Green Design Sustainable site planning Safeguarding water and water efficiency Energy efficiency and renewable energy Conservation of materials and resources Indoor environmental quality

5 Sustainability “Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the quality of life of future generations.” Green Design is based on the concept of sustainability

6 Sustainability Triple Bottom Line: Sustainability considers economic, social and ecological needs.

7 Site appropriate design - Solar and Wind Orientation - Climate appropriate placement, design & materials

8 Site appropriate design -US climate regions:

9 Site appropriate design Adjacent structures and vegetation: - Take advantage of natural light & shade conditions. -Protect and retain existing landscaping and natural features. Select plants that have low water and pesticide needs.

10 Site appropriate design - Use Native Plants Paurotis PalmGeiger Tree

11 Site appropriate design - Respect natural wildlife & wildlife corridors

12 New Technologies & Materials Wind: - Power: Wind turbines as a source of energy COR Building Chad Oppenheim

13 New Technologies & Materials -Passive Cooling: - Natural & Cross ventilation - Evaporative cooling (Roof ponds)

14 New Technologies & Materials The Barnacle, Coconut Grove

15 New Technologies & Materials Solar: -Alternative energy: Photovoltaics -Onsite renewable energy: solar water heaters and solar pool pumps

16 New Technologies & Materials -Passive Heating: Direct gain Sunspaces Thermal mass

17 New Technologies & Materials -Green Roofs: Reduce heating and cooling loads on a building. Reduce rainwater run- off - for

18 New Technologies & Materials Highline Renovation Project Diller Scofidio + Renfro Manhattan, NY

19 New Technologies & Materials Water: -Cisterns -Grey water systems - Landscape irrigation

20 New Technologies & Materials Resource reduction: - Use of local materials -Minimize landfill increase by adaptive reuse (Avoid waste)

21 New Technologies & Materials -Recycle materials & structures -Creative re-use -Safe environment & monthly operating costs

22 New Technologies & Materials -Certified Products:  Forest Stewardship Council  Green Seal  Energy Star  Green- e  GreenGuard  Greenspec  Scientific Certification Systems

23 New Technologies & Materials Indoor Air Quality: - Non toxic /non VOC materials: adhesives, paints, sealants - Flooring - Furniture

24 New Technologies & Materials Viola Hollywood Condo Sebastian Eilert Architecture

25 New Technologies & Materials

26 Off the Grid Living The next step: - Single houses to Skyscrapers -Self- sustained structures -On-site waste plants /living systems -Power generating- feedback to grid -High efficient structure -Minimize /Eliminate waste

27 Off the Grid Living The Four Horizons Autonomous House Lindsay Johnston New South Wales, Australia

28 Off the Grid Living Features: -Solar Water Heater -Water collection cistern -Dual- Flush toilet -Grey water used to water vegetable garden -Recycled wall insulation

29 -First skyscraper to attain Platinum LEED certification Off the Grid Living Bank Of America One Bryant Park Cook + Fox Architects New York

30 Off the Grid Living -Greywater system to store /reuse rainwater -Floor to Ceiling insulating glass -Automatic daylight dimming system

31 Off the Grid Living -Cooling system: ice produced during off-peak- hours is used to cool the building during peak demand

32 Off the Grid Living -Air purifying system filters both incoming and exhausted air: the tower becomes a giant filter for midtown Manhattan

33 Sources U.S Green Building U.S Department of Whole Building Design Building Energy

34 Thank you! Sebastian Eilert Architecture, AIA, LEED AP

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