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The Arrival of the First Fleet Presented by Olivia The Charlotte.

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1 The Arrival of the First Fleet Presented by Olivia The Charlotte

2 Introduction Hi my name is Olivia and I am going to tell you some information about “ The Arrival of the First Fleet.” I hope you enjoy what you are about to see and learn about the First Fleet. Enjoy!!!

3 On the 13th of May 1787 the First Fleet sailed from Portsmouth, England. There were 11 small ships in the First Fleet- 2 naval ships, 6 convict ships and 3 store ships for supplies. Captain Arthur Philip was in charge of the First Fleet.

4 On the 3rd of June the Fleet arrived at the Tenerife in the Canary Island they stayed for a week and gathered supplies of fresh food. Then on the 5th of July the Fleet crossed the Equator.

5 On the 7th of August the Fleet arrived at Rio de Janeiro and stayed for a month to repair the sails and collect seeds to plant in New South Whales. Then on the 13th of October the First Fleet reached the Table Bay, Cape of Good Hope after surviving the tremendous Atlantic Oceans. On the 25th of December the Fleet was in the middle of the Indian Ocean. On the 1st of January 1788 they reached Adventure Bay, Van Diemans land (Tasmania.)

6 Then on the 18th of January the First Fleet arrived at Botany Bay after sailing south of Tasmania then north to New South Whales. It was decided that Botany Bay was not a suitable site for the settlement because water supply and soil were poor. The Golden Grove

7 On the 26th of January the members of the First Fleet went ashore Port Jackson to start a settlement. Arthur Philip named the place of landing “Sydney Cove.” The names of the 11 ships are – The Alexander, The Borrowdale, The Charlotte, The Friendship, The Fishburn, The Golden Grove, The Lady Penrhyn, The Prince of Whales, The Scarborough, H.M.S Sirius and The H.M.S Supply.

8 On board the eleven ships were 579 males, 192 females and 212 marines and their families. Altogether throughout the whole trip it took 8 months and 13 days to travel from Portsmouth, England to Port Jackson, (Sydney cove), Australia.

9 The arrival of the First Fleet was a significant event because if the Fleet never came to Australia it would be a French country and we might not be living in Australia as it is right now.

10 Credits Presented by Olivia Websites used – Google, Wikipedia, and My classes page. How long it took to find the information – 2-3 days The Friendship

11 Thank you for watching my Slideshow!!!!!

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